Do you think suess might have secretly been a socialist?

do you think suess might have secretly been a socialist?

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it was no secret

didnt dr sus have a bunch of racist cartoons as well

how so?

He was an anti racist and heavily against Nazis.

Everyone knows he was pro-socialism. The Cat in The Hat is entryist anarchism.

I am the Lorax, and I speak for the trees.

He was NazBol

he can be eco-friendly and still not a socialist.

requesting more nazbol memes tbh

sure thing comrade


wait so nazbol is just communism that replaces porkies with jews? that's stupid.

No they just coop pol rhetoric when they're asked to explain the nuances of their historical analysis, then revert back to borrowing leftist terminology when discussing economics. Then when discussing social issues they go back to reactionary analysis, then back again (and so forth). Its a method of deception that the right wing has always used and that the Stalinists used and that most authoritarians use to get themselves in power. Trump (ironically being labeled a Nazbol on the trash tier meme) did this during the election cycle (oscillated back and forth between reactionary and progressive rhetoric). Nazbol is meme ideology it does not exist outside of memes and authoritarians like Qaddafi and Putin.

listen to peter

i'm so saving this image.

considering it's a nazbol meme with stirner, unruhe, and De leon, I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess this was made by Comrade Piere Tru-dank

lol this board is becoming riddled with Nazbol cancer and no one cares that its pushing the rhetoric towards the reactionary side of the spectrum because we're so afraid of seeming like Idpolers

it's not all jews


He was reactionary after pearl harbor and created political cartoons like this

He also drew some depictions of golliwogs. But it was the early 20th century. Everyone was racist. He was still a socialist

During WWII he made a bunch of shit about Japanese-Americans where basically he regarded them all as potential traitors.

But it's also worth noting that he wrote a military propaganda film for the government shortly after the war that was considered sympathetic to the Japanese by standards of the time

(It's in the public domain now, so you can watch it if you're curious: )