Shia LaBeouf holding up a Party for Socialism and Liberation leaflet

is he, dare I utter the fabled words, /our guy/?

Comrade Shia!
Hopefully he abandons liberalism once and for all

I want to have a beer with Shia

What the fuck nigger? He is holding up a flyer for the next woman's march. Not our guy.

Yeah, "socialism".

Nothing wrong with the women's match.

As someone who didn't pay attention, what -was- wrong with the Women's March?

Aside from it being porkie as fuck?

yes that's why we should counter-troll any efforts Holla Forumsyps make to troll HWNDU

Are you doubting the intentions of dear comrade Shiin LaBoeufskaya? 10 years gulag with a human face for you, "comrade".

Don't know what you're talking about.

How was it porky, exactly?


Wasn't it bankrolled by Dem party interests? I may be getting mixed up quite a lot has been happening.

I don't know, but it wasn't started by the Dems nor was it a Dem protest.

Lifestylist human shit that will inevitably be hanged with the rest of them.


Shia is a liberal.

anything supported by third-wave feminists is divisive idpol trash that may not directly serve porky, but it does not threaten it.

a porky shill for a lesbian dating site I see

George Soros personally paid off 7 million protesters around the country


Women are fucking objects that do what I say when I say. When I see a women I want her to know I'm superior to her. IM A FUCKING GOD COMPARED TO YOU BITCH, I RULE OVER EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE

shit b8 m8