Will we see a new sort of fascism be born out of the currently rising nationalist right wing...

Will we see a new sort of fascism be born out of the currently rising nationalist right wing? How do we prevent the political debate from being reduced to nothing but arguing about immigrants and foreigners whilst capitalism remains a universally accepted constant no one dares to even speak about?

That already happen, read Zizek

Right wingers barely have any revolutionary potential anymore, and all they can do through election is elect social conservative populist parties that, like socdems, disappoint their original voter base as they will have difficulty driving home their promises. The overall taboo of these parties, through their policies regarding climate change, gayshit, and corporate regulations, they would isolate themselves from the world stage, and essentially become paper tigers. Regarding corporate regulations, they would essentially, if elected and their promises actually kept, drive home the point of capitalism's unsustainability.

Sadly, I don't think so. Fascism isn't just getting rid of the allahakbars. My guess is we'll only manage to stop the invasion and, god-willing, send them the fuck back at gunpoint or in bodybags if they prefer that way. Other than that it will be business as usual. Take Trump, a billionaire. You think he'd risk changing the system that makes him that powerful? Fat chance.

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When bill Clinton got in power he turned the democratic party more right wing, they basically became eisenhower republicans.
After the 2016 election and the loss to trump, the democrats have become screeching howler monkeys that want ww3 with russia, so they have evolved into cold war republicans.

While the republican party is now a nationalist party under trump

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I wasn't referring to Holla Forums, I was referring to a false narrative of victimization some tankie retard had.

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Just how much of a classcuck are you?

I don't give a shit about the rich neo-liberal fucks. Just don't expend the gubberment to take kindly to maximum larping autists liek yourself.


Hmmmm I tought you said you could criticize capitalism as much as you wanted? Why the sudden change?

truly makes one to ponder

Oh, so you are a liberal then

Take it easy you're only on the internet, aka your only platform. You can espouse any opinions you want!

it happens on the left too but in reverse

all about attacking white men rather than capital

But you said there were no issues with the government if you crticized capitalism?? Which one is it?

You mean prevent what already happened over a hundred years ago?


You will literally find no problems protesting capitalism irl, retard. Plus, you misinterpreted my previous posts.


Well I'm done enabling your delusions/victim complex

Nice ragequit, I understand that you cant defend your position tho

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Nope, again, political prisioners are a thing

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No you stupid retard, it's a political non-issue. Even the Left parties are pro-capitalist these days. You have to be literally blind and deaf not to see that the issue has disappeared from political discussion.

Nothing about this is really fascist, since liberalism already does it. If anything, we will see more of a new type of fascism come from liberal centrist.