MGTOW thread.

Just call it a self improvement thread instead of this meme shit

Who /MGTOW by default/ here

If Western MRAs were at all serious about their worldview that men are oppressed by feminism and the sexual revolution, they'd just join a militant Islamist group

don't know what that means but I'm not German

I don't want Islam though

Women hold half the sky, you fucking idiot.


come back when you actually have something that helps men like me other than vague slogans

A man that goes his own way is already making a respected choice. "MTGOW" don't go their own way, they dedicate their lives to wallowing in self-pity about no perfect gf

This. I tried to join MGTOW because i thought that could be a nice place where men could talk about their experiences, hobbies, interests.
Instead is a place where compuslive masturbators trash talk women all the time. I have out grew my hate for women a long time a go.

They don't, though. They want men to hold them and the whole sky. Otherwise, MGTOW wouldn't be a problem.

they're a bunch of ugly dudes who can't get a gf who made a support group.
why is it a german flag in the OP tho lol

They aren't a problem.

MGTOW is fucking cancer. Like the idea of going your own way isn't bad in itself. The thing is they have tremendously autistic ideas about women. They think all women are inherently manipulative and parasitic. And that's not very nice tbqh

fuck off, scum

When main stream media notices "young men checking out society" that means society as a whole is in deep shit.

well they are

Isn't it basically NEETdom for filthy casuals?

You can hate women without being MGTOW.

And you can be MGTOW without hating women.

Avoiding being intimate with women for reasons of personal safety isn't hatred of women.

this tbqh

it's far too risky to have sex


Many such cases!

rape accusations

That's fake news. Why not get a gf instead of going clubbing if that worries you?

how much sex have you had?

I don't even understand why so many of these people start hating women in the first place. Surely you have some capacity for differentiating between individuals of the same sex and/or self-criticism?




lol how pathetic can a man be to actually believe this

Under full communism, anime and video games will be abolished, thus liberating men such as these from the psychic prison of their reactionary fantasies

Why would you get a crazy gf?

fuck off you vicious hag cunt

How about you man up and get out of the basement, virgin?

This thread is having precisely the ammount of autism that MGTOW things usualy have

Touch my hentai and die, moralist.


There are roasties on Holla Forums?

t. Hoochie

You haven't seen MGTOW threads on 4/pol/. Holy shit those are a trainwreck.

The problem with MGTOWS is that they aren't going thier own way, they are doing the opposite in fact. A real man going his own way would do just that, go his own way. These guys just complain and complain about women and how much they think it sucks to be a man. That's the opposite of going your own way, that's remaining bitter instead of well doing your own thingwhich is what MGTOW is suppose to be about in the first place

Don't forget about abolishing mosques too. Inshallah brother!

There are woman haters on Holla Forums??

but seriously can you losers keep the edge to a reasonable level, your scaring away actual revoluntionaries

ah, good to see feminists relying on gender roles to shame men

I too thought it was a strawman, until it happened to Max Temkin and to whats-his-name that banged the Mattress Girl.

Fret not, comrade: there will be plenty of wholesome reading materials provided for you in the reeducation camp.

m*sogynists = woman haters

I should lurk more

No. Anything but pursuing a relationship that results in kids with a woman is MGTOW.

Even Quagmire is MGTOW.

Dude, it can happen, but it is hardly a common thing. How many cases of this do you know from real life?



real oppresion.jpg

Why do you people hate porn so much? I can get by without any sexual interaction because I have such a nice variety of eroge, doujin and other crap at my disposal. Take that away and you'll accomplish nothing except to make me sexually frustrated.

Humans aren't a Natural Disaster or an Act of God. Low odds don't mean dicksquat.

i'm not some obese fedora wearing neckbeard. i am very lonely though

why do you cunts always rely on these stupid strawmen?

Islam Com flag is Designated shitposting flag.

This is a recurring sentiment in threads related to this subject though. A lot of people seem to believe that communism will cure all social ills and turn all loner autists into charismatic socialites.

"anti feminists" and other "rationalists" are made up of ranks of fedora tippers, and it's a cancer that has no place in modern socialism. I have said this once and I'll say it again, your "anti idpol" special snowflake socialism is a fringe in the revolutionary anarchist and socialist movements in the Americas and Europe. There's no reason for it beside muh memes, muh sjws.

Only by never cumming and storing your essence can one achieve tawheed, brother. It is necessary for the revolution