Does this mean that we're finally starting to become a threat to idpolers?

Does this mean that we're finally starting to become a threat to idpolers?


How many layers of liberalism are they on?

Threads like that are why I'm considering checking out and giving up on the left. Fucking hopeless and painful. What does it offer me? Nothing. All I'll get is a lecture from insufferable little shits.

The worst part is these guys actually think they are socialists

Someone should snitch on Schnitz being leftypol and see if we can get a Catgirls 2: Autistic Boogaloo

You can start a non-idpol group without these bourgie fucks. All the groups I am in are non-idpol. I would recommend you some, but I am foreign af


As a proud trans-wealthy this speaks to me

Why can't leftypol get along with pol ?
Isn't a just society the goal for both pols?
Just because some parameters of that just society may differ, there is no need for all that hate and intolerance.

Nah, this doesn't tell you anything about "the left" and tells you all you need to know about trots.


Use the np link if you don't want to be shadowbanned from reddit.

Then you were probably never really a leftist in the first place. Sayonara!

Can somebody redpill me on what the difference is?


Maybe I wasn't. If behaving like that means being a leftist, then it's not for me.

Shit, didn't know that comrade. Thanks for the heads up.

They're funny to cause sperg outs and make them a laughing stock

Please do not mind the butthurt and vapid reddit crossposters

I lost at that line.


This is why we need to push our efforts to rebrand them radical liberals before their alt-left/altcom shit sticks.

It isn't being a leftist. That's the point. They aren't leftists. So why do you care?

Now those are communists I like, check your muh privilege you proleto-normative scum.

This is the greatest breakthrough in Marxist theory since Cenkian Dialectics

the fuck are they even talking about.

Because it gets under my skin. Maybe I'm just too sensitive or whatever but I don't really care. I'd rather shoot my own foot than work towards socialism if it means accommodating these fucks.

Here's something…

Idpol is bad, but tolerance of others is not.

In an ideal world we should be able to tolerate the other in the difference without having to understand them. You don't need what is effectively a PR campaign of every minority group of "oh look, they look just like us, ohh yeah see. So now you will not hate them… right?".

I don't care what you identity is, or where you are from, as long as you follow the law I have no problem with you, if you don't, you get punished for it, individually, not collectively.

This what should be the message of the left, a broad message that will solve this whole BS forever.

Why you even have to use the n-word in your video? WTF was that about? you are just a reactionary and waste of energy… creating more social problems that need to be solved.


Hot tip: stop going on social media. Especially reddit.

Every ideology is going to be full of pieces of shit no matter what. The problem with these cunts is that they believe they're class conscious when they aren't.

class woke*

Somebody with some comment history on the radlib reddits should make a thread asking what materialist intersectionality is, and namecheck /u/aruraljuror in the OP.

Oh dear it's a redditor. Sage negated.

When were you not an idpoler

And they also think we are crypto-nazis or something

They don't want socialism at all. They want Norwegian SocDemism but only after everyone agrees to stop using hurtful language and fight the world-wide mad deadly communist gangster patriarchy.

It's kind of funny, because we think the same thing about them.

Is that bacon I smell?


That video was a bit pathetic though OP. You did something you knew would probably get you banned and didn't even pick something that would be funny getting banned for. You then made an overly long salty video which had the pace of a business meeting slideshow.
You deprived us of easy keks. I suppose materialist intersectionality is pretty funny though.


Left my shitposting flag on

No, you're smelling an evolutionary.

I didn't make the video, I just saw the thread up on reddit and decided to post it here.

I really feel this tbh, liberals and conservatives are drowning everything with their idpol and seeing how effective it is at destroying real political discussion or progress just makes me want to give up.


Is this ableism?

No trick lasts forever. Take a break and come back to it later, it's not like much would have changed.

Imagine being so weak you got offended by words.

True revolutionary strength in those masses, amirite?


What else would you do, though?
Ignore politics and subsume yourself in consumerism? Go full alt-right?

The more hopeless I realize the world is, the more I want to check out of politics at my low points - but then the blackest truth dawns, darker than any anarchist's flag: I have nothing else. I can't step back to the naive positions I once held, and I'll always have that political knowledge that we're fucked at the back of my head.
So I'm stuck with it, and with the cynicism in turn.

mfw people believe that being 'gay' or 'latino' means anything at all

Fucking revisionist don't you know the dialectical science of materialist intersectionality?

Real "n-word" here, take your ass back to reddit.

it's more twitter than reddit, but I agree

I don't know why I do it to myself really. maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment and working myself up into a rage

You are part of the problem.


My fucking sides.

Is this the new idpol liberal meme ideology?

we can fight idpol only with the teachings of tovarishch Stirner

Just outright deny the reality of their identities. Deny the existence of race, gender, ethnicity or whatever. Make them feel racist, sexist and so on for still clinging on such spooky concepts!

Don't be hating on my brother from another mother (also race)

I wouldn't go alt-right (tried that before, meh) but politics does exhaust me tbh. It's just the same shit over and over. There's only so much I can take. Every year the world just gets shittier and people become more insufferable.

I feel you

I'm just a very cynical person and I have depression which doesn't help


might just take a break from politics for a while and just shitpost elsewhere

What is wrong with you?

Not everything supported by liberals is a bad thing.

My plan is:

Your plan is:

Your strat is self-defeating, I won't be surprised if you are porky himself behind a keyboard.

Hey, who's serving up Bacon and State?

