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Why isn't weight lifting encouraged and discussed in Leftist circles?

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it is


wow, im amazed that meme was created so long ago

what a throwback

Lifting is expensive so it's bourgeois. Calisthenics on the other hand is free.

the cult of intellectualism is threatened by physical power

most leftists do not come from subcultures that involve weight lifting (a lot of people here never played organized sports)

"leftism" is heavily innudated by IDpol movements that skew towards gays and women who are again repelled by physical strength (unless its nice abs and tight ass, which isn't the same as being strong at all)

Finally many of the advocates of weight lifitng tend to be right wingers and so the culture as a whole comes off as repugnant to many left wingers who don't want to workout with fascists or do what fascists do

I encourage all men and women who are interested in leftism to lift. It will be necessary in the coming years to be able to intimidate fascist brownshirt faggots


lumpen – the post


is that why polacks avoid reading so much

No they're mostly STEMlords and Business majors, reading isn't required for them to maintain employment of any kind or to get where they are. Memorizing nonsense, rote learning and being a slime bag is how they make their living or just doing hard labor (which evidently a lot of them do for a living judging from the number of warehouse workers, welders and security officers I see on there). Lefties are unfortunately career students, I would imagine most people on here have college education of some kind and likely in social sciences (reading intensive, lots of theory and discussion). No one is saying leftists aren't sometimes big strong people, I'm just pointing out how intellectualism isolates the mind from the body and its not a coincidence most college professors are weak noodle armed people with bad head posture. If this is offensive I don't know what to say, maybe start lifting.


You'd think this video would feature Marx's Capital, but nah.

going to argue that anyone who reads imageboads all day doesn't hate reading

also going to argue that art degrees should only ever be pursued out of a special personal interest and recognized as having no objective value except to possibly the guy studying it

and if you lift weights to look masculine you're just going to screw it up. it should be a fun supplementary thing to something like kickboxing

why're you all so insecure lol

Because it's kind of dumb until you reach middle age and need to fight muscle loss. Cardio and endurance is much more important to any revolutionary. Knowledge of bodyweight exercises is also handy.

you fags really have a masculinity issue

this isn't reading. No one is expounding ideas or creating elaborate multi-dimensional mindscapes. Don't flatter yourself, this isn't an intellectual exercise.

No this is gay and debased way of thinking, art is the basis of cohesive culture and must be funded and supported always. Artists, especially our more unstable artists are a gift from nature via random mutations and the stars aligning properly for them to be exposed to the right experiences.

I lift weights for POWER user, not because of some faggot mutable qualia from outside actors. I am cultivating mental discipline and raw physical strength.

I lifted for about 2 years and it was boring and monotone. Sports and martial arts are much more rewarding.

No, it isn't.
It's dumb to take Test until you hit middle age and need to fight off muscle loss. There are no downsides to strength training as long as you pair it with cardio/flexibility training.

What martial art do you take?

Any tips for a lazy person away from their dojo to actually get back into practice again? I've neglected my standard routines for like 6 months now and I hate myself for it.

reading is about entertainment. you could force yourself through something dry like a psychology text book but the information in it isn't immediately relevant to your or a career so that's when it becomes a hobby (not done in some vapid attempt at self improvement)

you're a regular indigo child i see

enjoy paying your way out of your own gym membership in a week. can you even come up with a routine?

no and this is a ridiculously myopic, reductionist stance to take
I read because I'm compelled to by my own curiosity it has nothing to do with hedonism or self improvement (false dichotomy, trying to control the scope of the conversation makes you look dumb)
My linguistic prowess is waning with every passing day I spend playing Overwatch and shitposting, I meant that due to chance they were exposed to whatever inspiration led them to great artistry, along with random mutations during development. I didn't literally mean the stars influenced them to be great artists.
I have a home gym with power rack and bench, I own all my equipment and can resell it for a decent profit as it was a gift. I have a routine and I've gained 15 lbs of muscle in the last 6-7 months because of it along with having no neck or back pain due to inactivity. Are you trying to suggest that its not possible to get into lifting.

