Someone explain this bullshit to me

So if all right wingers are evil, oppressive, imperialist, hostile takeover, porky, stealing, thieving, fascist people who take other people's stuff:
Explain their innawoods live alone obsession. There is a cabin living thread on Holla Forums right now.
Varg, one of the white nationalist personalities, actually fucking lives like this. Guy set up a shack in France and lives like this. 90% of Holla Forums spoke people advocate this kind of shit.

Why dont leftist, who always speak of being cheated, exploited, tricked, oppressed, yada yada ever just sell all their worldy posessions and just go to live in the woods? All I ever met were urban hipsters.

How come right wingers, who according to you cant exist on their own but must oppress others, have this strong self-sustaining/isolationist tendencies, and how come leftists, who are primary generators of all work and everything else in theory, in practice never even attempt to isolate themselves from their parasites but always tie themselves to someone else who coincidentely also must provide stuff.

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Moral guilt

varg is obsessed with the apocalypse and wants to play IRL Day-Z because it would be Burzum as hell

i'm not joking, it's as simple as that

A week before the election he was actually supporting Trump. When the whole 'Trump is getting more done in a week than former presidents have done in years' narrative was being pushed he started to get genuinely mad that a west made up of white ethnostates was coming slowly through policy changes instead of nuclear holocaust and rebuilding white utopia out of The Road.

Not an argument.

Elaborate. They seem the most prideful people to exist. Survival is their ultimate value, and all actions that increase it are moral according to these people. No ethnicity has any intrinsic right to any land or anything else, its only yours if you can defend it.
That's their logic. Therefore imperialism is not only moral, but very high up there on the hierarchy of values.
An actual quote of Hitler, and white nationalist motto: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children".

Even if it is just Varg, explain all others. Unabomber, almost all right wing paramilitaries having a monthly innawoods gatherings, and so on.
Eastern European variety even receives state funding and military aid, I can post youtube clips of it, surviving on your own and self defense are core of all right wing stuff.
Hell their chief enemy, that jewish caricature, is indistinguishable from the porky meme of this place. They consider parasitism a chief sin, and accuse leftists of being parasites constantly.

if Holla Forumsyps really did want to live alone then why all the idpol about 'muh immigrants'?

What is needed to explain exactly? they know their rethoric hurts other people and then they are later forced by their moral guilt to segregate from society

they aren't all, and not all those things
you can do it on your own, don't be lazy


you are retarded, read what you wrote and then reflect onwhat people on the board actually say

They might have read some of Kaczynski and took some influence from him whilst infusing it with their views on society, culture and race. Or, they were influenced by someone who was influenced by Kaczynski, or what have you.

Far-rightists have all sorts of eschatonic, apocalyptical, çone-wolf fantasies, which emanate from the romantic, hero-worshipping nature of fascism.

I don't really want to abandon the world or for it to be destroyed, pleasant as that sometimes sound. I just want the world to not be shit.

kek. I like him tbh, he seems like good, honest nazbol with very good taste in music.
stupid 'murican detected. this left-right binary meme is your prison. There is nothing right/left wing about living more-less independent life, it's good for any of us.

there are people like this. Maybe you should try to live in a village instead of city, you might meet somebody else than just liberal hipsters.

Well since this is your second post where you claim they have a moral guilt, where is your evidence for your claims? I mean you cant really have a discussion if all you do is go around claiming things, can you?
Never met a morally guilty right wing person, moral guilt is for suicidal self destroying shitlibs that go to Africa as aid workers and get raped and get aids, or date the worst non-whites out of their guilt and get raped or beaten up etc etc.

Again, according to right wing perspective, which right wing people have, oppression is something to celebrate, "hurting others" is morally justified, and a source of one's superiority.

white male fragility

Snowflakes need a safe space

that's literally how you started the thread
Here it is again

How old are you? And are you an American? Not to give credit to reactionary ideologies, but damn that's a fucking misconception if not an outright strawman, and you weren't even trying to argue AGAINST it.

In your posts, you confirm right-wingers face moral dilemmas and segregate themselves

Unless its against whites, then it is white gen0cide!!

That's because you're talking to people in cities you retard.

As for Varg - the guy murdered somebody and burned a bunch of churches and got like 25 years 'cuz Norway's criminal law is like that. I think he got out early and broke parole by skipping town with a bunch of guns he wasn't supposed to have. Oh, and he stole somebody's car somewhere in there, too. If the guy lived in America, he'd be dead by now, his even continuing to exist is owed to the very ideologies he opposes.

That said, he has reason to be extremely fearful of the state and cities because he's controversial and a murderer and France has hate speech laws. He also resents the societies he's hiding from and sees them as too left-wing.

This last bit is a common thread of right-wing innawoodsism - along with apocalypse fantasies (in the US, this especially includes Nazi masturbation fantasys, Islamunism and Christian apocalypses). Also,

… is right, which accounts for the remainder who are doing it as mostly anti-government/anti-state/anti-tax/whatever stuff. Subtract the 'live alone' bit and you have a similar situation with hippies and leftist communes. Include that bit, and anprims.

