Redpill me on NazBol

Redpill me on NazBol
From what I read about it it seems pretty appealing, honestly. So why don't you guys like it?

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aside from the Euroasian part it's based

is nazbol race nationalism or civic

It's an irrelevant meme ideology with a praxis mostly limited to a handful of LARPing Russian eccentrics.

Fuck off pol

Civic, it's also pan-nationalism

Wilberg here

and Dugin

Only if you want to take an hour and review the source material

I'll give it a read


It's a shit meme ideology.

They're shit. But at least they're better than leftcoms

Nvm, leftcoms at the very least developed theory, Nazbols are bottom of the barrel

mental self masturbation


Tankies and nazbols are the only ones that achieve anything, heck even crypto liberal SJWs achieve more then the masturbators

Tankies have theory.
Maybe in your dreams.

most succesful leftist movements either started out or became nationalist

Holla Forums shitposters

That doesn't make them National Bolsheviks, though.

What is up with NazBols using so much pixelation in their images? Or the absurd art style in general?

Nazbol is literally a meme ideology. Like both here and irl. People follow it as a joke.

Montsalvat's translation collection

Only cucks from the bottom green corner of the political compass dislike it

How is Socialism in One Country not NazBol?


Just because it's in one country doesn't make it NazBol

Holy shit