Judo, because I realized I enjoy grappling over striking. I tried boxing once but it wasn't my thing.

There isn't a way to substitute sparring. I can just say that the more you think about it the worse it will get, just go out and get back on track.

we're not going to see eye to eye here so i'll leave it. what's religious to you is pragmatic to me

you know, terming everything you say vaguely (badly) doesn't make you a master of the english language. it sounds like i'm listening to badly termed scifi terminology. are you baked?

gee that sounds very commital :^)

That's physically impossible.

Which is part of the reason I stopped doing my shit. It's a struggle to maintain what you've got when you're alone.

At least I don't do a heavy grappling/wrestling art though, dojo-less in that must be torture.

I don't get why you are attaqing me, I admitted that my wording was bad. This is worded properly, often random mutations during development especially right after conception and during the first trimester leads to interesting neurologies that produce artistic genius. Useless mutations are the source of endless inventions and aesthetic marvels user. My wording isn't bad its overly verbos and often painfully descriptive. That doesn't make me a bad writer, I think I have a decent grasp of the language.
I mean it sounds like you're trolling/shitposting which is what the other posters did when I tried to engage with them. I mean that it was a good investment, should my living arrangements change so that I can't keep the power rack I can make money off of it instead of it being a black hole (like for instance opened anime figurines or collecting post 2010 comic books). I have been working out in general most of my adult life and have never stoppped for more than a few weeks due to extreme depression or injury/illness.


Weight lifting is a good idea because it reifies us as a movement dedicated to organizing, discipline and doing work "ourselves" instead of feeding off of others. We have a reputation as parasites and freeloaders, its a common canard about leftism. Having organizers who are physically fit and healthy is a huge plus for us socially and psychologically.

No I mean figuratively intellectuals often exist in their thoughts, they are sedentary and don't engage with physical labors or biological existence on a conscientious and regular basis. They eat and drink and sleep so they can think. They don't seem to get the same fulfillment out of basic activities like lifting heavy weight, making food, weaving etc that a Khoisan Tribesperson would (Ted writes about this extensively in his works and you should read them for better explanations).


It's because the types of people who initially become drawn to obscure intellectual subcultures are initially those with greater interest, and perhaps aptitude, for such intellectual pursuits. This is how it seems to be, even with retarded ones light alt-right and fascism (though I doubt the capabilities of most of their adherants, if not general interest). It also requires a certain amount of autism that enables one to accept seeing oneself as unaccepted by the current mainstream.

The reason for the seemingly greater number of rightwingers involved in such things as weightlifting, fighting sports, arms and marksmanship, etc, is because of the right's fundamental worship of primitive social binaries, male = hunter/protection, female = gatherer/nurturer, and that life ought to be this way.
Just about as dumb as progressives wanting to eliminate said "traditional" gender roles rather than taking their own advice and just being accepting.

Oughts are fucking stupid btw. But I don't understand some of the explicitly anit-fitness training comments that basically amount to, "lol u dont need mussels to shoot a gun lel".

because then they would become rightist circles


Gender roles lie in liberal critique. They have nothing to do with progressivism.

Okay I take that back. Gender roles are related to progressivism only insofar as they relate to universal suffrage.

I used to weightlift actually. Shit is expensive, unless you sign up for the right gym.

$1000 investment and you have everything you need forever, E-bay and Craigslist are your ally user. 1000 is enough for powerrack, at least 350 lbs of weights (more than enough for most people, maybe not for bigger guys), barbell and bench. That's all you need.

Just get a nice backpack fill it with textbooks and run around.

That buys you a rifle and pistol. Cardio and pushups will be more than enough fitness.

Everyone exists in their thoughts.

Because that's how they earn a living.

Could you please stop trying to paint a romanticized picture of the working class as somehow more down-to-earth or natural than the intellectuals? This is pure liberalism that achieves the exact opposite of its intentions.


