The Socialist Party in France has 280 seats in parliament

The Socialist Party in France has 280 seats in parliament.

So do you support groups like this.
Do Far-Left partys have this much power in your country?

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What kind of socialist?

In denmark, anything that wants the state to do things is called socialist

The French "Parti Socialiste" are a bunch of social liberals with no intention of abolishing capitalism or empowering the working class. There is nothing here for an actual socialist here to care about. It's just "capitalism with a human face" as they say.

They had a plan to establish 'socialism in 200 days' quite some years ago, but they revealed it to be nothing more than a social democratic lie.

They aren't socialists though. Maybe some are, but not generally.

The left party is quite legitimate.

Reformism doesn't work.

they are just Liberals. They are as revolutionary as all big European socialist parties, as in not at all. I think the French are probably the most revolutionary people in Europe though, and that real Socialists could one day return there

Won't it make them more Left even if the party is a bit Liberal?

Most people know nothing of Socialism, it could be a gateway for people interested in Socialism.

That was literally 36 years ago, back when the ideals of the Left still had some sway with the people. And even then they didn't live up to their promises. Nowadays, they're completely cynical establishment liberals who aren't even worthy of the name "Social Democrat" anymore, let alone Socialist.

The communist party has 15/230 elected memebers in the parliament.
I believe Portugal is the only country inside the EU that still has commies in the parliament. True commies..the party still uses the sickly and the hammer symbol and wants to quit the EU, no buts…simple as that: quit.
So it's not like the more common leftist parties nowdays which underwent a makeover transformation because they're affraid to appear as commies during the elections.

Read Reform or Revolution by Rosa Luxumburg.

If anything, they are socdems with tankie elements.

The 20th century is over, my dude.


you mean those social democratic fuckwits attacking working class living standards and cheerleading for racism through muh burkini ban?

Haha nice pic, but I'm just of the idea that capitalism has such a far lead globally that we need to do what we can in the left direction. We need a global power desperatly but also locally we should wrangle in as much capitalistic abuse as possible. The why not both approach.

I really think first and foremost we take care of our own with some welfare. I'm on your side here I'm just worried about workers who don't have time to philosophize about theories won't give a shit about Reformation not working and want help NOW.

Mitterand's plans were literally just reform along the "socialism" definition of "socialism with a human face" (social democracy on crack).

So yes:

Are there even a demsoc viable in first world countries?
I feel like every "Socialist Party" is just a socdem.
Otherwise they only have like 3 seats.

Communist party in Portugal maybe?

Sorry to break it to you, but DemSoc parties are also SocDems.


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No it changes fuck all. If anything it turns people away from socialism because they get the impression socialist are ineffective reformists.

I don't think so friend. I think any progress towards the left is a good thing. Sure educate people and inform them about the reality of the situation because a lot of these fucker is focus too hard on the symptom and not the causes but unfortunately as a collective we always have to go as fast as the slowest person.

It's our job as left is to educate and inform anyway we can in the direction of communism. Half the time I don't even use the word communism or socialism when talking to my friends ( and enemies). Especially in the United States right now our goal should be ☭ uniting the left ☭

So Luxemburg thought it does work?


>this level of bait

It makes me wonder why a Left party would even exist if the current government are such radicals.
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VERY demsoc, but at least they are still genuinely concerned with the conditions of the working people. They're also not afraid of assuming some "tankie" stances, like defending Angola, Assad and North Korea. It might be a bit retarded, but it shows respect for the party line, a central quality lacking in a lot of modern left parties.

t. Youth wing member, whole family heavily involved with the Party.