C-communism in one country doesn't work because ebil ggabidalists will sabotage and crush it from outside!

Really activates my almonds..

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is that le black metal stabby forest man?


And then slowly degenerates as it only supports movements directly connected to the CPSU and eventually collapses bringing most of the remaining communist movement down with it, essentially destroying the Left for the next couple decades.

It's mental retardation. Unless we're talking about a country which is a small island with less than 5 million people, communism can be achieved in one single country.

Also this.

Communism not going global let capitalism go global.


Proof? Evidence?

A cursory glance at history.

Soviet Russia was capitalist.


Karl Marx; The German Ideology (ignore the parts that beef with neo-Hegelian idealists of the Young Hegelian clique and read his commentaries on materialist discourse analysis and capitalism).


Only if you're purely going for the substance that touches on capitalism, of course. German Ideology is otherwise one big roast of Feuerbach, Hess, Stirner, etc.; forever putting them in the dustbin of intellectual discourse.

But it wasn't socialist.

Ah yes, I forgot how vital rootless cosmopolitans are to communism, and how they've never turned against genuine socialist movements for the sake of opportunism. Oh wait…

True, and you can accept this truth without falling for idealist memes like the rootless cosmopolitan petite bourgeoisie/upper income worker comical villain figure like does.


if by that you mean the ideology of multiculturalism whereby anything not WASP is fetishized and idealized, you're spot on. suggesting that accepting people of other cultures in a single society is a 'capitalist invention', though? that is the fucking height of autism on this board.



No that man died a long time ago. This is le primitivist pagan forest man with dark past.


Beyond this, the function of this idealizing being the diversification of labor sources and substituting economic entrenchment of labor in the capitalist productive process for sociocultural reparations.

No such thing. Diversification being pushed by the bourgeoisie under the capitalist paradigm to make source of labor to draw from bigger and more competitive is its own tactical bourgeois society-specific development. That is what is being implied, nothing else.