Can you fight off a 220 lb 6'3 juiced up Nazi? Are you strong enough to overpower jailors if you need to break out of custody? Can you lift 200 lbs of gear up a hill by yourself? Are you capable of working on a tank or armored vehicle by yourself (you know how strong you need to be to do that?). Noodle armed, forward headposture having, weak, pasty commies will not survive in battle. You must lift weights, no military on earth does not have people pushing heavy weights.

Self-improvement is fascism

No, because I talk to nazis to try to convince them and not live in a vigilantist fantasy world.

I can't imagine moderate and light weight equipment would cost much, and you have to buy bullets any time you want to train with guns. Not everyone has easy access to uninhabited wilderness, so that means paying to use the gun range. Hell, you can make your own weights.

No not even close otherwise Buddhists and Hunter-Gatherers and Animists and Existentialists and Heidegger and a million other people who stress living in the "here and now" wouldn't exist. Stupid attempt at weaseling out of an important philosophical discussion. But that's typical for post modern hedonists who haven't put together two thoughts before.

No because that's where they get their existential fulfillment, eating and drinking and sleeping aren't enough. I can be perfectly happy lifting weights and watching the horizon I don't need books or religion or revolution for happiness.

The working class is more down to earth and quiet minded than intellectuals, having spent hundreds of hours working in close proximity with blue collar white guys I can say for certain they are much more humble, calm mentally, open to criticism, less neurotic and more connected with the season and time of day than leftists are. This is a fact, i have met intellectuals who are very down to earth, they are not the norm. Most are temperamental spergs, neurotics and sociopathic divas.



thinking that a career subsidized by idpol propaganda, pseudoscience, credentialism and state subsidies is participating in the vicious thunderdome we call the market proves how self interested and out of touch the average poster is. Your professors are lazy cunts for the most part who are not smarter than your average day laborer, do not have anything to offer our society and on the whole subsist off of career students and their own reputation for being smart.

pure ideology


How are professors above the market? Have you actually looked at how modern universities function?

No I am not Swastika poster. I sincerely am repulsed by fascism's worship of strong man overlord and cuckholded love of authority. I like muscles, being strong and powerful people. I don't like people who need to prey on others to be powerful like Hitler or Mussolini. I do however sympathize with their love of organicism, order, social cohesion, ancient wisdom and the upholding of masculine/feminine principles. I would be Nazbol if i wasn't anti-authoritarian and collectivist ideology


They don't have to publish research to stay employed. They write books that they sell to students and their friends. Their research is picked up by friends (there are literally endless meta studies on nepotism and cronyism in the sciences alone). They prey on grad students for respect and to build up their rarity as an intellectual resoruce (favoritism). They are literally given money by wealthy benefactors and the state for random nonsense. Some faggot at a dinner in DC blows some other fag and boom 1 million in funding goes to Georgetown for AIDS research. Its not a free market at all, its totally manipulated by idiot students/alumni, idiot administrators, tenured idiot professors, idiot peer review that rewards idiot tenured professors for existing and being friends with other idiot researchers, idiot publishing-text book circle jerk, idiot politicians and lawmakers giving money to state unis to research whether they can make frogs gay or make white people less racist.

If the free market was exposed to academia all of sociology, psychology and idpol nonsense would be destroyed overnight. Eugenics would be taught universally, scientific racism would be a thing still and we would have a massive amount of funding poured into deep learning, engineering and biochemistry (which is where all the future inventions lie waiting for us). You could purge 90% of america's intellectuals and you would lose less than 1% of its technical capacity. Inventors and genius scientists are not professors teaching classes on Feminist theory, Medieval Lit and Globalism. Most physics professors are literally just the product of rote learning, I could be a fucking physics professor or an english professor (anyone with an above 120 autism level can). I can't however invent a new type of nano-tech or contribute to deep learning or genetics (because I'm not a brilliant scientist).


