How do we defeat Ben Garrison

How do we defeat Ben Garrison

inb4: He already defeats himself

does anyone have the original version of this comic?

That is the original version.

oh come on now

no it's not, that's the Holla Forums modified version

Original has more thorough labelling so you can tell who it is in the top right corner and what the object in the middle is supposed to be

Just reverse image searched it.

It's the original.


He already defeats himself

I will give him credit for using less labeling on the posted cartoon than usual, but frankly the "FAKE NEWS" is still a bit much

it's a meme you dip

This guy is a living joke

can someone please retrieve the original comic that said this?

Why does he draw Chump like the cover of a fucking Harlequin Romance novel or a D-tier superhero webcomic?

Somebody make a Zizek "trashcan of ideology" edit of this.

We get antifa to protest him, his popularity will ballon temporarily and then something will happen that makes him look bad.

You cannot, he is invincible

ay lmao

Invincibly retarded?
I agree

fuck it's like looking at the fever dreams or cough syrup hallucinations of the guy who drew the Garbage Pail Kids cards

Stop making threads about him.
Seriously, mods pls turn this into a cyclical and stop killing a thread every time garrison draws something.

I think he's posted more here than on Holla Forums

I'm impressed that he didn't label the garbage.

He had to label the fucking can of beans



tbh racism is literally the only thing you can throw at trump right now.
i'm half hoping that he is doing this on purpose to calm down the nazis and that he has some great plan for how to get out of it, but meh.

relevant smbc