Goodbye Lenin

Has anyone here seen this film? I just finished watching it and holy shit… the ending had me in tears.

I guess you never really know what you have until it's gone, right? It's too bad I was born a few years after reunification. All I know of the DDR is the stories my dad has told me. All I have are second hand memories from a time before I existed.

Also, mods please add an East German flag!

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got a link to movie with subs comrade?


I believe there is a torrent up on piratebay. Not sure if I am allowed to post a link to it though.

DDR was the greatest most socially advanced Leninist state to ever exist.

It's end was a fucking tragedy for progress and for mankind.

its crazy all we learn about it in school is "west berlin was an american modern utopia of freedom and everyone from east berlin was starving and trying to jump over the wall to get there but the evil communist leaders would shoot them for trying to escape their open air prison"

found it btw

I remember my father once telling me that the day Germany reunified was the worst day of his life. He said that even though Western culture and government had been moving into the East for some time at that point, he was still somewhat in denial that it was truly all over. While he wasn't exactly the strongest supporter of the regime, he still couldn't believe that people just didn't give a shit about socialism anymore.

what was so good about it? their cars were shitty even compared to USSR cars, and they had institutionalized torture in their prisons.

They were one of the most industrialized and economically strongest nations in the Östblock, even the despite the fact that they had to pay war reparations to the USSR and that they started at a lower level of economic development. One could argue that they were the most successful socialist nation to ever exist.

any statistics on this?

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What do you guys think about Er Ist Wieder Da? I'm sure there's a good torrent out there, but my phone doesn't allow me to test them well.

Thank you, will watch

This essay is fairly detailed, in english, and has citations.

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why the fuck did the USSR make the DDR pay reparations? That literally makes no sense.



No offence, but I'll think I'll stay a DemSoc. I'd rather not have me or my friends get "distributed".

In my opinion, it was because the USSR sometimes put it's own imperialism before the needs of the working class.

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TL;DW: socialist pickles > capitalist cola

But they conquered Nazi Germany and got rid of the Nazis, and replaced it with the DDR. So what the fuck did the DDR do to deserve paying reparations?

The GDR was one big, long, mandatory summer camp, fascism without the glory and adventure.

Germany didn't suddenly become a different country when its government was replaced. The Soviets were justifiably angry with the Germans, not just the Nazis. It was reasonable of them to demand that the Germans help pay to repair the damage they had caused.

Read, they wanted a unified Germany that was stripped of all its militarization. Of course, this ran counter to the US's interests of revitalizing the German economy so they could ship exports and commodities to, so they split the country into sectors. Also having a militarized west Germany would help them further anti-communist goals. The USSR never cared about East Germany.

The DDR was based.

Are there any reliable statistics for quality of life and standards of living in the GDR? How did it stack up compared to the West or other East Block countries?

That scene made me tear up. All the hope and promise of the Communist ideal failing and being carted off into obscurity.

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literally spooked nationalism.

The Nazis couldn't have done anything without the help and consent of the German people. The vast majority of Germans took part in the war effort against the USSR, so they were complicit in the damage done to it.

Can someone post the magnet link?

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Amazing movie tbh.

Er ist wieder da is an okay film. Its a bit like Borat with less real people and more acting, but the english subs are shit.

The poster in the middle says:
The smaller posters on the sides say:
If any of you were wondering.

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it annoys me how at the end they reveal that she was always a cappie sympathizer to begin with. just completely ruins the poignancy of her seeing the socialist ideal totally crumbled, and it seems to be pure ideology in the "lol no one ever believed in socialism" sense

I went in expecting a movie taking a huge dump on the DDR, as always.
It actually ended with what people actually wanted to be in the DDR, instead. I wonder how they could get away with this.

Because socialism is dead and can now be recuperated for profit like everything else.

Yeah but be a public figure and dare say anything positive about the DDR and you are fucking done for.

It may help in the East, to tell those people that they are no freaks or monsters, but doing so in the West will trigger massive autism rages.

Kinda funny how people in the West are more triggered by what the evil commies did than the people in the East.

There's also the whole, west german government dismantling/destroying industry in the east to prevent competition

thanks now im not gunna watch this movie i just downloaded

he had it on spoilers for a reason, dumbass.

Thanks user, when I go to germany I know how to trigger everyone now.

if the ending is that fucking lame then fuck this movie

It's bretty gud up until that point though.

didn't like good bye lenin apart from a few scenes. too much BILD memes.

right now i'm actually looking forward to seeing a film which was shown at berlinale this year. it's supposed to be a biography about the young karl marx and friedrich engels. i'm not expecting much to be honest but the guy who played engels said that was is very proud about playing him, so there's hope that it might turn out to be NOT a bourgeois anti-communist propaganda flick which would be pretty cool actually :3

pirate bay link says the english translation sucks, is that the case for all dvd rips?

link won't fucking load, got another?

The subs aren't bad at all. I don't know why was that written there.

Even if you don't care about the politics, the mood of that era is just great.

Years ago before I really knew much about Germany I said to a German Germany was pretty badass and he asked my what my favourite incarnation was. It is with much regret I did not give him the DDR meme.

Why would you draw that conclusion? How much does that actor even know about Marx and Engels? Maybe he's an Assassin's Creed style retard where Marx was a good boy whose ideas where horribly misappropriated by those evil violent anti-democratic communists.

thank me later

Solid materialism, friend.

wasn't the whole point that the DDR was just as much an ideal fantasy by a little kid as the capitalist new world is a fantasy that unravels? I really like the film, but reading it as "you never really know what you have until it's gone" feels fairly off to me when it starts showing that things in the DDR weren't going well in the first place.

things weren't going well because of the conflicting agendas of the west and USSR. This was the closest to a proper functioning socialist state. Who knows what it could have been if the USSR got their way with Germany


If the USSR got its way with Germany, it would have been a neutral, disarmed capitalist buffer state akin to Austria. There'd never have been a socialist Germany in the first place.

Sure, but that's you bringing your own biases and wishes from history into the film. I'm just doubting that that was the message of the film, when it seems to me it was "as the old socialist world crumbles we look back with nostalgia, but that idealised DDR never actually existed".

Pretty much. It basically seemed to present the DDR as it should have been in an ideal world where everything worked out as the Leninists wished, albeit with the acknowledgement that in reality it all ended in misery and the dreams of the socialists all turned to ash. I thought there was something strangely melancholic about it.

Goodbye Lenin should be mandatory to see when learning about the Cold war.

I thought it was unbiased and showed how life was before and after the fall of the Berlin wall.

Love the film.

bordiga was 30 then