It's just fascinating how he simultaneously opposes psychology and uses autism points as valid reference of intelligence.


you are stupid

Capital has existed on the level of eugenics and scientific racism since the 1930's they just hide it in internal studies and private documents we don't see. They've researched differences in autism levels and aptitudes in different demographics for decades. Its widely sought after data many top tier firms like the defense and intelligence firms (Stratford, Boeing) definitely look into. The only reason it is not shared is because it is politically incorrect. If we had a free market of ideas it would be one of the most important aspects of learning theory, hiring practices and grant giving. I'm not saying that its not a flawed psuedoscientific idea, I'm saying there is a market for it. Companies think along those lines that would call for using race realist stats and data. The state is structurally racist, it already makes use of this data, albeit quietly. The entire field of criminology and forensics is encouraged to engage with it. The only reason it is not allowed is because affirmative action idiots and idpolers are in power. You're not understanding nuance at all. I am not advocating these things. For one I agree with Chomsky that a market is a race to the bottom and a contest of anti-social behavior. Where markets are applied the most useful, practical ideologies that can be weaponized the most quickly are accepted. This is not the case in academia where tons of nonsense floats around because its important to some rich person or some politician somewhere. No one gives a flying fuck about most history classes, most classes on lit, most nonsensical research fields in STEM but they get funding because of friend networks and petitions and begging and pleading from nerds. Which is fine, but it wouldn't last if the market was introduced. Nuts and bolts type mechanistic thinking is always favored. We would have never left the rockefeller funded 1930's style eugenics thinking if it wasn't for the Nazis who were a death sentence for those ideas.

I am not advocating them, I am just saying they are more functional and useful for moneymaking and policing than a lot of the social sciences. Therefore clearly many of the soft sciences are beneficiaries of welfare and subsidization from the state and rich people. Which means professors are divorced from the grinding thunder dome of the market that a lot of people they teach end up being subject to. That's it. I get that there is competition for funding in R&D and that many people fight for chairs and fellowships and all that nonsense. But, that's not the same as running a business or marketing yourself to talent agencies.

I'm confused, what are you trying to say here? What does this have to do with weight lifting?

The Eugenics movement died because quite frankly it was wrong. They spent years publishing research that said a number of health problems (like worms) were genetic and innate to poor people (particularly blacks). When the State started funding proper hygiene, most of these problems went away. Like a typical Holla Forums poster you are so divorced from reality it's quite astonishing. Go ahead and look up how many papers were written in academia that made use of "race" for their analysis.

This thread is just his attempt at justifying his crazy ass beliefs with walls of texts. He thinks that more means better.

The eugenics movement in most countries died off because the Holocaust had made it unpalatable, not some redditgoon fantasy about SCIENCE! triumphing over ignorance or whatever

Yes, because you need the spooky jerbs to make the idea of controlled reproduction unpalatable!

What are you on about?

is it just drafty in here or are there a bunch of ghosts flying around?

No it died because of the Nazis and the PR disasters in the South and Black neighborhoods/indian reserves. Eugenics isn't wholesale wrong, you can selectively breed people to display certain traits like any other animal. The real problem is whether you can modulate this aritificial selection effectively to produce your desired outcome or whether its not possible due to the complexity of adaptation/epigenetics and random mutations (hint: it is too complex to meddle with and is unethical on top of that)

This is disingenuous they also studied the heritability of low autism levels, criminality, attractiveness, sociability, mental stability/instability, emotional problems, height, frame, physical prowess, learship skills, creativity and genius. Their results were very clear, most of these things are heritable and are concentrated in small population clusters around the world (many of which happen to be european). Please do not debase yourself by lying on behalf of ideology. You don't need to convince eugenics is a bad longterm idea (it is).

I only post on pol to correct them on historical inaccuracies and join in on bashing liberals and identity politics. I don't subscribe to WN, White Supremacy, Race Realism or Nationalist politics at all. I just like some of their aesthetics and the fact that weight lifting and esoteric philosophy are a part of what they believe.

