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How are you guys dressing up? Is there anything which resembles leftism in your style?

I usually wear leather jacket and black shirts with red Converse, pretty normie I guess. In summer I like to wear my NKVD uniform shirt with shoulder boards, seldom buttoned but with a matching shirt or a singlet below.

A pair of work boots, a good jacket, and whatever I can salvage from the thrift store.

Fashion is the last thing on my mind, and well out of my economic reach anyways.

Socdem has the only correct answer. I'm impressed. Anything else is LARPing.

sadly this



fashion is bourgeois garbage

Obviously not talking about brands, just aesthetics

Everything is bourgeoisie in capitalism. People trying to have an aesthetic output through what they're wearing existed since the dawn of history.

If I'd make this thread about architecture or music nobody would claim the latter would be bourgeois

portraying your political beliefs thru your clothes is passive-aggressive

Says some leftcom. I exchange my labor for subsistence. That said, if we're LARPing black block and soviet aesthetics are great.

Reading>Whatever you do with your life

Peak leftcom.

I think I might actually prefer a liberal over you.

Please do, I would love to discuss brutalist soviet archecture and soviet urbanism.

Literally lifestylism.



How's the weather in Rojava?

I dress like a dad in the '80s, I've been told.

No. While I think my fashion sense or general aesthetics are undeniably cheap and boring, the idea that one's ideology should or can be displayed through clothing is stupid and lifestylist, and even if there were any ability to do so, it serves no actual revolutionary functions whatsoever.

What I wear is:

Black vest/hoodie, jeans, nondescript brown leather sneaker-ish shoes.

Im about as inconspicuous as you can get tbh. Larping is pretty blegh.

How's the weather up your own asshole?

Scratch an anti-LeftCom, a liberal bleeds.


Scratch a leftist and a liberal bleeds.





Hope you didn't unironically fail to realize the image is self-parody and are thus not implying I fell for those memes.

I'm very poor but I dress p bourgie, quite "fashie" even. My wardrobe is almost completely from thrift stores though.

I love thrift stores. While I own a lot of stuff from Hugo Boss, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, etc, my actual most expensive clothes are from H&M.

With the recent trend of shitposters using the leftcom flag I can't even tell who's serious anymore…

In fact if this thread is anything to go by none of you can either.

All unironic leftcoms dropped the flag by now.

I wear all black because I'm slightly overweight and it's a comfort blanket.

shirts, mostly white, jeans, camo shorts, flight/military jackets and grey jumpers, air max 90s. left all that LARPy shit behind when I was a teenager, I just dress kinda urban and keep a nice fade.

I used to wear the typical metalhead/goth attire with long hairs and shit but now I just wear normie stuff because I'm lazy and less of an attention whore. Still got my good ol' black t shirts tho.

As for the larping part, I do own some cameo clothing and a black star pin but nothing soviet. I was thinking about getting new shoes so I'll probably buy rangers from the local army surplus.

wearing american garbage pfff




Since we're on topic, does anyone else hate graphic t-shirts, especially of the "funny" kind?

It really is the capitalist item of clothing par excellence. Just make the simplest form out of the cheapest possible material, slap some dumb shit on it and sell it for 2000% the production cost. In some cases, even effectively turning the buyer into a walking billboard for your brand.




Work boots, jeans, milsurp camo jacket, plaid lumber jacket in the winter, camo John Deere hat.

i fucking hate graphic t shirts

but what if i wear anti capitalist graphic tees though

oh look, a cossack that got murdered by us!

I generally try to look decent when in public, but most of my wardrobe is based on comfort, utility, and/or affordability.

I like denim and military jackets a lot, and I've been collecting patches (most of them political) for the ones I own, but am too indecisive to have put stitch/iron them, and even then, too scared to go in public and look like an edgelord.

Mostly greyscale, simple tees, sweaters, jeans.

I do own an old NKDV officer's jacket though. It's effay as fuck.

usally just a hoodie and jeans, but it all really depends on what im doing and what time of the year it is

i guess i wear pretty normie clotes, hardly anything politcal. i got a soviet hat and sometimes where it at parties


pretty normie-core, but I actually wear a Keffiyeh with the fishnet pattern because is comfty as fuck, protects my hairless head from cold and from sun.