Richard Spencer ruined my haircut

That's it. What is a good hairstyle? Buzzcut and undercuts are ruined by the autistic right.

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I don't cut my hair.

I find it to be a very aesthetic cut tbh, Nazi's had some good fashion sense.

That's a complete normie haircut though, I see hipsters with it all the time


Who cuts your hair for you then?

That's why I had it, but I don't want to signal that I am a member of the autistic right.

Shave it bare my dude.
Hair it's for women and fags.


t. american

just go for a nice smart side parted style

If he was called out for being alt-right for that cut, I think the last thing he wants to do is shave it all off.

Mainstream military fetishism ruined undercuts for years now. Just buzz it and wear an appropriately non-threatening hat such as any Pic related.

A good hairstyle is long hair and a beard to tbh

Well I can't grow a beard so that's out. Lots of shitposting here but no suggestions.

Sick of seeing every prick with a beard these days tbh

I had long hair for a bit, it was OK but never quite that long. Stayed clean shaven too.


Does communism cause epic beards, or do epic beards cause communism?

hot damn

Go to malefashionadvice or something dude. Like, half the people here are neets or mgtow. You probably don't want their fashion advice.

What were you doing with a normie chad douchebag fuccboi haircut in the first place m8?

A lot of people in the 40s and 50s must have felt the same about Hitler making a certain style of facial hair so unfashionable.

how the fuck is richard spencer the inventor of the nazi haircut?


Had a shaved head, nobody ever said anything.

Though that was before the current deranged paranoia about 400 neo nazis calling themselves 'alt-right'.

Medium or high fade. Looks professional, and you will be mistaken for a soldier at most, never a Nazi.

get a better haircut faggot

nice meme


holy shit it's a joke, fucking tumblr

wow epic

That is way too difficult to maintain. I spent a fortune on shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products when I had my hair long. Goddamn, did it look good in a mosh pit, but in all other instances it was a pain in the ass.

Your haircut was already shit.

nice meme


jesus fucking christ i'm tired of seeing this fashy potato's mug, also dick denser doesn't own that haircut and he didn't even revive it, he's a dick rider and latches onto every aut-right trend

the hitler youth cut got resurrected by /fa/ in like 2009/2010 then spread to the hypebeasts and footballers before going airborne. like 2/3 of bay area and socal teens had it in 2015, now they're moving onto other early 90s cuts

we can't all pull off dreadlocks like the master race can :)

of course jesus was real. thefuck is wrong with you?

obviously all the faithfag shit is made up.


i' m scared of getting a haircut because i don't know what it will say about my politics

it will show that you are a Homo-erotic Fascist Bodybuilder who has a 2009 haircut

i don't have that haircut, man

i don't know what kind of haircut to get

i don't know anything about fashion or style

fyi most hair barbers know what the hitler youth cut is; they get asked for it often

its a common haircut

you have to admit that nazis ruining certain fashion styles is funny as fug

go to a barber and ask him to "fuck your shit up"

its a codeword for "very good haircut"

It don't matter, my brother. You would have had to cut it short in ten years anyway, because long graying hair looks trashy. Dye jobs have to be done every month, and roots look awful.

It's going to depend on your face shape and facial hair. I'd just go to a fashion site.

Have fun.

is this capitalism applied to hair?


I'm of the opposite opinion, grow it long not enough dude with longhair; which surprises me since dudes with long hair is hot as hell.

Finally someones asking the real questions around here

I like Chomsky's hair, it just sort of grows out and up like he's some kind of bird or strange mammal. Its a good look, Jews, Anglo men and some other European types can easily get away with it. The comb over, buzzcut thing is pure faggotry and should be resisted.

I like his hair when he was young


I like his wizened silver hair from like 8 years ago. His hair looks like some avian lifeform that could propel the rest of his body into the air at any time if he was startled. It makes him look like an esoteric leftist wizard master. Young chomsky is a stud though


Why did the Romans not mention his existence then? Why should we believe he was anything other than a Judaean trick?

The Romans did mention him, which you'd know if you tried learning about this stuff from actual historians and religious studies scholars rather than /r/atheism posts and hacks like Carrier. See this excerpt from the writings of the famous Roman historian Tacitus, who hated Christianity's guts:

i know right? i have "skinhead" cut and fuckin liberal think im a trump supporter or some shit

can i borrow your haircut?

disgusting, you are like a weakling normie woman.
who the fuck has time to spare for such trivial things as their hair in such times.

Just because he's "mentioned" doesn't mean he actually existed. Nero was Emperor decades after Christ was allegedly crucified in one of the most densely populated and literate regions of the Empire. Yet somehow despite his alleged popularity etc etc he manages to completely elude contemporary comment.

that hairstyle was /fa/ like 5 years ago
pic related is the new old hot shit

Those cuts were a liberal hipster thing for a while
Aut-right confirmed fags

It seems every boy aged 10 - 14 has this cut where I live.

That picture is really funny.

You mad?

I shave my hair almost on daily basis. It feels great being bold.

That haircut is literally called the hitler youth and was picked up by neo nazis, then for some reason in the obama years, millennials and hipsters and macklemore decided to start getting it too.

I don't know if I want to look like Jesus.

Why are far-right shitheads getting uglier by the generation? Spencer could get the haircut, but facially he is nowhere near good-looking like this guy.

Probably because it looks sharp, what a mystery.

When dealing with ancient history we have contemporary writings on a small number of people, mainly very prominent political leaders. For most ancient historical figures, we have no surviving references until decades or even centuries after the fact. That is the norm. Contemporary references are the exception. We are lucky to have so much as a coin with a name on it for many ancient kings and queens. We don’t have any contemporary writings about Jesus of Nazareth that were made within his lifetime, in the range of 5 BCE to 35 CE. We also don’t have any contemporary sources for even wealthy aristocratic Jews living in Roman Palestine during that time period. Again, that is the norm.

The one historian who showed interest in documenting these Jewish apocalyptic/zealot movements and had his works survive, Josephus, mentions Jesus of Nazareth not once but twice along with similar figures like Judas the Galilean, The Egyptian, Theudas, etc. The initial reference shows signs of interpolation but is thought to have replaced a less flattering original passage due to obscure reasons I can go into if you want, and the second is near universally accepted among scholars. We’ve got more evidence for Jesus than we do any other apocalyptic preacher/zealot from his lifetime, and that’s not even touching on Paul’s nonpseudpigraphical letters, or how you’d explain the existence of early Christians, or the tactics taken by early critics of Christianity…

What are your thoughts on the historicity of Hannibal, Boudica, and Socrates?



Because Nazis unironically had great style

Shaved head and decent beard make me look like an hispanic browner version of this guy. Either way, even if I looked hideous, shaving your head is great and pretty comfty, I don't know why would anyone want too have hair, even worse, a faggy haircut like Spencer.

i look like a fucking goblin

Semi long, soft and wavy. Or buzz cut.

Yep, and I said I don't fucking care. It's still more comfortable than having hair.

How do I get young Kim Il Sung's haircut without showing the barber a pic of him?


Just do it. It's not like he'll know or care who he is