We don't hate all rightists and Holla Forums users

We just hate Nazi fags sperging in all of our threads

Survivalism is not right wing but lots of right wingers participate in it.

Right wingers in general like the outdoors, hunting, and preparing for when shit hits the fan.

Also in america its legal to form militias

Right wingers have zero trust in the government.
Left wingers love the government and are enslaved to it.
In the event shit hits the fan, rightwingers will flee to whatever set up they have and wait out things with their guns, food, and whatever prep they made.
The cities will be massive Charnel house of rape, murder, famine, etc

Black people in particular seem pretty fucked, remember hurricane katrina, the government abandon everyone.

Civilization is an illusion.

The only thing you need to do is turn off the lights permanently and make the food stop coming before it goes back to survival of the fittest

That's where you are wrong, kiddo.

Nigger, please.
Go read a fucking book.

Unabomber is not right wing. There are lefties who just decide to go off an form isolated communities. They're either utopian socialists or anarcho-primitivists. Both are ignored by everyone because by isolating themselves from the rest of the world, they have given up being political actors. They will never change how society functions and never reach communism

What moral dilemmas? Right wing people dont suffer from that bullshit, we have our own morals and we segregate because we think multicultural society is going to shit with its race riots and protests 24/7.
Yes and? There's no double standard here, its a simple fucking signal, a call for collective organized effort for a collective goal that we would all benefit from, but none can achieve alone.

Well I didnt know this, I wasnt aware. Point me in right direction about these.
But isnt self sufficiency one of the highest political goals? I mean at least it is to right wingers. Being self sustaining is usually a step 1 towards all other political goals. Which kinda explains why so many people on the right stack up those gasmask compatible hoods, guns, ammo, food, etc.

Not all right-wingers can be identified as those. A shitload of people who worship Trump actually are on the short hand of capitalism's stick.

Infatuation with völkisch Romanticism. You know, blood and soil and whatnot.

Vikernes is a demented but ultimately very serious LARPer, that's why. Most of Holla Forums wouldn't survive a week in Yosemite even if Cheetos grew on trees.

Because we want to triumph in the class struggle against the bourgeoisie and usher a new era of global freedom, fairness and peace — not to give up like pussies and retreat back into our mud hut with our tail between our legs. Individual lifestyles are not politics; the bourgeoisie doesn't care if you get off the grid.

When was the last you saw a CEO engage in "self-sulstaining/isolationist" tendencies?

We don't want to "isolate" ourselves from bourgeois parasites, we want to fight them.

Violent crime in the West is at an all-time low and the trend is unlikely to reverse.

I actually read up on how the local native american use to survive in my area, and it seems like a nightmare life of eating berries, living in the desert and getting high off peyote.

I think native americans, and the amish show good ways how to live with no electricity.

You would think with the obsession with global warming, more lefties would be into survivalism.

There are lots of thing a person needs to learn, how to hunt, how to preserve food, how to clean water, how to make fires, how to build things, how to fish, how to survive in different environments, how to use guns.

I think its too much for libs who just want to be snarky on twitter all day.

Yeah sure, because London police didnt cover those scandalous 1400 rape assaults on underage girls there, because Cologne mass sexual assaults were all prosecuted, because religions of peace and trucks of tolerance didnt cause countless murders last year.

Holy fuck this is such an easy position to defend:
Right wingers OBVIOUSLY isolate themselves because we all believe ALL our cities (where we are somewhere even minorities) are going to end up HAITI'd, SOUTH AFRICA'd, RHODESIA,d and all other recent historical examples.

This is literally why skinheads and neonazis exist. None of us really care about any of the ideological wankery or theoretical masturbation.



holy lel

Racism is utterly illogical.

But, user, a bunch of rapes happened somewhere once and I don't understand how averages work!

I mean, Ted Bundy is in jail, so maybe the murder rate is down, but what about the picture of armed black people rate, HUH?

Jesus fucking Christ! thats what Holla Forumsype look up too?

fuck this doesn't even make sens.

varg is a pagan and pioneer of black metal you plebe

It'd be hilarious if we weren't going to feel the effects of their retardation.

racists are race oriented, duh, violence against shitskin is therefore not 'a sin'
he burned down churches because he believes that the whole christianity and 'turning the other cheek' is what jews push to make euros softer

that still doesn't make sens


Read the FAQ. Lurk moar.

Wrong. Most right wingers are not porky, just misguided. Don't conflate peoples political ideology with their class.

Maybe because you don't meet the people who actually do move away, urbanite.

Wrong. See point 1.

No one will address your post, they will just tell you to go back to pol. Every goddamn board is a safe space. I got permabanned from pol for pointing out Trump is a Zionist. I hate this website, the addiction is too strong tho.

Sage for off topic reply.

He was answered and he just kept up the screeching because racism is purely emotional, unscientific drivel.