>Go ahead and look up how many papers were written in academia that made use of "race" for their analysis
a lot of them, before the 1950's did. A huge number of forensics and physical anth papers do to this day. You are ignorant. I do not believe race is biological. But there are STRONG correlations in clusters of populations which suggest that SOME of the race realist postitions are correct. Its a FACT that many west africans have longer achilles tendons and more developed fast twitch muscle fibers than Euros. Its a FACT that East Asians tend to score higher on autism level tests than all other populations save for NW Euros and Ashkenazim. It is also a FACT that men have larger cranial capcities and more developed spatial reasoning than women. This doesn't mean women are property, non-whites are subhuman or that we need segregation. But it is a fact, and it is attested to by biological markers that are plain as day and I have seen in medical and scientific studies posted all over YT, Reddit, 4chan and twitter.

Anyways, the point of my participation is that it is good for leftists to associate themselves with fitness, with health, with competence and with self sufficiency. The image of the strong woman carrying a gun doesn't make sense if she is too weak to swing an axe or carry water over long distances. You need muscles to survive post collapse and you need muscles to fight off roided out nazis (they love roids). Weight lifting is great for people with low seratonin and who are isolated socially. It makes you affirmed in yourself and gives a feeling of power that is immediate and satisfies existential cravings for purpose and strength in one's existence. I encourage everyone on this board to lift and to train. Calisthenics are dope, being able to bench 400 lbs is much better.

That Eugenics is clearly against the interests of the overwhelming majority of the people.

And people would want to be bred why?

No, a lot of 20th century Eugenics made use of theories that were later discredited. For example, the one I listed regarding pellagra and roundworm infections.

I don't see why we should be debating about "race" or "eugenics" in a thread about weight lifting. Like it or not, you are derailing the thread. Heritability of Autism Level and the genes that underly Autism Level is still studied today, so I don't know what you're talking about.

I'm a personal trainer, so I agree that the left should try and rebrand itself from skinny Starbucks hipster to healthy and driven individuals. But really, this isn't the thread for it.

do not overtax the land, unite the above with the below, watch for signs in nature of looming issues at home
not coming home to find my neighbor raping wife's dead corpse
we all speak a common tongue
my gf understands that I want her to be silent and beautiful sometimes, and sometimes she wants me to be rude and powerful. This is just biology, women like men who are powerful and men like women who are beautiful and have gravity about them. This is good and should be encouraged. It is only natural

This part I'll reply to. What the hell are you talking about? Yes, we know that genes related to the immune system and morphology have been identified that have recently undergone positive selection. None related to Autism Level.

wow, my Autism Levels got elevated by your wisdom
>>>Holla Forums
boring and gay
wow, you must have tons of pussy with this attitude

user bitched about my characterization of college professors as noodle armed idealists stuck in their studies, far from the physical world and engaging with their bodies. Someone responded by saying that professors are just like normal proles and are subject to market pressures. I rebutted that they are special class, subsidized by cultural and political elite. Then I mentioned that the market selects for funcitonal, mechanistic and marketable systems (so not communism or feminist theory or socio-linguistics) and that if we had a free market of ideas the market would just choose eugenics, socio-biology, evo-psyche and racialist anthropology as it is functional and profitable. Then instead of reading the thread people continued going on about this, assuming I am swastika poster even though our diction is unique and not at all alike.
All i said was: "yes OP good post, we need to lift more as a movement. Leftism is much too comfortable in the college study and divorces itself from the working classes and from the life of the average prole because of its highly ethereal theoretical basis. A little bit of masculine communism is a good idea for noodlearmed bookworms who are going to be faced with police riot squads and roided out paramilitaries." that's it

Eugenics back then was basically "sterilise dysfunctional whites (and in US blacks/native americans)"

The reason the public didn't have a problem with it was because you had to be on the margins for it to affect you, in the same vein that most people don't think it's a violation of the parent's rights for welfare agencies to forcibly remove children in a home that doubles as a meth lab.

