Confused Lefty here

Confused Lefty here.

Convince me what is the best form of Marxism/Anarchism.


Post left anarchism/anarcho-nihilism

Consider you obviously aren't interested in reading or doing any research yourself: some variety of anarchism or potentially Market 'Socialism'.

I would like to do the research myself, but unfortunately I need to know where to start, so will you please point me in the right direction?

I'd say read up on the basics of each tendency, see which one you like the sound of/agree with the most. Look up the more complex texts on that tendency. If it sounds like bullshit to you do it again until you find the right form of special snowflake leftism to suit you.

What makes you think I'm a idpol special snowflake liberal?


There is only one right answer

w8 a second

Get out of here with that shit.

No, I like equality.


fuck off Holla Forums

Left communism because you get to do sweet fuck-all, shit on everyone who does anything ever, read a lot of texts by this Italian Danny DeVito lookalike and eventually capitalism will fall on its own.

can we make retard threads illegal so Holla Forums needs to put some effort into their shitposting?


Hello to you too.

Non revisionist marxism-leninism, taking trotsky's criticism in mind

everything else is worthless

It ain't a shitpost son, it's a question.

nazbol isn't marxism, let alone anarchism

The exact form the revolution takes should depend on the circumstances of the time and place.

They all have the same end goal of communism anyways.

Why do NazBols exist? I'm still not sure if this isn't just an elaborate joke or something. It's absolutely absurd.

Both are shit. Embrace communalism

it was just a joke m8. On this board the number of people who subscribe to really specific left tendencies are called special snowflakes. doesn't make them idpol or liberal.

Jeb! thought.

Jeb Bush truly one of the best in the modern Marxist theorists. He has some good praxis too.

You should uphold the immortal science of Bob Avakian thought, obviously. You can't have a revolution if you don't know the BAsics.

You really should read shit and make up your own mind on this matter, nobody can tell you what is right to believe/support. It is best to find out which form of "marxism/anarchism" is the "best" in your own opinion.


Just pick whichever one you like.

its the future of the left!

t. Everyone

They were created by the KGB to guide soviet nostalgia into ultra-nationalism and impotent mysticism.