Getting real about the culture ware

Gave me chills. What are we gonna do about milquetoast reddit liberals trying to coopt the left?

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irony means jack shit as a tool if half your population is starving and poor. Memetics are what they are, a meme, a distraction. The majority of the population knows their shit is fucked, and all they need to feel is more pressure from the contradictions of capitalism and they'll realize what's wrong.

either way liberals are still alienating people at an alarming rate with their identity politics nonsense.

no, they are a transmission (one that is not consensual)

Probably the best thing I have heard today. Props to that comrade.


no ones gonna give a shit about muh "maymays" when they cant even pay for the electricity to use the phone to see leftist memes on instagram or some shit. reducing the left to something as retarded as memes is counter productive imo.

memes as in

are definitely important. we're not just talking about "maymays"

Obviously the entire left shouldn't be some meme brigade, but there's always a population who would be left out by any attempt to educate the masses.

The internet has absolutely weakened media hegemony by allowing the distribution of information outside of their hands. Corporations have taken advantage of this with personalized advertisements and other sponsored content designed to dictate a person's decision by exposing them to certain information. There's no reason that the left shouldn't also try our hands at subverting the structures of cultural hegemony.

They don't transmit anything of intelligence though, they are purely irrational at worst, and destructive at best. I don't think you know what irony is man.

Can I just let you guys know that the "maymays" that the radical left uses (especially from this board) are top quality and funny even without context. They are what attracted me personally to the board and radical leftism in general. They make me and my friends and family laugh even though they don't even know what it means. The jokes we create spark interest in the uneducated making them a powerful cultural force.

If anyone is interested this is the meme that got me to research leftism:
and this is the meme that normies tend to love the most:

The left already has le sophisticated irony with a much bigger audience, TV is full of it.

The difference is when you actually look into the facts about things like immigration you realize that leftists are repeating bullshit mantras (sweden isn't the rape capital of the world because they report rape differently) in order to virtue signal - upon reading this you thought of an article in Slate or Vice which hath declared Virtue Signalling was soooo not cool and you're going to repeat the mantra you rotelearned from them about why it's a fallacy because they're the tastemakers and the official source of the right opinions that signify that you have good taste and high social standing.

The pro-open borders left is full of sheltered people with ephemeral fizzling priorities like snarking at people for being less self aware than them, not having the right opinions + bad taste and not getting weird twitter - that's literally the beginning and end for them because they are inner city poser estrogen faggots.

The right is on the rise because many whites are beginning to understand that white people are the only ones being asked to put a leash on their tribalism whereas no minorities are. They understand that non-whites are acting aggressively on behalf of their racial group in a zero-sum manner and Jewish supremacists (who do control the media and schools whether or not saying so signifies that I listen to a band that got a bad score on p4k) are trying to explain this away via sophistry, writing books that are basically tribalist deeply triggering and problematic filler that could all be titled "Why whites shouldn't win". Jews are doing this because they feel entitled to own everything, because they live in cities and have a sickly spoiled + entitled culture and are taking hostile group zero-sum actions towards whites - They do not have the population numbers to fight white people with weapons so they do this through arguing to white people via the media and universities why they should lower their population count.

The bulk of the open borders left are not doing it out of empathy but because they are nihilistic human toilets who only care about being stylish. Jewish supremacists control the tastemaker mags, the media and universities so they are the curators of what is trendy and what these nihilists must scoff and snark at. These leftists do not care about facts like crime statistics or history, they only care if vice or weird twitter says "it's about ethics in games journalism" ironically, implying that someone who says that is below people who get and partake in weird twitter and lacks self awareness.

wew lad i think you're lost here

on the subject of irony
Only problem I have with ironic humor is that when used politically― the person utilizing ironic humor for their little (often liberal) mind war have the option to completely backtrack from their statements and say "lol i was just kidding xd"

Maybe I am a full blown Fascist for wanting some genuine sincerity sprinkled back into modern discourse, whatever….

or maybe I just "dont get it man"

A lot of people I know like Comrade Jeb!

good post but theres no point in approaching leftypol like this. just shitpost with a swastika flag

You must be sarcastic.. right? Only meme here that people can find funny and without context is probably Comrade Jeb.

probably not the memes here but theres memes elsewhere that are a bit more tame and normie safe. some of the shit on r/LateStageCapitalism r/FULLCOMMUNISM not that reddit is good at all or anything but the_cuckold wraps in plenty of normies just as well i'm sure

The specific meme is irrevelant, people will inevitably have different tastes. The point is make the people laugh and they will be more receptive to our ideas. People will be naturally repulsed from those who appear to take themselves to seriously.

Its been already 12 days since that video, does anyone know who she is? I already asked on one of the /hwndu/ generals but got no answer.

This we need memes shit is dumb as hell. We need sabotage. We need to fracture the right and have left unity. That's what we really need. We don't need to be funny


why not both friend?

Irony and funny jokes don't breed revolutionaries. It breeds people who just want to be a part of something while maintaining the current system which works for the right since the system is already right wing

No one is allowed to have fun

Now get back to work and hand over your FUCKING toothbrushes

Reject identity politics and lifestylism. Embrace Murray Bookchin.