For someone who just wants to get rid of some belly fat and gain some muscle mass on the arms and shoulders but never really worked out before how should I get started? I've started doing cardio, is that a good start?

congrats on the autism guys


Its not autism level related thinking, its intuitive thinking, intuitionism is a school of mathematics and is respected by all geniuses
post modern culture is boring and gay
My last gf liked cooking for me, liked me taking charge and like it when I was assertive. All the high estrogen women who have stable emotional lives I've ever met want men who are assertive and strong willed. There's a difference between owning your partner and being assertive in your relationship, not being a limp wristed cuck. The number of guys i've met who practically hand out their gf's pussy by being submissive pussies is astonishing. Weakness is unattractive in nature and is selected against. It is only good for women to yield because they are beautiful, and beauty is a naturally submissive and receptive process. You are a materialist, heathen so you are not capable of understanding on an intuitive level the difference beteween a co-dependent thot owned by her abusive bf and a healthy couple with proper sexual energy and power dynamics.

This thinking will fail you soon enough user. Your hedonist play-pretend will collapse and you will beg for morality, social cohesion, gender roles and strength through vitality

here we go

There's not really a reason to ignore strength training. In general though, running or walking is a good start for someone who lives a sedentary lifestyle. You probably have bone/muscle issues if you are like most people and sit at a computer all day, so you should get on strength and flexibility training as soon as possible. 2x a week minimum.


Your ignorance of the chemical warfare being waged against the proles right now is despicable and unforgivable. You should be ashamed of yourself, we're bombarded with xenoestrogens and test blockers, all kinds of disgusting chemicals that mutate our genes and render us desexed or abnormal sexually. You act like its a joke, its a crime against the species.

try me bitch i'll get even more degenerate


wtf I hate Jews now.

this thinking is suicidal, there will be a moment where reality will come down hard on your little pleasure bubble and all those hours you didn't spend cultivating inner and outer strength to brace yourself for hard times will come back to bite you. Short term thinking is good for short term lifestyles.

Stop larping already faggot

WASP's are the chief proponents of this chemical warfare they own ALL of the major chemical and pharma firms, not jews. Jews dominate high finance and media but not chemicals, biotech or agro which is all germanics and the eternal anglo. I blame the patrician classes of the NE, England and Germany for what's happening right now. The soy beast, gyno'd out, cuck faced nu-male is product of bio-chemical warfare. This is a fact and there are mountains of studies being done on HGT, epigenetic responses to plastics and pesticides and research on the effects of all these exotic compounds on pregnant women. What they are discovering is that we're swimming in a soup of catalysts for random mutation and devolution.

nigga you're the one who needs a reality check you know nothing about me and you're puffing yourself up with romantic, idealistic garbage its like your yelling to yourself in a mirror

No one's LARP'ing, society will collapse or degenerate into street warfare and we will need strong capable bodies to prevent fascists from taking over. They have the entire armed forces and LEO agencies.They cannot overcome 50 million strong young men and women who are bound together by class consciousness and a desire for freedom from tyranny. No one is LARP'ing but the Liberals who put up leftist flags and then use the Overton Windows and narrative structures of capitalists who expect capitalism to chug along business as usual, politics as usual. It often feels like I am talking with Boomer RINO cons who think that the Dollar will never fall, order will never disappear and that we can continue spending on military indefinitely. Its enraging honestly coming on here with people who are supposedly sensitive to the precarious nature of social cohesion and the possiblity of violent warfare in the streets completely denying that this is possible. Its not only possible but we already saw multiple incidents of left vs right violence in the last year and a half. More is on the way. If you want to hide behind guns and altruism fine. If you want to be able to defend yourself from steroid abusers who will murder you then please pick up some weights, do some chin ups, start doing sprints and jogging.

It's just banter you cunt, don't take it seriously.

