Seventy-five years after FDR’s Japanese internment order, Trump prepares mass immigrant roundup

20 February 2017

Eric London

we can't accelerate fast enough

Interning illegal immigrants prior to deporting them is not comparable to indefinitely interning US citizens on a racial basis. How stupid can you get?

I doubt much of the deportations allegedly going to occur are just political theater to please voters
(two or three stories about trump ejecting 50 or so immigrants at a time should cement it in their minds that he kept his promise, as it's already worked with muh jobs)

are more than just political theater*


I don't agree with it, but it's something a constitutional republic can do without infringing on it's citizens rights (spooky, i kno)


There's nothing wrong with internment camps. After all, Stalin had the best internment camps for antirevolutionary elements of all time.

more mind numbing stupidity

Not really surprising given the board it was posted on.

I suppose you don't like the idea of prisons either, you fucking nutjob.


not the guy you were replying to, but while I agree that some people need to be detained for people's safety, I don't agree with prisons as they exist in capitalism at all.

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all your socialist paradises throughout history had borders and immigration laws you bleeding heart fucking idiot

And what happened to those socialist states that practiced Socialism in One Country? Oh yeah, that's right…


Yeah, fuck borders, fuck bourgeois laws, and fuck the worthless cucks that idolize them.

accelerationism is scary


What the author and everyone else in this thread fail to mention is the average time undocumented immigrants spend in captivity. Also, the legal resources available to them (i.e. lawyers and rights) are way more limited once they are already apprehended.