Looking to become a member of r/theDonald? Here's your starter pack

Looking to become a member of r/theDonald? Here's your starter pack.

just replace stormfront with breitbart as anti-semitism and anti-israeli are bannable there.

lets not. lets talk about almost anything else. lets pick a topic from any of the myriad things we could talk about that isn't patting each other on the back and licking each others dicks over vapid empty memes about positions we disagree with. we already have two threads about how bad idpol is, thats more than enough of that.
I know half the threads up now are already that but lets not take it to as deep a low as we possibly can, alright?
This is a fucking reaction image, to be posted in response to someone to insinuate they're a retard for expressing Holla Forums opinions or support for trump. What kind of fucking worthless crap is making a thread with this as the OP, and just saying that? "LOL! DRUMPF VOTERS SO DUMB! XDD"
0/10, apply yourself.



I don't think this should be bumplocked.

Even Holla Forums dislikes r/TheDonald kek

Maybe not bumplocked, but it should be on page 20.

don't bump it anyways.
sage goes in the email field.


Make one for r/hillaryclinton

Leddit's front page is pretty much a reverse T_D anyway.


time to go back to >>>Holla Forums


Either A:
or B:

It should be anchored just to piss off the cunts who keep pretending to be socialist.

Sorry not anchored, cyclical? Pinned. Both.

this, anchor it we're not Holla Forumstard territory

lol at people thinking stormfront is still relevant now


Trump hates r/theDonald, retard.

The fuck is wrong with a GED?

Why do liberals like hate those who have been in less fortunate circumstances than them?

I wish r/socialism would go home.

commies will always lose because they will not remove themselves from the stigma of being intellectually superior, and thus become the "true communists" while the actual proles suffer under their most learned heel.


go away Holla Forums, we know it's you

we need to address the elephant in the room about intelligence

the first insults in almost every language is to intelligence, and there's huge social praise and special treatment for those percieved to be more intelligent than others

this leads to people vying to look intelligent, deliberately espousing opinions and beliefs associated with this magical thing and going out of their way to do things that supposedly intelligent people do

this is entirely divorced from genuine intelligence, because in reality ideas are ideas and not indicative of anything more than regurgitated thoughts and opinions you've been taught no matter what

tl;dr pseudo intellectualism is vapid shit that even genuine retards do

what did he mean by this

what it boils down to is that there's probably a guy out there who picks his nose and laughs at puns who would ace a cognitive test that you'd fail