We're all going to be laughing hysterically when they round us up and throw us in camps because we're radical cultural marxist globalist provocateurs. They'll make dank memes about us, we'll have crying wojack being gassed by pepe memes that will get spread all over. One last hilarious joke, before the world falls into total silence. I'm completely aware of the irony of taking your post seriously user (post-irony is the superior mode of thought)

But of course what you don't feel obliged addressing is the void between academic studies being done on the environment's and the foodstuff's effects on us and your claim that some spooky evil jew is doing this on purpose and not because soy is a much cheaper ingredient and the market forces push competitors to chose it over more expensive alternatives.

every poltard thread ever

this is the most pernicious and ass backwards notion on the left. The spectacle falls under this idiotic umbrella as well. This idea that these people are just like us and that they mean well and are just following the market (just following orders). No they are keenly aware of the effects of these chemicals and the idpol shit along with creeping techno-totalitarian capitalism coincides with submissive gyno'd out soy cow wagecucks. These people are psychopaths, they have no empathy, they rape children and torture people to death, they laugh when their opponents are sodomized and stabbed to death with knives and bayonets, they are swine

and there is not a single pol poster in the history of pol going all the way back to its infamous founding who have ever admitted what I said about Pharma, Chemicals/Agro being controlled by WASP's and Germanics (which it is almost entirely, Jews are proportionately represented but no more. Unlike Media and finance)

So nice being able to witness your internal monologue. Please, talk more about your fantasies and don't address anything. It is very interesting for us.

wew lad

two or three hollow points in his center mass will

Literally what. Prison break happen through subterfuge and oppurtunity.

Yeah. I've moved more than that for a living.

Dunno, if we ever get AFV's I'll find out.

Any pasty Holla Forumsyp will take you out with their daddy's 12 gauge. Get a gym membership if you're gonna lift. Save up for a rifle.

Jesus Christ, how did this thread go from weight lifting to a bunch of crypto-fascists sperging about eugenics and traditional gender roles? Where are the fucking mods?
Can we get the off topic bullshit cleaned up please?

to answer OP, because those of us getting into streetfights with Nazis are likely already hitting the weights and practicing at least one martial art.

as for everyone else, weightlifting isn't going to improve your political program or change material conditions. while I encourage everyone to be fit and healthy, we aren't all fetishizing weightlifting because we aren't morons whose politics amount to hitting the roids and beating up immigrants.

not everyone who's a leftist is physically able anyway, I've linked arms at demos against the cops with shrimpy teenagers and frail old women. the proletariat's strength comes from its ability to withdraw labour and organize society's productive forces anew, cut this LARPy crap out.

I'm all for a weight lifting/fitness discussion thread, though.

Hahaha r u srs?

this is the dumbest fucking excuse ever. Go to a jungle gym and do pullups or something if you want to get buff. Seriously, no excuses

gay lady here, your soooo wrong

both masculinity and femininity are spooks

you know juiced up nazis: always open to reason

If you aren't a low test nu-male you cannot be a leftist.

know how I can tell you're from Holla Forums?

Remember, the fash went to the gym today, did you?

I masturbated 5 times


did you confuse weight lifting with martial arts?
the problem is in most places it costs money and sucks ass because they don't want you to actually learn fighting, they just want you to dance ballet.

Start by understanding capitalism primary logic before resorting to conspirationist thinking.
We're creating thousand of new chemical substances everyday, just a small part of them are seriously tested, because the productive apparatus ismuch larger than the objective testing apparatus and if some are proven to be potentially nefarious, capitalists will use whatever trick they have in their sleeve to keep selling it. It's profit first and foremost.
Everything else, from nefarious health effects or environnmental destruction is a byproduct, a collateral damage, or even a new market opportunity. Capitalists don't want to ruin the world, they ''don't care (minus the deluded spergs thinking they're saving it)

Because I speak the truth.


is more a irl thing, like i lift with some bros at the gym, but we never discuss politics. they are two diffrent things, and this is a imageboard. the only board where people lift is /fit/, only cuz they want some pussy