Has anyone here read "Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat" by Sakai?

Has anyone here read "Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat" by Sakai?

It seems have to be the breeding ground for the Third Worldist, pro-black/brown movement that is so popular on sections of the (mostly tumblr/reddit) left. Seeing a lot of tankies shilling it lately.


>its another white goons claim the white working class doesnt exist thread

I read it, it had an effect on me cause it was really captivating writing, then I stood back and really thought about it and decided I didn't agree with the thesis.


I wonder what idpol shitters would say if they actually were educated enough to know that Sankara wanted to get Burkina Faso off western aid and be self sufficient and not just whine about the white devils.

I'm not claiming that
that's pretty much what the book claims though

I'm familiar with the content of the book; it is going straight into the trash.

Could you guys summarize the thesis in a sentence or two? I don't have time to read this shit right now but I've seen it touted a lot on commie twitter

is the writer white? can't find any info on him

Japanese afaik. In the interviews I've heard from him he winges a lot about how his family was in the internment camps.


haven't read it but played it

Why do Asian American leftists tend to be so fucking cancerous? First there's Yuri Kochiyama who praised bin Laden cus "muh anti imperialism", then there's this J. Sakai retard, and finally the guy who invented the theory of "microaggression" Derald Wing Sue.

speaking of the ivy league academic set, they're richer-than-average trust fund babies who need to invent some oppression to feel maligned by, just like rich white women

successful immigrant groups (indians, asians) co-opt the lawgic of civil rights to benefit themselves at expense of unsuccessful ones

Worth reading even though the author is wrong. I think that it is true that class in America has always been about race, and the book does a good job of demonstrating that.


The unironic support of trump from Tankies and Nazbols is a fantastic sign that synthesis is near complete.

I left my shitposting flag on also it was clearly ironic

fug forgot again

basically says White Americans aren't true proletarians, as they've always parasitically benefited from the labour of "internally oppressed nations"

I can accept African-Americans and natives were oppressed (and still are in some ways today) but I think he goes too far

Not American myself but it seems outrageous to suggest that

fucking this

he cries out as he strikes you

Settlers is the atlas shrugged of leftism

And Europeans are also not proletarians by extension or because of external oppression or what?

You are assuming turd worldists are capable of reason.

he's not very clear, he's generally scathing towards them for their role in imperialism/colonialism but he prefers to attack "euro amerikan settlers" in the usa


Sakai was absolutely right about the Settlers/colonial era. Namely, that it is a myth that the settlers were poor and destitute, and that the Indian genocide was not planned.

But he is wrong about the US after the reconstruction era, especially considering the effects of the industrial revolution. Saying that the white working class is "labour aristocracy" oppressing poc "plantation proletariat" is absurd to the extreme, considering the high unemployment rate among blacks, and how prosperous asian-americans are.

they certainly wanted the land

whether that constitutes genocide is a different question

Check your muh privilege, colonialist Euro scum.

Marx would bash this stupid fucks head in holy

Why does he use so many 'k's? "Amerika," "Klass," "Kulture," I don't get it.

Sorry, left troll flag on.


So Asian Americans are Jews?

Maoists tend to do that

I guess due to the KKK?

they display similar patterns of intermarriage and profession, I guess

Yes, they are the new Jews

Chinese are Jews with Chinese characteristics.

Thesis is completely unsustainable. There are blacks and whites working identical jobs in identical conditions with identical pay. How they can be different classes based on their genetics is utterly beyond me.

White proles in the US aren't really working class. They are a labour aristocracy who have historically and currently maintained their position based off slavery, idegenous genocide etc. The fundamental "class" conflict in the US is between whites on one side and indegenous, chicano, and black working class on the other.

Bascially its racist idpol which misuses marxist terminology in order to dress itself up as communism.

literally ethno-nationalism with minority characteristics