Interesting article about poor whites in rural and small town America, who have the highest rate of death by suicide, drugs and alcohol, and who live precisely in the counties with the highest rate of votes for Trump.

(It should be noted that the virtual entirety of the Republican and Democratic establishments, including military, intelligence services and diplomats, denounced Trump before the election, much as the entire British establishment had denounced Brexit. It made no difference; it only underscored the distance between the entire political (and intellectual and media) elite and ordinary working people. And as one British politician famously commented, “Ordinary people are sick of experts.”)

This is interesting information that fits well in how Zizek spoke of a failure of left-liberal commentators (and the media as a whole, in truth) to understand the process of identification: that we identify with people's weaknesses, and that the ineffectual attacks on Trump's character, quirks and other non-policy determining things like sexist remarks, managed to make him a hero figure. And in spite of being the most unpopular president in American history, he still defeated Clinton, icon of liberal America and ideological benefactor of Obama's bonus points.

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Why do the poor vote for their own demise so readily?

Why do you believe yourself as the savior of the poor when you are literally the same oppressive shit but even worse?

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They don't. The majority of them don't vote.

Well the only two real options are both your own demise, so that explains it.

Hehe, that's the ticket! Workers should be free! Free to make me money, that is!

Option 1: I die
Option 2: I die, but I might take everyone else with me, including those who started it by making it so that i'd die.
In a neoliberal society the latter is remarkably tempting.

Clinton would have been the least popular president in the US in the bizarro timeline where every Republican levitated up into the clouds and left the race to Clinton vs. Vermin Supreme.

Quit buying into the Falwell/Reagan/Trump Revolution maymay.

Why indeed..

As others have pointed out: the idea that these same people conditioned in this way after and under 8 years of Democrat rule is ridiculous in itself. These are, as the article's title implies, the "unnecessariat"; they've fulfilled their lives once filled with proud laboring and, with the necessary slew of outsourcing capital demands, have been relegated to southern/Republican strategy style voting demographics that serve almost nothing else. Their social mobility is a hundred times worse than that of the rest of urban America and they have nothing to draw upon in the field of labor at all.

There are exceptions of those caught in this antagonistic situation like this fellow: youtube.com/watch?v=PsD59byZkl0, but they are still far and few because they subside on high dosages of symbolic castration: their worsening conditions function in tandem with the ruling ideology that says that all of the problems of society are that of the individual; that every instance in which they see themselves even poorer and more suicidal before, it's the consequence of insufficient bootstrap pulling or going to church at infrequent rates.

Assuming >>1394952's commentary reflects on the delusion I outlined: that people think Democrats have any stake in helping these poor bastards more than the Republicans (really, only radical social democratic Barney Sanchez is able to effectuate something here, which speaks mounds to the fact that he was able to mobilize rural workers massively under his campaign, the DNC cucking the fairly big shot he had in the name of queen slay).

No doubt, but Trump is, in spite of the fact that Shillary would have been even less popular, still the comparatively least popular historical candidate ever post-inauguration.

This is not an appeal to le experts or left-liberal meta narratives, but a simple look at how I perceive his support. Even Obama's second term had more fire behind it, and Trump is not just unpopular with middle class left-liberals.


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>I remember a similar incident at the first conference on the idea of Communism in London in 2009. Some people in the public voiced the complaint that there was only one woman among the participants, plus no black person and no one from Asia, to which Badiou remarked that it was strange how no one was bothered by the fact that there were no workers among the participants, especially given that the topic was Communism.

Since when did anyone outside a small minority of lunatics and teenagers that masturbate to anime like Trump? He had rock bottom popularity ratings before he even got into office

Where is your revolution, "comrades"?

As said above: Trump won the process of identification. His opponents, outside of Sanders (recall his iconic display of proper politics: "enough about the damn emails!" in a debate with Hillary about her economic policies, at a town hall), never properly reproached him as a politician, but instead as a personality; a personality innately imbued with the disrespect one would give not just any personality, but a stooge. Working class men and women (in their proper definition), who were still not too disenchanted to follow bourgeois parliamentarism, saw in him an opportunity to manifest their popular rage and vague anti-establishment sentiments, which is basically what his follower base constitutes of. The "Trump supporters are all bigots" meme is not even necessarily incorrect; surely many were motivated by xenophobia, but this is only many tiers behind in importance as to why he found support: he was the symbolic display of anti-establishment rage.

Another good piece on this if anyone else is interested, which provides actual commentary, not left-liberal polemics: insurgentnotes.com/2017/02/on-the-current-situation-in-the-united-states/.

Aye, too bad us communists will never provide the most definitely humanitianism-motivated reforms of social democracy: youtube.com/watch?v=0cEzK5Mz0OA.

How will we ever recover, especially in the current year?



I have no doubt they've fallen into the lapse of bourgeoisie parliamentary politics, and legitimately believe that those cunts will promise to help them. I just feel massive pity for them, and the neglected immigrant underclass.