Zizek: La La Land: a Leninist Reading


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City of stars shining for the petite bourgeoisie…

Great review I loved giving this film a 9 on two sites knowing it pissed off identitards on both sides. Great points about the lack of workers in films.



Better than I expected




I wish I could read Zizek with my own voice.

I start to snif when i'm reading his texts.

huh. Interesting that I came to this thought on my own.

Any time I read a text from someone whose voice I know, I'll imitate it in my mind. Otherwise, I'll use a familiar voice that seems fitting, but I can never point out from whom it came from.

That actually does bother me.

Like this movie.

In fact, workers and the lower classes are almost always portrayed as

didn't he live in an apartment though? what with the neighbors on the balcony and all right at the beginning?

I'm fairly sure it was a house.

If it was an apartment, it was a fucking huge apartment for a single person to rent.

>I remember a similar incident at the first conference on the idea of Communism in London in 2009. Some people in the public voiced the complaint that there was only one woman among the participants, plus no black person and no one from Asia, to which Badiou remarked that it was strange how no one was bothered by the fact that there were no workers among the participants, especially given that the topic was Communism.
Zis is ze propeur way to blow ze fuck out ze pseudo-communists, non?

Badiou is based.

Truly: www.lacan.com/jambadiou.htm.

Good article

BASED Badiou

Huge apartments in media always bother me. You have people in these shitty jobs and they come home to huge apartments packed with consumer shit

Why does Zizek make Reddit so absolutely SEETHING?


Oh dear! Don't criticise the liberal ideology comrade

You know when you actually enoy a movie but you are also 100% aware of all the ideology and cliches?

That's what I felt when watching La La Land.

Someone with a leddit account should go there and ask what's wrong with criticizing neoliberalism.

No you idiot, the MC lived in an apartment, the love interest lived in a two story house with her children.

I like his take on it being a ' growth of a personality' tale.

Socialist Realism/10 Tolstoy approves.

No leftist worth their salt likes this movie, even among "SJWs", you sniffling badger.

I think it's time everyone on Holla Forums stopped what they were doing and listened to the true message of communism as delivered by comrade dessalines_

Why are redditors fully committed to PC culture, enforcing it on everyone, and crying like babies when someone disagrees with them? Is it something to do with the fact that their target demographic is middle class 20 year old males who are college educated? I don't know anyone of that demographic who would use reddit, so I'm starting to suspect the reason I've never met a redditor is because I quickly assume they're all dickheads before I get to discover they use reddit.

You'll just get banned and have your posts deleted.

Thank you comrade Zizek for you valuable contributions to the struggle against capitalism. We just need a few more of your critical movie reviews and I'm sure the revolution will come!

Zizzy just be shitposting, mang.

he has actually done more for communism than you ever will.

It goes like this:
>you get banned for arguing against PC

and why is that?

yeah, fuck zizek, amirite?

omg, i want to be a controversy man now

/r/communism101 morel like /r/Tankyism101