How can fascism in America be stopped?

How can fascism in America be stopped?

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billions of dollars of what. what a garbage fucking graph

America will stop itself.

It's a country that's hurtling towards disintegration.

defense spending I would assume as that's the only thing we spend more than $500 billy on

Holy hell why does Japan spend this much on defense?

because its threatened by China

Lately it's been taking a page from America's playbook and using defense spending as stealth economic stimulus.

Defense spending is the United States' biggest social welfare program. Whereas the other NATO countries spend half of their budget on the welfare state and undee 2 % of it on defense, since they could afford a small military while big brother USA protecting them from Russia, the US has its big military not merely to ensure pax americana, but also as a substitute for a welfare and jobs program in its 800 military bases around the world.

Russia is a PC

America is a Mac

What must be stopped is the idea that fascism can be a proper term to describe any right populist deviation in conservative politics:

It can't be stopped. If the USA went full Nazi the world is in trouble

Right on all accounts. Tooth to Tail ratio for the US military is all kinds of fucked up, there are so many 'do nothing' make work jobs. The chairforce in particular is like 98% welfare queens that just play with their fucking phones all day.


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And what's wrong with Fascism?

It's leagues better than having to deal with Anarkiddies, in any case.

inb4 they mention dead jews, then suggest communism as a healthy alternative


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Discipline isn't a virtue in and of itself. You could take a disciplined approach to shoveling shit in your mouth. Fascists are quite immature. The entire ideology is based off of emotion.
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It's a problem of context. Fascist and capitalist militarism is shit because it pits sections of the working class against each other and acts as a barrier to international solidarity. The proletariat state may be militaristic in the face of outside pressures but it serves a completely different function. It's like how getting drunk off your ass can be a good idea but getting blasted while speeding down the highway going the wrong way probably isn't.

I think you'd be more comfortable over at r/the_donald.

nah nigga you got it all wrong, Russia figured out during WW2 that it is literally impossible for any nation to win a land war with them, they spend that little not because they want their army to be shit but because they know their is literally no way for anyone to win a war against them. In a direct comparison American Army's better sure but that's cos of the vast empire they run, all Russia needs to do in a time of war is order everyone to burn all their belongings and march to Siberia for a couple years while the enemy starve to death