Looks like the mods have the same feelings of disdain for gamergaters, sarcucks, liberals, and other woman haters alike.

you need to realize that the MTGOW was probably made by a Holla Forumsyp to initiate idpol dialectically.

He didn't even say anything except stating it's a MGTOW thread, that triggered a response from the other users, especially those who feel strongly against it. If we let right wing, or what's considered right wing, idpol come here, we'll get left (liberal) idpol.


What? There were actual m*sogynists in that thread, OP included.
Welp, looks like bigotry isn't tolerated from you fedora tippers.

why do you get off on mocking people? some leftist you are


that's not the point, it doesn't matter how genuine it is or if it's a false flag by Holla Forums. Idpol breeds more idpol and should be ignored (when it comes in such low effort like that) instead of argued, like you undoubtedly did in the other thread.

that has fucking nothing to do with leftism

you know i've fucking had it with the left and politics and general. i thought this place was ok but I guess not

your revolution will never happen and i'm glad it won't.

look what you did OP, you scared the newfriend

I warned you about idpol

Go your own way off a bridge.

dumb anarkid

are we being raided by Holla Forums?
or is hoochie minh going on a shitposting bender from the public library after getting banned for that piss thread?
whats happening today?


MRAs are suburban children though.

i have literally nothing against MGTOW, as silly as it is they only have an impact on their own lives.
i do have a problem with right-wingers and particularly idpol.
they want to drag everyone in their shit, doesn't matter who or what your political are.
for idpol, you are either this or that.
its crazy

why did you bump?

funny how Holla Forums and Holla Forums mock the exact same people in society

does radical politics attract the spiteful?

This, fuck liberal and cuckservative idpol and idpol of all its stripes.

everything I don't like is hoochie minh

I'm not idpol everything I don't like is idpol and by the way everything I don't like is FBI

you're all red diaper leftists tbh

t. hoochie minh.

t. Hoochie


t. hoochie minh / liberal "anfem" poster

t. FBI

hoochie will u pee on my face pretty please

Deep cover CIA agents and probably Zionist imperialists too.

hi Phil

All of these are pure idpol.


Can someone explain to me how MGTOW is idpol if it rejects politics?

If you're this stupid


MGTOW is apolitical, it rejects politics, thus it cannot be idpol.


How many MGTOW do you see are marxist?

Reactionaries sure love this word, huh.

Jim Profit for a time, or at least he was supportive of it.

Not an argument

Of course it's not an argument, it's a conversation on an anonymous board, sperg.

Thread pruning implies that the thread was so unpopular that it died, which is not surprising considering GamerGate was always at its core a consumer "rights" movement closer to libertarianism than any left wing form of politics whatsoever, and it is today entirely dead and its few followers are relegated to routinely reminding us that Anita Sarkeesian makes a lot of money through donations.

Sage for idpol of any kind.

Bump because Holla Forums is a proud feminist board.

Woah woah stop right there
Consumer rights movements are a response to contradictions of capitalism that hurt the people captive within the mode of production. See Sinclair's The Jungle.
Right-wing "libertarianism" has some idealized notion of responsible, ethical business, but no means of actually attaining it. In that sense, though consumer rights are social democracy, they're still "left of center."

And you're forgetting this board was created through gamergate

Sage because this thread has zero fucking content, and if OP gave a shit he'd post in the mod feedback thread, not start a new one bitching about nothing

It's totally fine to live your life for things other than romantic pursuits, but it's not really on topic and there's nothing terribly substantial to say about it.


O_o scurred