Name one thing you agree with the Alt-Right on

Name one thing you agree with the Alt-Right on

OP is a fag.

Being a dick on the internet.

Is the alt. right actually anti-TPP or did they care about it before it got into Trump's agenda?

I agree that the TPP and NAFTA are shit.

They lose often but won't admit it.

whites are superior to all other races, but sometimes jews are superior, but it doesn't matter because the strong will always win and all other weak races will be destroyed.

I think the Alt-Right (at least from my interactions with TRS) held those positions before Trump ran for president.

Liberalism is an obsolete ideology void of any moral content

Then that.

Jews promote dumb bullshit like muh privilege, pronouns, #blacklivesmatter and other cancerous forms of idpol to destroy the country from within.

SJW's being pathological and their aesthetics.

The influence of a certain ethno-religious group. It's concerning and the left should be wary of it. They'd love nothing more to stack revolutionary positions with their own and rule over the goyim.

They just appropriate other subcultures.

TPP and NAFTA being shit, some of them are against US intervention in the MENA so I agree with that. Paganism is cool and some of them are into that. I like anime too. That's all I can think of though.

Liberals deserve to be gunned down in the streets.

I guess liberals being shitty too but its for different reasons, I guess the same thing could be said for TPP and NAFTA as well though.

My enemies should be purged.

i'll name because you gave me space to be a fag:

Barring swarms of unskilled lumpenproles from sweeping over high autism level/creativity level cultures (even if they are heterogeneous and increasingly self destructive cultures)

Admitting the role of strength and direct action in politics, something our limp wristed previous POTUS has been steadily pushing in to the background. If we are going to organize ourselves we should deal from strength

Their appreciation of aesthetics and philosophy is refreshing from the historical realist hyper secularized post-modern nonsense of the last 25 years that has been championed chiefly by corporate culture and the secular state (education, courthouses, legislators, the office of the president saying happy holidays).

Other than that they all need a trip to the bottom of the ocean

And Holla Forums appropriates Holla Forums, so what, it's how art works, copy everyone except yourself.

Shut the fuck up


obsolete? yes.
Void? no, Liberalism is probably the political force which has done the most to improve human condition to this day.
It's not Liberalism that's void, it's the pseudo-Fascist Cold War environment that made man void.

feminism being retarded. returning back to the traditional family

Leave then lol


the sky is blue


That nigros are retarded and we need separation from them. If you disagree you're most likely a bourgeoisie that hasn't had any real contact with the darker elements


White women are the most attractive



Waste of dubs



Race realism. inb4 ban.


Globalism fucking sucks

CNN, NBC etc. are enemies of the American people

The Putin Trump conspiracy is bullshit

We shouldn't start WWIII

Scientific Racial Idealism

israel is shit. that's pretty much the only thing a leftist can agree about with nazis

where's the proof that they're natsis

my incredibly specific memory of "alt right" is that it was a bunch of vaguely conserative internet personalities including a rampant homosexual that prefers black guys

and sargon of acuck who with a bunch of other guys who used low lying fruit for youtube views like making fun of that hysterical fat bitch that was screaming about trump

if you're dealing with actual nazis as in something paralleling the original political movement in germany i'd be absolutely astounded is all.

I would rather live among white W. and N. Europeans only.

Liberals are sanctimonious hypocrites.

Mass media is a fundamentally anti-popular insitution.

the West is in decline

libs are batshit

so is the altright

Jews play a very large and disproportionate role in Western, especially American, capitalism.

Holla Forums is retarded.
The world isn't ready for communism yet.
There are (small) differences in the genetic factors influencing Autism Level between races (but this doesn't actually matter and shouldn't affect how we treat people).
Feminism is sexist and frequently racist.
The revolution isn't going to succeed any time soon.

Ban this anti-Semitic filth

where's the evidence it ever would be?

is communism basically a religion?


There is none. I don't believe communism is the only or even the best economic system. It's just one that, in my opinion, will be useful within the next ~100 years. It's an educated guess. I'm human, so I'm not actually smart enough to think up a perfect system which could be implemented right now.



A british man invented central banking, an italian family invented banking cartels, it was british imperialism that defeated Germany twice not America, a gentile German Man co-founded communist theory, the abolitionist movement was a white christian venture, capitalism is an ANGLO-GERMANIC invention that Jews helped build. The Netherlands, Germany and the UK are the source of investment banking. Usurious loans were common in Rome and other pre-christian empires. Every single supposed crime of jewish bankers involves as many if not more gentiles than it does jews. Bretton-Woods was a WASP idea, the Fed was a WASP-Jewish idea. The largest banks on Earth: Barclays, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of New York Mellon aren't owned by Jews.

There that's how you respond. Banning them does nothing, they run back to pol and bitch about censorship and how we're good goys who are shilling for schlomo. Respond with information and rhetoric not autistic screeching. Eventually you become so good at debunking their autism that they can't survive 2 exchanges with you without resorting to dirty tactics

A British person invented Central Banking, Italians created the first banking cartel

good post


Political imageboards are fun

the nationalism part except i'm not a fan of american "white" nationalism


i don't want white nationalism but i don't want black nationalism, etc either. they can all fuck off with that separatist shit.

The thing is ethnic nationalism could never work in America. There's not enough of a culture to build a nationalistic framework around. that's why we see Spencer and other's in the alt-right always referencing the acomplishent's of the Roman's and the Greek's rather than American accomplishment's. They have to resort to creating a bizare chimera of a culture from the ancient's in order to justify their ideology.

Homosexuality is the last stand of implicit white identity. Because it is.

Muslims,trans people and immigration.

there are alot of regional cultures in america tho.
regionalist nationalism would make more sense, like new englander, appalachian, cascadian, neo-confederate/southern seperatism etc

I agree balkanisation of the United states would be ideal. However as long as all of these regions are part of a single overarching state they will not be able to develop into cultures that a nation could be built around.

Immigration is bad. Of course although I still know that the immigrant is a fellow worker most of the time and the real enemy is porky who is fucking both sides and probably the immigrant worse.

liberals suck ass

This tbh. If we give them a platform, it should include a swift BTFO of their expressed views

I agree that it should be every country for itself. Fuck coperation between countries, and fuck globalism.
This is why i was very happy when Trump became the US president, because i really hope that he will close USA from the rest of the world. Close fo the military bases abroad, stop meddling on the affairs of other countries and stop exporting the crap USA produces.

I agree that Islam is shit, I disagree it's shittier than cristianity.

they love Israel though

they play a large role in all political movements, due to their nepotism


nothing irks me more than seeing leftists apologise for black nationalism

Israel is bad
Free trade is bad
The status quo is bad
Liberals are absolutely horrible

Memes are a good way to propagandize young, impressionable idiots.

After the Democrats picked Hillary, Trump was the best available candidate for president.

There being a racial hierarchy