Feminists/social activists in third world countries always wanted to end polygamy


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Polygamy is nice tho

polyamory, actually. It's equal.

But if you mean literal polygamy I'd like to see a source

This is something that only matters when inequality persists, which is why feminism isn't a solution.

Ban polygamy in these areas and you'll have women prostituting themselves instead, and eventually they'll start saying that life was better with polygamy.

Ban Capitalism and women will wonder why anyone ever bothered with polygamy.

It's part of the retarded fetishisation of Islam the left has today

Third world women should be grateful that they can have a job and be liberated from the patriarchy.

this. also polyamory is gross too.

No it's not. Polygamy is opposite of nice.

I don't really think it's a thing, but some people are trying to make it a thing. And by some people I mean this one fundamentalist Islamist who put on some blue glasses to look like a hipster.


Who gives a shit what people do

The British have their own weird anti-Muslim thing going on that's best left on their side of the pong, er, pond.

Marxist doctrinaires who believe that sexual morality in the absence of reproduction isn't bourg af.



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I know this is a joke, but I wouldn't want to get down with someone else if my current partner wasn't open to it. I probably wouldn't even propose it unless I already knew they were. I know people can have regrets but feel too guilty to express them.

Polyamory: Multiple partners having a romantic and/or sexual relationship
Polygamy: One man with a harem of bang maids that follow a bunch of creepy rituals like making the other men watch as he fucks them

Now stop being a retard

..that's not ..look at these women
do you really think that's what they are protesting? Polygamy is an religious state supported institution meant to sexually oppress women and young men in favor of rich patriarchs .

I'm ok with polygamy as long as it goes in all directions.

But let me explain it to you anyhow:

Political climates vary by country, there are different potential contexts in which polygamy can occur, not all "progressive" causes are necessarily in agreement on everything, Islam-centric "religious freedom" stuff is controversial even in western "progressive" circles.





It is most often literally the same.