I have nothing more to add except to say I agree with you my friend.

ban reddit thread creators

Haha, yeah.
You've caught me out. My shitting on people who obsessively use leftist forums as a microblogging platform and a place to peddle their theoretical critiques on Harry Potter and Star Wars is actually the latest development to come out of the COINTELPRO headquarters.

It would be fun to spread this around as a meme ideology with a bunch of bullshit made-up quotes from various philosophers.

I'm in a bit of the same position myself to be honest. Very cynical and with depression as well.
At this point I only want to live a quiet life. I've become somewhat a borderline stirnerite egoist.

I would if somebody would tell me what it is.


They pretend their spooky obsession with racial and gender identity is somehow rooted in the material conditions of their actually-existing life, which is a very bizarre attempt to reconcile their blatantly idealist concepts with Marx's materialism.

I want liberals to leave.

Can't stay I'm unsatisfied with the Stirnerpill to be honest.

Ah I see, you're just a falseflagger, go back to Holla Forums.

How does one do this? Is it a thing beside throwing some Marxist words on a liberal concept?

You don't understand?

What I said is don't be a part of the problem. Don't escalate.

I said exactly what Zizzek said about the matter: "tolerate in difference without the need to understand".

Not, I'm someone who cares and believe.

Not some edgy LARPer like you.

We already did it with Holla Forums and Adorno

that's the worst part, they're such chauvinists they never listen to minorities, and apparently have never heard them speak out against Idpol. If it was only true that they never talked to black people, but really they just disregard any minority opinion that isn't their's as incorrect. they have a whole thought process devoted to labeling people as special snowflake race traitors non-ambassadors, so they lose their shit when not even a month ago they banned a Chinese guy for being against id-pol.

It's not a thing, it's just something a person in that thread made up to justify their idiocy. As these people are effectively mostly just SocDems and Liberals but are invested into pretending to be a Communist, you get these obscene misrepresentations of Marx which are used to justify their various beliefs and actions even when they are totally opposed to everything Marx stood for.

Reddit started it. They're fucking useless anyway.

I saw a funny post the other day where someone blamed Holla Forums as the sole reason meaningful reform will never be achieved. They're really funny when you completely disregard them as real life people.


I fear being harassed by revolutionaries who woukd want to send me to the countryside

Pol Pot did nothing wrong.


I never know if I should laugh at their retardation or cry because they represent an actually existing demographic.

I am just pulling this out of my ass:

It is a dialectical science, because it is the study of how the hermeneutics of the lived experiences of subaltern persons negate the lived experiences of priviledged cis-het white males. It is materialist intersectionality, because identities are a material reality.

From a materialist perspective, it is evident that the material conditions of society lead to the discourses that justify said conditions as being right and proper, e.g. racism and sexism. But as modern dialecticians we must not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of allowing but only for a vulgar one-sided interaction. The material conditions that produce these identity discourses are themselves also further influenced and altered by the effect that these discourses have on the material existence of the actual people subjected to them. Therefore, we should go a step further and state that the material reality is in a constant state of producing the identity markers of oppression which then reproduce the material markers which cause the perpetuation of these problems. Hence, to overcome the struggle of the marginalized against their economic degradation, it is necessary to simultaneously struggle against the oppression levied against them on grounds of sex or race so as to undermine the basis for the material grounding of the problem. This is why the science of materialist intersectionality is a necessary replacement of historical materialism when dealing with the problems of the modern day in a genuinely dialectical and Marxist sense.

It's terrifying to know there are people out there RIGHT NOW who would have no qualms doing this

Most of them think they'd be the ones giving the orders and "walling" people

No better than the deluded Holla Forumsyp and neoreactionaries who think they'd have been Lords rather than serfs

Ah, shame-faced materialism. Also, this:

Does not follow this:

In fact, logically speaking, the exact opposite is true. Since the base is shaping the constantly reforming superstructure, then it follows that any action not directed against the base is just pissing into the wind.

It was intended as a joke. I don't even really understand what dialectics are.

cut this out.

The base and superstructure reinforce each other, to entirely attack the base without giving a regard to the super-structure is every-bit un-dialectical and crude as the latter attack would be. The problems regarding gender-roles and racism will not solve itself with a proletarian revolution if the institutions of power and class still remain, rather they should constantly be addressed and dealt with by being enmeshed in the class struggle in its own right; not be made into a separate issue.


ok retard.

you're just window shopping for a political belief lol

Not even joking. It even ties into my part-time fantasy of being an intrepid movie reporter.

The problem with the world today is that there is nothing to live for, but also nothing to die for.

It's because Liberalism is so utterly vapid whilst producing such a flawed society. People are struck by the idea that something is wrong, but can't necessarily identify what or why. Consequently they start drifting on the fringes of politics and trying to find something which explains their unease.

Sorry, I just drank a whole bottle of sherry, so my satire detector is on the fritz. In my defense, I claim Poe's Law. No doubt campus liberals actually believe that.

I wanna know more about the secret neo Khmer Rouge conspiracy to take over the world.


what's wrong with that exactly? why would I want to associate with awful people that I will have nothing in common with?

Your point being what, exactly? I'm never content sticking with one ideology. It's stupid and closed minded. Never understood how people can stick with the same beliefs for years on end. Mine change constantly based on the scenario.

There's nothing wrong with that, politics is about solutions, not rigid unworkable dogma.


Because your own personal views should be independent of the views of others.


What they aren't directly saying, but mean to say is
Have none of these idiots ever read theory?
What a pathetic display of unintelligence.


There's literally nothing wrong with being a brocialist.

It was pretty funny.

Of course not. It was written by a bunch of old white men and priviIeged European ladies. It's just too probIematic!