Tbh, I'm getting to the point that I wouldn't mind if the Fascists and the Neolibs murder each other while I chill out on a Costa Rican island or something.

I have stopped organizing. I have stopped going to rallies and events.

I feel completely and utterly powerless. California Liberals and Leftists have been trained to lose and I'm getting to the point where communicating with the occasional Trump supporter seems more appealing than the Chicken Little sky is falling endless tantrums from the LA Porky blue haired IDPol psychopaths.

Even the DSA in LA is run by celebrity obsessed IDPol retards.

Help me LeftyPol. How am I supposed to find/build a group when it's blatantly clear that anyone who doesn't pronoun police is unwelcome?

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dont let doughy looking DSA fags get you down

if you dont find a good org, look into helping out a charity that directly helps prole types via distributing food or something

Thank you. It's tough because I'm so sick of these carnival barkers. A lot of LA DSA are wannabe comedians, bloggers, etc.

If you've ever wanted to see a pasty obese dude complain about the evils of "straight white men" head on over.

Check out Redneck Revolt they have a group in simi valley

Dope I'm based in Hollywood but I'll check it out.

redneck revolt seems pretty based from what i have read

They don't have any groups near me but goddamn if I don't root for them tryin to take back the redneck name.

i wish i could sympathise it's a very very american problem and i've spent a long time wondering why it is american culture spawned all it.

I fantasize often, more often in the last 3 months, about Smashies/Soros Funded Black Bloc dipshits fighting in the streets with Redhat Amerifats. Class is canceled, the streets are quiet because Herre Trump declared marshal law. Im comfy af watching on my couch getting lit. Everything is burning. Good.


You live in California, literally the most played-out joint in the US for leftism. Go East to the Midwest or North to Washington/Oregon.

Why? You need to get out of the IDpol environment. You also need to engage in group work that could help build a real society. That means real effort to teach people something new somewhere else; what you might see as commonplace here or in California may be a totally new concept elsewhere.

For example, I learned barely 3 years ago that Marx made it a point that workers should be armed to the fullest extent possible; Address to the Communist League in 1850: could convert the gun dudes. Look for other issues like this to intrigue people..

I myself am preparing to start my own commune; am looking for ways, attempting to use conservative estimates for growing food, while researching agricultural methods and technologies for off-the-grid living that could expand into a more autonomous commune environment. As more people come and want to escape the problems of capitalism, we could do more, though we would have to check our capacity and supplies. We don't have to become a Mother Base or anything, but we could become a safe haven for disaffected posters here, as well as people off /r9k/ or other places, to give them a sense of meaning.

Pic related, its from ranprieur.com
It's of a homesteader dude's parcel in eastern Washington, where I got the idea of the land purchase:
Here's a video tour, pretty nice tbh.

Find individuals you agree with on most issues, get together, start a study group, refine your ideas, invite new people and remember that no matter how satisfying Fascism's initial victims are, you are the next.

What will a study group do?

can we grow weed on this commune

why focus on food? food is cheap as shit. a bag of enriched rice costs so little, and it costs even less in other parts of the world. you have far bigger expenses than food when it comes to living off the grid. if you want to grow food to make money, don't. Farmers live in poverty.

kekā€¦depends of what you grow city boy.

If you are a farmer of pine nut or walnut you will get rich i can a sure you. Unless your trees get burned. Don't believe me? Go check out the price for one kilo of pine nut :)


As long as people keep falling for propaganda like "shills are only elsewhere" and "we aren't muslims so the government doesn't care about us" all groups will get infiltrated.

The only way you can avoid infiltration in a world full of retards is to built a distributed network of small cells operating without any form of leadership.
Coordination with other cells could be tried e.g. through LiquidFeedback until the feds take that over too.

be careful investing in pines, i think global warming and monsanto are harming them greatly.
at least i suspect that's the reason why our pine stopped growing nuts a few years ago.

A study group takes ideas and puts them into practice, or bounces them off other people who have the capacity to engage in thoughtful critique. They read, put into practice, compare notes, and use what techniques of social critique works IRL.

We can't afford to. Besides, drugs are used to escape the drudgery of capitalism; tune in turn on drop out? Not if you are creating something you actually like. Besides, that's literally asking for trouble in a society hostile to socialism/communism.

Food is cheap as shit due to industrial chemicals and other nasty shit pumped into the ground. Fertilizers today are made out of refined crude oil; shit like sulfur/nitrates/glyphosate, all of which are used in agriculture, depend on a massive network of industry controlled by Capital. It is also deliberately made cheap (and land taxes kept high) in order to render farming unprofitable to prevent people from attempting to farm it commercially (as well as to keep the refiners and distillers of agricultural products in business: motherjones.com/politics/1995/07/dwaynes-world )

The cheapness is what ruins the economic viability (according to capitalism) of local production and renders people more dependent on making money via Capitalism rather than living for themselves and working towards communism. Our growing of food is not meant to be commercial; of course we are going to produce as much as we can (using localized, non-chemically-invasive methods that conserve as much energy as possible), but that is meant to be able to attract and support more members as they come to the commune. Things like shelter and power can originally be brought on using access to the market ( youtube.com/watch?v=Bk50IuWXg-c ), but that will change as we will be able to transition away from markets and produce our own goods/replacement parts/recycle our own waste. This also means looking for creative ways to repurpose old capitalist secondary-market commodities into MoP, like the used vaping batteries turned into a Diy powerwall: hackaday.com/2016/09/29/homebrew-powerwall-sitting-at-20kwh/

What we are looking for is freedom to escape and do our own work that frees us from capitalism. The more we will build and the more people join us, the stronger we will become and the freer we will be: we will be free because we have each other.

We will protect the plants on the commune from the elements; I am thinking about greenhouses and aquaponics for sheltering food, and mycoremediation to clean up oil- and roundup-saturated soil.


The trick is to nurture the left and the right into agreeance. Take the turd position.
Take the ability to recognise that we are dealing with a difference of ideology that can be solved through reorganization of society.

If people want a nice bleached piece of crap - let them.
If people want a nice great big turd - let them.

The trick is to find out how?

A study group takes ideas and puts them into practice, or bounces them off other people who have the capacity to engage in thoughtful critique. They read, put into practice, compare notes, and use what techniques of social critique works IRL.

That isn't going to destroy capitalism. It's just a hang out.

You re missing the forest for the trees. Right now such a hangout is the only thing we can afford with our means. This involves progress and patient work. Social critique is also made of actions done to expose capitalist contradictions; it is not just a written tract.

The "hangout" works together, and over time collects enough resources to form a commune, which allows the "hangout" to continue for as long as the "hangout" wishes, not having to adjourn in order to "go to work" at a capitalist enterprise. It frees them in order to be with each other in ways that build up, maintain and defend their freedom from capitalist encroachment.

Ultimately it strips capitalism of resources and workers, eating away at the cracks in the system until it collapses, hollowing it out from the inside. As more people do this, the movement gains strength until it can take over the state, turning into a dictatorship of the communes, not a disorganized mass of "proletariat." We will make sure nobody will have the upper hand in terms of political power so we don't end up like in a civil war like in the beginning of the Soviet Union.

Told you to follow your ego dog

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