how the hell do we retake YouTube?
All the biggest political commentator s are right wing idiots, Sargon sold out to trumpfags to views so even the ones supposedly rational are turning to the right.

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Liberal detected.

Define what you believe makes a liberal and I will tell you if I match that.
If you fail to do this I will know your a whitelisted uninterested in discussion and probably a Holla Forums cross boarder

Not that guy but youtube is full of reactionaries.
Ranters and let's players are usually the same shit from different toilets.
Just ignore it, these people have become the very thing they hate.

Producing more content similar to Kapitalism 101 – informative, comprehensive as well as true to the principle of a non-babying and "fun" approach to transmitting valuable theory – and supporting ideologies that are actually communistic instead of lifestylist; promoting movements that actually promise non-utopian solutions to properly interpreted problems, while consequently and necessarily discarding identity politics, reformism and possibilism for the completely dead-end approaches they are for the left.

So far, only a few left wing channels manage to do this, like Wolff/D@W, but they sadly do not tick the box of non-utopian politics and can be babying. What we need is another Kapitalism 101/McCooney type figure who can inform, but this time also provide analysis and explanatory content for viewers.

Armoured skeptic seems reasoned still and doesn't act like this…Yet.

It has to be topical otherwise it will get drowned in a sea of Sargon 2.0 ebeggeing faggots

Simple answer

We double down and take Sargon hostage

What you need to do is fund a talk by some far-left, pseudo-Marxist economics professor who earns $120,000 a year at his teaching gig. Give him a big donation so that he can mention you in a poorly-edited video talk that nobody under 40 will watch. That way you will pick up maybe 1 new visitor that actually posts.Then just repeat doing this millions of times.

In no time at all, you'll be bigger than Pewdiepie!

I'm more for putting a gun to thunderf00ts head. then sargon. then armoredskeptic.

Until every single one of these liberals begins to panic for their lives.


I'm aiming to become a professor myself…

Taking sargon hostage sounds like the premise to the funniest buddy cop movie

Thunderf00ts videos on feminism and Anita sarkeesian are top tier popcorn viewing. Shame he hasn't made one in a while

the Anita videos are embarrassing and have worse arguments than femfreq itself.

I know that's the fun of it.
He also calls her a cunt and a bitch when he is literally a professor and at least a decade her senior. It's top tier popcorn stuff

I personally think Thunderf00t is horrible with his videos. He is extremely repetitious, and his videos are usually 2-3x longer than they should be based on the content. What's even worse is that he talks down the listener, which might be appropriate if he were doing instructional videos about chemistry and the assumption is that he is the one doing the teaching, but is completely out of place in a "these are my opinions on culture and politics" video.

The best thing that could be done with this thread would be to discuss the ins and outs of becoming a Youtuber, which might inspire some of the people here. Which current Youtubers are worth studying; creating content; building a userbase; stuff like that.

Good luck! :-)

is thunderf00t the guy who has the need to bring up how much he hates religion every two minutes? or was that someone else?

if you have any advice on getting anyone to watch my video that would be dank

Probably, as he is a skeptic/atheist. Here he is in a pompously titled video:

I guess he is an accomplished scientist, which probably fuels his arrogance in thinking his insights are valuable across the intellectual spectrum.

Not my forte, hopefully others will chime in.

I agree but his feminism and Anita videos work with this and his childish name-calling. They are entertaining because it's like an edgy kid in the body of a middle aged STEM autist


He hasn't harped on religion for a while

That pomposity I find amusing

Make well edited videos that's so rare nowadays.
Otherwise either sell your soul and landed to idiots like Sargon or just git gud and pray

Subbed. Good luck fam

Thanks my man

Next up is probably Neocolonialism

How can we "retake" something we never had?

Well, maybe if Sargon would actually show up to a debate and get rekt it would be easier. Unfortunately he probably won't. Just got to get people like LSR, Muke and BadMouse some more exposure.

I dunno, the whole pwnage/response video thing seems popular. Surely the same formula could be applied to molymeme and the like.

also extra points if you're attractive
people like listening to hot people

Youtube must be destroyed. The "content creators" are just puppets and fighting them is unnecessary distraction. The real enemy is google.

What's the fascination among these fucking centrists to hide behind a "cool" moniker like a 15-year old (Armored Sceptic, Carlgon, Blue Furry)?

Is it the same shit that makes fascists put crusaders on their profile pictures?

Not everyone has enough money for a decent camera, and phone camera videos are extremely obnoxious.

Isn't trip- and namefagging one of the techniques employed by various shill organizations so their employees recognize each other?
OP is clearly cancer who needs to lurk moar or a shill. his text doesn't look like he is from reddit so he needed to add a name to make sure mods know he is a shill so they don't delete his thread.

Everyone knows they are written by retards, shills and shillbots.


Armouredskeptic is a literal sellout though.

Leftist ASMR videos by cute girls. Only a tiny amount actually exists and the ASMR community is fairly big of a niche

I will take this opportunity to shill my channel:

In summary, it's me doing things drunk or stoned mixed with some ideology ☭

That's pretty brilliant actually

What would be the socialist alternative to google/youtube?

wrong way to go about this.

lol what?

Shaun and Jen make excellent debunking videos of Sargon & co.

Another problem is the biggest ones we got (badmouse, hbbomber) constantly get there videos brigaded by sargon fans with terrible like/dislike ratios

Are they just too snarky or will the sargon fans dislike anything?

Hbomber makes a point of openly laughing at them, and that really bothers their bottoms

This sort of stuff for example

Older problem, nowadays they have a semi-committed base themselves and this hasn't been a real problem for a while. You can see the more recent vote counts to see.

why do you call some gaming autists "political commentators" ?
why do people listen to them when it comes to politics?

BM's newest video on Carl got brigaded, and Sargon hasn't even responded to him yet.
All it takes is his name in the title to trigger them.

Who the fuck watches these people?


Damn, idk what it is about hbomb specifically that makes his videos less brigaded.

I'll Shill Ben Dixon's channel. He made sargon look like an ass on Black lives matter

I have yet to see one of these youtubers who isn't an intellectually dishonest sniveling cunt. There's only two kinds of people who think twats like sargon are rational: sargon and the subnormal boobs who are impressed by his poor-ass stand up comedy.
The fact that people still talk about this guy is ridiculous.

Another idea. Cute girls talk ideology while seducing the audience

The reason for this is because teenagers like to be fucking edgelord know it alls and the "SO LOGICAL" framing of these right wing shitheads along with teenagers being muh privileged self important fucks makes it catnip for teenage boys, especially ones that basically are autistic losers who were unpopular but don't realize it was because they were shitty people, but deluded themselves into thinking they were SUPERIOR to their peers and their peers were intimidated by their obvious superiority.

I can say this because I went through this phase myself as a Lolbert ron paul dicksucking teen in the mid 00s and literally every Libertarian I met then and I've met since was a fucking autistic edgelord retard who thought they were fucking genius ubermensch when they were all retarded edgelord autists who didn't understand shit.

I like this guy. He is more about discussing theory(of all parts of philosophy even outside political, but mostly political) and how it might pertain to current events rather than day to day news though.

What's an arrangement that wouldn't allow hosting services to profit off the labor of uploaders? Is decentralized internet the only option?

whites BTFO
south africa will clearly surpass its former peak any second now………….

Based revvy