Inequality after 150 years of Capital

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The large women symbolize the impending economic crisis and the social destruction it will cause.

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So is there a version of the 'people living in complete poverty' graph with these accounted for?



China's economic growth only happened after Deng liberalized the economy and began allowing private businesses again.

Absolute poverty rates declined from a whopping 41% to 5%. And most of the economic growth comes from the SEZs.

China is a prime example of capitalist success fam.

Piketty is a capitalist and the best criticisms of capitalism outside kapital have all come from capitalists. But the problem or advantage of capitalism is how it constantly evolves. Even if it goes into depression or collapse, it will be replaced with capitalism once again with new strategies to protect capital from capital.

So your response to 'actually this is just china not the planet' is 'china is great guys'?

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There are other examples pham. Doi Moi since the late 80s cut Vietnam's absolute poverty rate from 58% to 14% from 1993 to 2008.

Clearly the solution is mixed-markets. Not 100% unfettered capitalism or complete abolition of private business and property. Have a government with a good wealth redistribution and safety net, but not overtaxed to the point where capital flight happens en masse. Provide state-run healthcare, reasonable limits on worm hours, paid vacations and maternity leave, education and infastructure (that competes with privately-run toll roads for example).

To alter Deng's quote a bit: It matters not if the cat is black or white, as long as it catches the mice. Mixed-markets have the most empirical evidence to support it in history.

This board shits on social democrats when out of all left ideologies or ones that lean to the left, they have the most evidence to support their policies.

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anyways stop drinking the ideological kool-aid

What I find fascinating is that with only 1979 as a data point, the common narrative is that inequality was high because all the rich people ran away from a country on the brink of collapse.

But even before Labour came to power in 1964 and gave us the Beatles song "Taxman", it was within a lower band. It actually increased in the stagflation of the 70s.

correction, that might actually be just before the stagflation. Thanks Heath!
(I'm sure I read somewhere that Heath considered monetarism, but balked at high unemployment and then started a bubble that Wilson/Callaghan inherited the consequences of, which is the real reason British inflation was high relative even to other economies in the 70s, but I can't source it anymore.)

Then Thatcher did the same with the Lawson Boom. Fun times.

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Yeah, just look at their working conditions.

a lot of big capitals strategies have been to prevent governments from saving it from itself long-term for short-term gains

It's better than it was under Mao lmao. Capitalism lifted so many people out of poverty from failed socialist rule.

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