Fuck it...

Fuck it. I'm sick of having to intellectualize and complicate shit and read tens of thousands of pages of theory to justify this. I just don't want to work and want a basic income. I don't think that is unreasonable given the massive disparages in wealth on this planet. Seriously how fucking difficult would it be for everyone to get a basic income of right above the poverty line? That's all I want.

dude just go to college then lmao

He who does not work shall not eat

What you can have is a reasonable amount of work, suited to your skills, and as interesting as possible.

Social fascists like you will be the first against the wall.

Well that will happen once the economy gets automated
Not when the capitalists do it mind you, but if you survive the wars of extermination you won't have to work anymore

I guess I'm a gay Asian fascist then.


Fucking meatbags deserve their fate.

FALC is a dumb meme, we can't plan a political programme on technology that doesn't exist.

literally who

You are alienated my friend. Decouple the notion of wealth from that of work/achievement and you'll find something worth taking interest in, and working for.

The shorthand for this sentence is using the anarkiddie flag

Total non sequitur

Can't be that hard, maaaaaan. So just get to it and get it done so I can get my free money already. *bong bubbling*

Basic income still leaves you at the mercy of the bourgeoisie. What if they decide they don't want to pay out any more?

The nigger tried to coup Japan.

You're on the wrong board


Well if you read the theory you are complaining about, you'd know that UBI is a shit

t. NazBol narchos are still shit though


Settling for appeasements is why the left shall never rise.

While you have a somewhat-not-terrible groundwork for your ideology, I think what you want to say is

This guy gets it.

Utility isn't really an "arbitrary factor".

Also I'm not going to say "if you were truly good at what you do, you'd be getting paid for it", but I will say this: if I had a dollar for every bog standard arts student that's an ancom exclusively because they think their artistic vision is God's gift to the planet and they DESERVE to do it full-time because the only reason nobody gives a fuck about them is a cartoon pig in a silk top hat, I'd be able to fund my own space program

Your on the wrong website.


The Hamptons are not a defensible position.

*sips tea*

Prices will adjust to peoples increased buying power, you will still be poor. Then the basic income will be cut at the first sign of economic depression, leaving the poor somehow worse of than before.

helicopter money leads to inflation has been disproven lately.

No one actually thinks their art is "god's gift to the planet". Most people understand that their interests don't have utilitarian value. The argument is that even if these people don't, there are better alternatives than wage slavery.

Yeah, that's kinda what the system wants too. Keep the economy active, consumer slave!

I disagree based on personal experience with arts students.

Yes, contributing nothing but taking community resources anyway. Most people call this "being ancom"

They always find a way to play the proles off against each other. They could end UBI payments to half the population and use some of the money saved to buy the loyalty of the rest.

Your personal experience is worthless.

wow, sure convinced me that things I've seen didn't happen.

Then again if you can't find it in the Holy Book or Canonized Ancom Theory, it doesn't exist.

As you can see OP they dont have any desires of liberating the workers, join the anarchists

we don't want basic income though dummy

Basic income is not helicopter money.

Kind of defeats the purpose.

A basic income should make you want to work by giving you the financial means to viably look for work you'd be willing to do.

The purpose of basic income is for you to become a happy consumer. Porky doesn't mind if you don't want to be a wage slave (and why would you?) because porky prefers mindless robots to workers, but porky also prefers brainwashed consumers to civil unrest. So the solution is basic income.