Richard Spencer got kicked out of a lolbertarian conference by Le Bow Tie Man

Fucking lol. Alt-right self-cannibalization is a wonderful thing to behold.

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'you start shit and you can't even take a punch'

even ancaps agree that punching nazis is cool

Helicopters vs gas chambers

Holy fuck I hate Libertarians even when they're arguing against Nazis.

Apparently the guy that actually kicked him out was a former writer for Ron Paul's newsletters back in the 80's or whatever. If you're not familiar with those newsletters, they contained a lot of racial ideology that actually comports with Spencer's white nationalism. The irony.

Rothbard was a racist as well.

wtf, i thought libertarians loved fascists.

he kicked him out because Richard is a pussy, and he doesn't want weak crying faggots on his team

They brought this upon themselves

Holy fuck the comments section

Youtube comments section is retarded,more news at 11


Actually Tucker is the guy that used to write for Ron Paul.

Must be nice to have an ideology where you don't have to think and claim everything is ironic.

It is a rare talent indeed to be the most punchable person in a room that also has Richard Spencer in it.

what's wrong with bow ties? I wear one everyday.


Tuckers a good boi he dindu nuffin

More proof libertarians might be dumb but still better than the auth right.


You just answered your own question.


By all means, keep advertising your autism to people.

bow ties are more fashionable than walking around in public with a copy of the Capital in the open at all times.

this is blatantly wrong

It's funny because if either of them got in power things would look essentially the same. 60 years ago pretty much every billionaire was racist and woman hater. I don't have any doubt "race realism" will be a significant part of the right-libertarian movement in 20 years.

so is your opinion on bow ties

Bow ties look good on James Bond, Richard Sherman, and Pee-Wee Herman. Nobody else should wear them.

My own picture proved me wrong. Earl Thomas back there is looking sharp.

Maybe these ones are actually closer to Anarchists than Fascists.

Gulags are better than both.

It's pretty much like fedoras, in that they only look good on people who would look attractive wearing a trash bag.


I really don't get why people think we aren't anarchists

Russian military fatigues are back in style and so are their guns


wtf i love lolbertarians now

Because you always side with reactionaries to defend property

I found an anti-fascists bow-tie

libertarianism > alt-right

they may be hopeless but

Anarchy = Anti-Hierarchy

Capitalism is hierarchal. AnCap is just anti-stateism. All you call for is pushing power from the gov to big corporations that take the exact same role. It's a privatization of the government which makes it akin to a kingdom. It's reactionary as fuck.

that guy is a giant douce

Because you're capitalists and capitalism requires a state. Now die.

I want that fucking jacket so badly

this board kills me a little inside everyday

i stopped coming here for a long time because it's depressing but i needed a palate cleanser after reading some right-wing bullshit

im actually glad to see that some libertarians still have integrity. i thought they'd all become trumpcucks.

Leave, bitch

There has never been an anarcho capitalist experiment though.

Same I come here specifically to remind myself that not everyone whose intellectually competent is a shitlib or autistic right winger. Then I remember what's actually posted on here

bitch I go where I please, if I want to shitpost/discuss news with leftists I will do just that. Fuck outta here wit your faggot ass ironycel fucknugget

A large number of lolberts was disgusted by the shift in rhetoric in their circles towards nationalism, ethnic identity, racialism and protectionism. The ones who had balls and spines broke off and have been holding their heads in their hands the last 16 months watching this shit show of an election cycle. I would imagine most anarchists felt the same way about Bernie and HRC who are both milquetoast reformist fags.

What did they mean by this?

it would degenerate to fascism or feudalism in no time.