Is Comrade Chubs /our guy/?

Is Comrade Chubs /our guy/?

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He's good.

What the hell is this shit?


CIA, Zionist, imperialist, etc.
I'm Phil Grieves.

still smarter than Holla Forums

lets see where hes at in 12 years tho

smarter than me at that age I guess

today he posted a video called Michel 2020. definitely not /ourguy/

He is woke af

our guy

He is not quite /ourguy/ yet, but he is on the right track. We must support him and help him grow up strong

requesting webm of 2:15 to 2:44 of him saying "anybody who thinks comunism is the same as welfare IS A MORON"

He sits on his ass all day jerking off and watching Steven universe, if thats our standard for greatness the left is fucked.


What was the deleted post and why is it delet? Mod delet or shameful self-delet, you think?

Anyone that thinks children have their shit in any way together enough to form a rational opinion on the world is an idiot, even if you agree with them. I'd like to know in 10-15 years if his opinions have remain the same, I highly doubt it, unless he is lucky enough to not run into shitty ideologies.


He's morbidly obese as a ~10 year old, which barring some obscure medical condition, tells us right off the bat he has really shitty parents who have no fucking idea what they're doing. He also has his own youtube and twitter account at ~10 years old, which again, tells us his parents have no fucking idea what they're doing. We also know that kids that age regurgitate what their parents say without fully understanding the concepts they're spouting off, so this kid with the abusive commie parents should be pitied, not praised.

I guarantee he's going to look back on these videos ~8 years down the line and be extremely embarrassed. He'll come to the realization that he was indoctrinated into those beliefs by his parents, instead of studying theory and arriving at that conclusion on his own, which may end up with him abandoning the cause altogether. We see this shit all the time with kids when religion and political beliefs are pushed on them at a very young age.

literally leftypol incarnate

this is so fucking hilarious

so many assumptions kek

Yes. He's a Hero of the Proletariat that should be treasured and, more importantly, protected.

Imagine being so ultra you have to try to undermine anything popular with specious posturing.

How many layers of ideology are you on, comrade?

thought this was just your regular burgerland family? I'm genuinely wondering user. I think you assume too much as well, but I agree that this is bizarre (and hilarious).

I wanted to upvote him til he started ragging on welfare, hopefully he grows up a little and finds other leftists to discuss things with before he goes full tankie.

Unfortunately it's a problem in the West in general. The US Overwieght/Obesity percent is around 70%, by the way, so we definitely have our share of fatties.

There are two possibilities for why a child is obese: genetic issue (extremely rare, like kids with Prader-Willi), or the parents are fucking idiots and feeding them too much, which is child abuse.

full blown nazi by 18

We can do better.

*wink* *wink*

he will change soon

you should make him sweat more and more so we can also use this as a global warming meme.

forgot to change my national cuck flag