Why are people who go for the less informed opinion so less strategic

I don't fucking understand this? Hello? /leftypol? What's happening?

Youre going to have elaborate what the fuck you mean. Who is "people" and how and what is "going for the less informed opinion"? You're not making any sense unless you tell us your train of thought or the context.

Seems like you are a perfect example of a retarded porky supporting rightwinger

Varg is probably more hardcore than any studio gangsta mayne

" that guy fell on the knife 25 times"- louis cachet

Black metal is objectively even worse than nu metal.

Retards do retard things.

You take that back right now.

You're right, who I'm referring to deserve to have people put in quotations marks. I think you know exactly who I'm saying.

You. People like you. Varg.

It's retards recording themselves gurgling in phone booths.


you have no taste


holy kek same here, we comrade now

No. I have honestly no fucking clue what you are going on about. You posted a random nonsensical response to an OP that covers things from varg to primitivism, assumptions about our beliefs and many other things, none of which seem to relate to your post. What in hells name do you mean?

Says the guy who endlessly whines about how black people are nothing but a bunch of violent apes.

Unsurprising coming from Holla Forums

I'd like you to explain this abstract.

niggers never had alpine climate, never had to develop better shelters, tools, clothes, snares etc
its like sharks dont have wings, and eagles dont have gills, because evolution works or something

i want to visit Turkey just to see her

I bet you think dog breeds are natural.

By your own retarded logic we should submit to our blue whale overseers since they have the largest brains of all. Seriously, overdose on painkillers already

wtf I love furries now

Europeans were retarded paleskins killing each other in the alps when the spooky brown people in Mesopotamia were inventing civilization.


even on average Africa is more leveled than most of Europe


This is what liberals think of "right wingers", that they're this big shallow drone-like stereotype and who are all united on one front. The first step here is to understand views here is that we're not liberals,(well most of s anyways) just a tip though.

They all are drones though.


Hey, Euronymous was /ourguy/

TBH I find Varg to be very amusing, he hates capitalism and wants to go back to the time when people were tribes n shit.

He is kind of like some weird type of Nazbol meets primitivist meets political pagan.


Why, why can't retards like OP crack a book before posting? Or at least lurk, skim through the FAQ… libraries are free, you know.

You came here an illiterate Holla Forumsyp, expecting to argue against illiterate liberals. The only positive thing to come out of this thread is, maybe, just maybe, OP looking into leftism beyond the shit you find on Holla Forums.

In one of Varg's most recent videos he said to get a leftist gf and live in the woods with her until society breaks down

Any green anarchist girls here? pls be my gf

we can go live in the forest and debate the merits of Bookchin versus Linkola

he right tho

you forgot he said EVEN
he said to get a gf EVEN if she is a leftie

but trouble with that is that leftists fundamentally and pathologically want to find an excuses rather than work or build anything themselves by hand on their own and have nothing to complain about for once in their miserable lives and demand handouts from hard working people

if you are Holla Forumsack we should first look for midwest/eastern european women, they can set up farms and hunt and know that there is more to life than demanding free gibs

I'd put a lot of genres being the worst before Black.

Right Wingers are not always bourgeoisie user, many of them do not own the means of production that they subsist off of and do not keep the fruits of their labor. The average in the woods person isn't participating in the capitalist system at all. They also aren't establishing a monarchy or theocracy, which are 3 of the biggest evils of the right wing. So your argument is essentially unsound.

What kind of metal do you think is good?

Many bands in the Brazilian black metal scene were actually leftist.

Shit taste

>proponents of the international workers' movement
leftism =/= welfare statism

Read a fucking book you Holla Forumsitical illiterate.

You missed "varying kinds of Melodeath-influenced Metalcore" there.

Generally speaking, everything except nu, hair, and black, though my favorites are thrash and death.

What about Hairblack?

Maybe not with capital, but it's clear who isn't doing the hard labor.

Kill me.

Well most core genres are just trash that goes without saying.

If that's what you're looking for, you're actually more likely to find the woman you want so dearly in tribal Africa.

midwestern girls can't cook

That's a bold statement, but you're not wrong.

offtopic, but just to be clear - cranial capacity does not dictate intelligence in any species. It's a common misconception to a lot of people. Generally, the retards, though.

Oh god, anything with "-core" in it is fucking horrible. Still, I do not know that it is worse than the LARPing faggotry that is Black Metal. That shit is so bad that it's embarrassing.

typical libshit opinion 2bh imo famalam

since when is kill la kill edgy?

If you don't like Death SS you may as well already be dead.

Grindcore, Converge, and Earth Crisis are great.
But then, I think Horse the Band are neato, too.

Just remember Holla Forums, this is why we need to revise marx, the average proletariat is stupid and should be sent to the gulag, communism for the intelligentsia class

many Holla Forumsacks have a victim complex and believe that the government is out to get them and use there tax money on things they don't agree with. They could live in nazi germany and think that PC culture is out to get them