Milogate has pushed me over the edge. I am done with right wing politics. Getting them to think of solutions to mass unemployment from AI is painful anyway.

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I used to call myself "alt-right"
It was fun to rustle jimmies on Twitter and shitpost, but it is beginning to look more like a giant shitpost, and the joke is done now.

OP here.

Natbol is the least degenerate option.

Good job.

nazbol is one of those ironic jokes and some people are very dedicated to the joke.

It seems like Nazbol would be something a lot of Holla Forums (certainly not all) could get behind, but they are put off by the Communist imagery.

Could very well be a good way to get Holla Forums to dip their toes into the left.

I only see it being useful in the same way Asserism is, which is to rope ideologically confused people back to the right.

Indeed Comrade!

whats milogate?

check twitter

Nice political compass lad. I've been becoming progressively more disenfranchised with the alt-right as well lately. This is my most recent Political compass result.

i had a look and still don't understand what any of this is about

Years ago, Milo said that gay boys fucking gay men was good. Everyone in the far right hated him for this and has always warned he is a degenerate. Yesterday, some mainstream liberal journalists decided to dig up that file and spread it around, even though it's old as shit. Now the normies are freaking out.

milo is a gay subversive jew who has been hated on Holla Forums since he surfaced during gamergate. The video of him talking about pedophile fags (1/3 of gay men have fucked a kid) is really well known there and I've seen it shared a bunch. None of this should be new to you

no good jews is literally not a joke man. i fear how stephen miller will betray Trump

It's not new. Seeing redditors on pol defend him is what disgusted me.

It's your typical liberal smear campaign, dredging up something that was already in the public domain, attaching gate to it, and revving up the neolib media machine and hoping it sticks. There will be initial shock as libs misrepresent what was said in some cases, and blatantly lie in others.

Those on the left will believe everything that was said without question, and will look no further. Those on the right will check one of "their" MSM sources like Breitbart or Infowars who will no doubt explain the situation and give context. In the end, everyone who hated Milo before will still hate him, and everyone who liked him before will still like him, and then we'll be on to the next manufactured controversy.

lol did you really adopt a political belief based off of memes you saw on cuckchan?

its mostly just culture shock from the fact that a lot of normies don't know that the gay community regularly preys on children.

Marcos is a nazbol comrade tho

always thought he was a cool guy (tho it seems its a group of men all using the name)
Hope the rumors that he was involved in the drug trade are false.

No. I defended economic liberalism because it created so much prosperity. It's so clear now, 9 years after 2008, that it is a failing system.

what the fuck does economic liberalism have to do with Nazi?

I never was a Nazi you dumb fuck. Did you not fucking see my political compass? It's purple.

why would you join a political movement that is dominated by Nazi ideas? Are libertarians really this dumb? Did you like to listen to TRS?

Well yeah, if ~2% of the population is gay, but ~43% of pedophiles are gay, then that's a massive statistical over-representation compared to the heterosexual population. That's another thing that I think most are at least tangentially aware of, but they've never put two and two together.

Doesn't make me hate fags though, if anything it just reinforces my belief that homosexuality in children is often the result of sexual abuse during their formative years, and then they go on to continue the cycle of abuse when they're older by abusing kids themselves. It's a really shitty situation, since we must break that cycle of abuse, but you can't protect all of the kids all the time, or even most of the time.

Just sleep those beers off and try pol again in the morning.

Isn't the '43% of all pedophiles are gay' figure mean that pedophiles target kids regardless of sex?

Welcome to the real redpill comrade

I consider a male diddling a little boy to be a homosexual act.

Doesn't that just make a pedophile uninterested in sex? Calling them homosexuals would therefore serve no real purpose


If you wanted to try and fudge the data, yeah you try and frame it that way. This is 'gun deaths' versus 'homicide by firearm', or rolling mestizo crime stats in with European under the 'white' umbrella.
A sexual act between two members of the same sex is by definition a homosexual act. I don't care how convincing was with the "feminine penis != gay" argument.

