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blatant disinfo.

Would be fair to say that there is more of an unfair media war against Corbyn than there is against Trump (proportionately)?

absolutely. there is no mainstream outlet that defends Corbyn or even just treats him borderline fairly


Will Comrade Corbychev violently purge the Blairites and the porky media?

Because holy shit.

If anybody has earned the right to do some purging, it's Corbyn.


We can only hopeā€¦

But I don't think he will get elected so it's really a moot point. The British public is too cucked by the media.

Elections are a bragging rights award to leftist.

I might meme sometimes but Corbyn isn't literally going to lead an army through the streets to seize power, if he doesn't get voted in then old Labour is truly dead.

The UK tabloids printing disinformation about Jeremy Corbyn? Get outta here with this tin foil

Isn't there supposed to be an advisor to Corbyn who is more extreme that could take his place?

Yeah. Seumas Milne.

Maybe Corbyn can be the Lenin and that guy the Stalin, I'm a libertarian, but I'm never as much of a Stalinist as when I read the English tabloids


iktf bro

my sides

Milne is a toff

Trump was absolutely loved during the primaries, to the point they would center on an empty podium awaiting him for an hour when other people were giving speeches and shit at the same time. I remember Anderson cooper straining to get his panelists to agree with his opinion that "Trump is a new exciting kind of politician" at the start of the election cycle. People may have genuinely believed that later on, but at the time Trump was caught paying audiences to clap for him and fill seats. It was an almost non-stop positive Trumpathon with only minor bad stories about him here and there, like the John Mccain comments he made.

Even during the general when they started to turn on him, the negative press he received was at expense of Hillary basically receiving no press coverage at all. This happening in both the primary and the general is partly her fault but the media could have decided to actually report on something other than his most recent dumb tweet if they had decided but they choose not to.

Corbyn receives undivided hate and constant implications of bad deeds even when he isn't even minorly involved in the story. His treatment is more Like Bernie's here except the news actually takes Corbyn seriously there, where as Bernie was marginalized through being ignored almost as much as he was by being talked about.

Only chance Corbyn has is for his criticisms to get overplayed for the next 4 years and for May to be thoroughly demonized. People need to work on some Garrison-tier propaganda for the normies