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Right now on the weightlifting thread, there's some Holla Forums using STEMlord talking points about how "useless" the humanities/social sciences are, and how academia is some dark conspiracy of the political/cultural elite using it to destroy western civilization, fleece taxpayers,etc.

Are there any poster's in academia that have a good response to Holla Forums and other right wingers when they say that you would never survive in a free market?

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The humanities are every discipline needed to examine and truly live one's life. The rejection of the entire school of thought for the adoption of stem for its 'practical value' is just demonstrating a slavish devotion to bourgeois ideology.

Found your problem there. Surviving in the "free market" has no intrinsic value to it, because there are people arround making millions by getting butt implants.

If the free market was actually a legit measure for a meritocracy or a general scale for contributions to society it would be an argument but it's definitely not, the free market is a joke.

It just shows they aren't even proper conservatives, they hold no proper political positions at all. The idea of humanities being superfluous would outrage any thinker conservative or otherwise. So one shouldn't look for the causes of their rejection of the humanities in reason, but in ideology. Administered life under the technocratic democracies shrouds everything without immediate utility and profitability as waste. The sciences are hurt by this very severely too, but it's not as apparent due to technology's oversaturation of our lives. I recently watched this panel about AI where the old geezer's of the field complained that people used to formulate theories first that could open up new possibilities and now everything is broken down to ready made problems to be addressed directly. It would seem that capitalism boosts innovation's quantitative side at the expense of the qualitative.

you just jelly about my butt implants

Probably all of us but then again it's a waste of time

The political elite don't take humanities, they take business
There wouldn't be a western civilization without shit like philosophy
If they even had the slightest clue of what they're talking about, they wouldn't be saying that shit, but that pretty much go for any of the bullshit they spout. Anti-anything is just a nice word for "I don't know shit about x, and I hate people who do"

They could be great, but my experience with them is that they are essentially liberalism/IDPOL 101.

While it is true, practical matters are more involved with stem careers, there is no doubt our world isn't the same since things like sociology and psychology for example. Being able to systematically examine facets of social and practical parts of life is something completely new. Arguably many modern ideas this poser has comes directly from claims put forth by these "useless" people.

Nah anyone with some awareness can see that each field in science deserves respect, especially since we see the refined versions today.

I'm an academic artist but I don't have much to say about art

Never attribute to malice what you can to stupidity.

Academia is a blind idiot god, a coked out junkie sucking down too much o' that good ole student loans. Humanities departments are bloated and have low attendance, but they can't let any of the professors go A) because of tenure and B) because it would be politically embarassing. So what do they do? They cook up "STEAM" and find a hundred reasons to tack underwater feminist basketweaving on as required coursework for a computer science degree. Who cares? The students foot the bill, and who gives a fuck about the students once they graduate? They're deeper in debt? Not my problem, I've got deans to pay.

It's not a dark conspiracy of the elite to destroy Western civilization - humanities academia is too irrelevant and reviled for this to be the case.

History student here fam

I enjoy it but the debt


and I'm working class

Why did you go to college for History of all things if you couldn't afford the tuition?

lol good luck finding a job you cucks, stem is the only employable field

i'm in the uk

so i don't really have to pay it back. but i had no other idea what to do. never had a fucking clue what to do with my life

might just off myself

Don't worry about engineers OP: they have autism and humanities are cool.

t. commie med student



Stefan Molyneux has a bachelor in philosophy and he survives on the free market.

Most high ranking CEO's and top business managers have actually degrees in the humanities. The STEMers are lower in the hierarchy.

English teacher here. A lot of the humanities help with creating arguments and organizing your thoughts into something more defined. At least that's what I tell my students who are being snotty about English because they've decided they're going to go to college to be a doctor and don't need to know how to read or write well.

Speaking of humanities, here are my annotated Phenomenology of Spirit PDFs (chapters 2,3,4 only). Miller/Pinkard translations.


Being STEMlord myself, the worst thing about that thread and Holla Forums "STEMlords" is that they're actually scientifically illiterate.
They throw some retarded idea about race realism that has been debunked, throw in some numbers and voila, it's science so it's true.
Their understanding of evolution is just "the survival of the strongest, fam", they don't know is about the fittest to certain environment or how genetic variance works.
I'm tired of explaining some Holla Forumsyps that evolutionary psychology as a field is bullshit because most of the research are ad-hoc explanation and for every right wing biased research, I can point out a liberal biased research that proves the oposite.
The weightlifting Holla Forumsyp on the other thread, just used big words, like some insecure faggot that tried to appear intelligent.

Fuck that shit. STEM has always been dominated by lefties, stupid aut-righters going "science bruh" don't deserve to be called STEMlords.

Protip: It's not the humanities degree that's doing anything, it's the name of the institution on the humanities degree.