What if we copy praxis from the rightwing militia movement

What if we copy praxis from the rightwing militia movement

what's their praxis?

Survivalism and talk radio i think

You tards already steal our memes… so why not steal our paranoia survivalist culture?

yes. we must replace Holla Forums.

I mean, we steal everything. Private property, nuclear weapon blue prints, and successful western video games. Why not the whole right wing?

Creating leftist militias that try and prepare for the revolution while agitating and openly defying the state is something that should definitely happen. Just have to make sure it doesn't become infiltrated by the feds or turn into slightly radical shooting clubs.


the militia movement is like 50% informants and feds. the only reason it exists is because the feds are sympathetic, and see the militias as a potential tool in enforcing their reactionary agenda.

it's possible for leftist militias to exist (look up huey p newton gun club), but they face many more challenges.

The feds have decades of experience infiltrating our shit. You're gonna have to give a more specific plan of action than "make sure they don't infiltrate us"

police infiltration doesn't matter if you have a strong policy of no illegal activity
1 rule
anyone who proposes terrorism is a fed, no exceptions

IIRC, didn't several 'peaceful' neo nazi boards and radio stations turn out to be run by the feds as a massive honeypot, not so long ago?

lel, this
also, building bunkers

first receptive response is a fucking NazBol, colour me surprised.

pretty much this, aside from the fact that you can't blow up social relations with C4 regardless.

That works, but then you're just a lefty gun club. I'll take it. Maybe you'll mop up some radicalized liberals.

No, it's because militias are controlled opposition that are nothing more than gun clubs and are good feeding grounds for whenever the feds need a case to show people they're useful so they honeypot some idiots.

Besides, discounting all militias as redneck reactionaries is black and white thinking and mostly untrue.

Only recruit people you personally know and can vouch for for one. There's information techniques out there on how to fight against infiltration and seed out informants, it's just most militias aren't actually that serious so they don't care.

Then what use are they? Revolutions never start if the people involved are afraid of getting into trouble.

it's probably his fault for being so literal but I don't think that's exactly what was meant. having a policy against openly conspiring within a group to commit clearly illegal acts like firebombings isn't the same as having a policy of following the law to a T, to the point where you do what the cops say and blanket obedience of move-ons at demos.

Sounds like a tremendous idea, nazis were always known as great strategists.

i mean seriously how retarded do you have to take advice from the wrong end of the dunning-kruger sprectrum?
especially military advice from a group of people who consider themselves physically superior to everyone else on earth.

Well, if you're in a group and someone randomly starts talking about conspiring to commit terrorism, that's obviously cause for concern and disbelief. But if you're actually going for a revolutionary group, having a rule against any illegal or violent activity because of fear of getting fucked basically does the feds' job for them and makes you pretty useless.

Did you reply to the wrong post? That's basically what I said.

stop using this word

Apustaja edition that we see in OP`s pic is form Ylilauta and later popularized in Krautchan, you hold no rights to it Holla Forums.


We absolutely need militant working class parties to fully capitalise on the momentum resulting from the death of liberalism and the failure of the populist right to address liberal crisis to which they are tied by their adherence to liberal norms.


OP this is 100% a good idea. The American left should appropriate the tactics of the Tea Party and militia movements, and work to deracinate the anti-gun ideological influence of liberalism from their midst. All comrades to the firing range!

I thought that was what this board was for?

Making memes and shitposting?

It's a shame American military uniforms look so fucking terrible.

I mean, look at this shit.

Best thing to do at that point is to keep the groups small, with people you know well from places that won't be infiltrated by feds, preferably childhood friends.

Not entirely

Leftists cant copy us because right wing has some essential differences. We simply believe in things, and members must by definition have these same beliefs, or they wont be welcomed.

You all know right wing ideologies, policies, and societies. Can be describe by one word. Hierarchy.
Now, not all of us manage to adhere to these 100%, you will see a lot of really bad members, but at least all of us strive toward something. We have some sort of values, some sort of ideals, something like a compass to point us toward somewhere.
This is why to be a member of right wing anything by definition means:

Leftists are fundamentally the opposite. Their modus operandi consists solely of complaining, impotent protesting, pandering to the lowest common denominator, turning even the best, strongest and brightest people into lazy, drug addicted, soft, herd member.

ummmm say whatever you want cuz all i know is i'm with her and it's her turn in 2020 and you don't know what's coming to you bud

Tapa ittes homo.

They have shit theory, but there is no problem in lending praxis if it shows useful.

Thanks for the recommendation, pretty sure we can pull of everything but the "duhgenewacy"
I mean, there's not really a point in doing so is there?


That's a lot of implications, kiddo…

You said that the feds actually liked and are sympathetic to militias and the militia agenda works in the feds favor. The feds don't believe in what militias say or want what they advocate, they're just good business.

This is a great idea. Holla Forums survivalist threads when?


Nah you get people jumping from

They don't START the revolution but will be quick to radicalize and mobilize in the event that the revolution is already underway. Also, in case of Franco situation after 🍀🍀🍀electoral success🍀🍀🍀 you have a ready militant base

We should copy praxis from islamic terrorist

Just add a couple of chemical weapons to the mix

go home Holla Forums

Hello fbi

How could i forgot, all theory, no action right? Have you done your leftcom shitpost of the day?

Good idea, copy the right-wing but be 30 years behind.