What I'm saying is that a pedophile gets turned on by the child itself, not the gender. A non-pedophile homosexual on the other hand gets turned on by mature bodies of the same sex. It's not the same thing.


You sure do have a highly specific definition of "pedophile". Really makes me think.

Also, are you really sitting there and claiming that all pedos are exclusively attracted to children?

If Op becomes a nazbol then he had a stillborn awakening

Screencapped for irony.

Milo is a retard/troll/fuck, what's new?

Alt-Right had a lot of promise before the campaign to ruin it worked so beautifully.

Kill yourself

Okay, and what percentage of gays are pedophiles? What percentage of gays have been sexually abused? And what percentage of pedophiles were abused?

That one statistic as you have it is meaningless because it doesn't tell you anything about pedophilia in relation to the rest of homosexuality.

this is my most recent political compass. Think I'm doing rather well tbh.

Erin, baybeee my sun shinee, take off your shit posting flag! take the red pill!

Welcome to the bottom of pandoras box.

Milo is a jewish cocksucking attention whore.
Most of Holla Forums doesn't care about him.

Liberal, who saw that the coming generation tend to have more conservative views, so he is just milking for money.

But the topic about pedos should be really discussed. Especially the connection between the pedos and the fucking-up of the sexuality of their victims.

Would you let Milo babysit your child?

Something seems off about this.

They pretty much look the same.

You fucking moralist idiot
Anyway, Chiapas needs to bring money in to survive under capitalism somehow

I'm honestly surprised by this test. I actually thought i was more authoritarian.

It's designed to make everyone think they lean into the green

Almost everyone gets put in green

Yeah, I suspect that is the case. The upper-left quadrant is undone by the fact that even Leninists are ultimately anarchists who only see a state as an immediate necessity. Who would even fit in the upper-right? Nazbols? Maybe maotists?

Compasses are trash. This is the only one that matters

would depend on what women pedophiles go for

they mostly go for boys though, or so my mangoos tell me

A degenerate faggot jew is a pedo. Big surprise.

The authoritarian questions are all social conservative so maybe Trad Caths?

wtf I want justice and equality for all through utopian economic policies now!

Welcome nazbol comrades

Have a nice stay

read Asser

This one's better imo. You can simulate what politics your ideal nation would take.

My horoscope
Didnt really bother with the tax and funding stuff



That sounds like pizzagate though.

It's kind of garbage that it decides I'm a SocDem because I don't give a shit what people do

lul, pretty rich coming from you

Radical centrism should be the only form of governance.

Lmao how do I move from the center

Here, I have the flag you should be using

I was once a radical centrist, what happened to me?

idk if they mean public as in state owning it or workers owning it, what matters is the actual power relations within the workplace. Whether the workers can meaningfully change their conditions matters way more than who hypothetically has their name on some legal document

Me with my actual flag now. Well public ownership's implications depend on the type of government and the ruling class Generally if you are a leftist that means it'll belong to the workers of that particular means of production (socialism), the unions (syndicalism), the peasantry (third worldism/maoism), or everyone within the community(communism)

Well I ticked off corporate for ruling class thinking it's the closest thing to representational bodies of collective working people. A sort of public ownership for major industry but with potential for more independent groups that privately own businesses amongst themselves. Like I said I think that what really matters is the actual workers' ability to change their conditions and to not be exploited, if that's accomplished then the ownership is more of a formality

The massive amount of suffering and death happening in Mexico because of the drug trade isn't a good thing. Everyone involved in the drug trade needs to be executed.

That's caused by the cartels. Marcos' people are a whole different breed.
They're just really need funding. They wouldn't resort to drug trafficking if they didn't need it.

really loving that Socialist Liberalism

We need to control for 6 beers tho.



We need to control for 6 beers tho.

Is it even possible to go further right than that? fucks sake

So you like teh bdsm now?

nazbols aren't ideal but at least you are on the right track comrade.