Daily News Thread 2/19

Lawmakers Feel the Heat as Resistance Ignites in Town Hall Meetings

Energized crowds in New York, South Carolina, and Wisconsin on Saturday morning gave lawmakers a hint of what awaits them in their home districts during the upcoming Congressional recess.

Sweden asks the U.S. to explain Trump comment on Sweden

The Swedish embassy in Washington has asked the U.S. State Department for an explanation of a comment made by President Donald Trump that suggested there had been some sort of security incident in Sweden on Friday.

Mexico could end drug, security co-operation if Trump pushes trade terms, Economy Minister warns

If U.S. President Donald Trump attempts to impose unfavourable terms of trade, Mexico may retaliate by ceasing to co-operate on drug enforcement, migration control, security and intelligence, a Mexican cabinet minister told The Globe and Mail in one of his government's most explicit warnings to date.

Insurance companies take the lead on Obamacare replacement ideas

As Republicans struggle to unify around a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, insurance executives appear to have found a friendly ear for their demands.

Bernie Sanders just proposed a law to save millennials' retirements

On Friday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) introduced a bill to make Social Security solvent for generations while also expanding benefits.

The Deadly Reality of Construction Work

Construction worker deaths are rising in New York and Latinos are especially at risk. That’s according to a new report, released last month, by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health.

Betsy DeVos’s Brother, The Founder Of Blackwater, Is Setting Up A Private Army For China, Sources Say

The controversial Blackwater founder says he is setting up two bases in China, but his company says “this does not involve armed personnel.”

‘From bad to worse’: Greece hurtles towards a final reckoning

With another bailout set to bring more cuts, quitting the euro is back on the agenda.

Greeks Turn to the Black Market as Another Bailout Showdown Looms

“The heart of the matter for an ever-rising number of citizens and businesses is that they simply do not have the financial resources anymore to meet their rising tax obligations,” said Jens Bastian, an economist.

Protesters in Barcelona urge Spain to take in more refugees

Tens of thousands of demonstrators march following mayor’s call to challenge the government over its failure to accept country’s quota of migrants.

Brexit: Theresa May faces cross-party Article 50 offensive in the House of Lords

The Prime Minister may be forced into giving ground on guaranteeing rights for EU citizens.

Le Pen Lures French Farmers Angered by Worst Crisis in Decades

Farmers and rural voters could hold the key to the election at a time when a resurgent Le Pen is leading in national polls.

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Millennials Aren’t the Problem

Millennials aren’t destroying society — they’re on the front lines against the forces that are.

Bank workers will protest to form their first US union — and the whole world is watching

On Tuesday, over 15,000 U.S. bank workers with the Spain-based bank Santander will declare their intent to establish this country's first bank workers' union. They'll deliver petitions, take over corporate lobbies and begin the long struggle to bring collective bargaining to an industry with predatory practices and lots of low-wage workers.

Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto is a political trainwreck

He says that Facebook is developing AI to create a global democracy—kind of.

Why some Tories fear blood on the streets in a couple of years

Further spending cuts, higher taxes and a renewed squeeze on living standards all add up to trouble ahead.

How a Ruthless Network of Super-Rich Ideologues Killed Choice and Destroyed People’s Faith in Politics

Neoliberalism: the deep story that lies beneath Donald Trump’s triumph.

Tyrant, Demagogue, or Fascist

Which archetype fits President Trump?

Trump’s Tlön

To focus on fact-checking alone is to miss the point: what is at stake here is not truth, but power.

Seeding the Future Against Destructive Neoliberal Capitalism

Like all newborns, the emerging open-source civic movement that reflects this hopeful sense of experimentation and possibility is tiny and fragile. But it is also scalable because it is focused on empowering actions and initiatives that are already organically embedded in, or growing out of, the non-monetized part of people's daily lives worldwide.


Bump for news.


its buzzfeed and opening it crashes my browser, is it real?


doesn't matter anymore.
a racist fucktard was elected POTUS.
i don't care how some of his fanboys are trying to rationalize it.
the guy is LITERALLY inciting hatred against an ethnicity and there are many people who are ok with it.
a guys who's entire political program is based on hatred and abusing the system for personal gain.

we're ways past the point of no return, this is gonna get bloody.

islam isn't a race you stupid fuck

Hello pol

The guy is obviously trolling but it's extra funny you mentioned Islam immediately

Maybe he's talking about Hispanics?

Because Spain is not taking in the number of refugees they're supposed to, basically what every European country that isn't a landing place for refugees is doing. It's a fucking shitshow.

Is this what American liberals actually believe? Most likely this is just a Holla Forumsyp who thinks we're liberals

hello paco

you find "islam" convenient.
but in reality you can't tell who's muslim and who isn't and you endup targetting middle easterns in general.

cry more

Immigration laws are bourgeois

well to be fair, refugees are only supposed to claim asylum in the first safe [lace they land.These refugees are shopping around Europe for the best deal. Look at the Calais camp,those people are literally in France and to get there have move across the entire continent just to get to northern Europe, which is only further incentivised by Merkel and her decree that all refugees were welcome in Germany thus promoting a mass movement there

lmao who the fuck said this? go to tumblr if you want to debate liberal strawmen

not crying, this is more of a warning.
you'll see allot a fascists skull broken in the coming weeks

Sweden you cheeky bastard.

yes open borders for all my anarchkiddie friend. no problems

LARP more.

Yes, glad you get it

Arguing that Trump is utilizing racial animosity isn't the same as taking a position on immigration legal or otherwise you stupid faggot

Also lol at being this much of a lawcuck

Didn't one of antifa assault a Trump supporter in Seattle who justifiably shot back in self-defense? Kek.

Time for antifa to carry weapons

holy fuck you're retarded. are you a spic perchance?

how is deporting illegal immigrants stoking racial animosities?

lmao they're some of the most antigun people in existence

Holy shit you're such an illiterate dipshit. No I'm not hispanic you idpol'ing spooked retard, and it wouldn't matter if I was. The argument is he stoked racial animosity to push for deportation, not that deportation IS the animosity

Immigration laws are bourgeois

Its like youmforgot how triggered your kind got when the maoist party showed with guns some months ago

didn't your leader start crying after getting slapped by an old man?

The thing is, not enough of the refugees are getting to northern Europe as is. Most of the refugees end up in southern Europe, the poorest part of Europe, because they have to stay in the first country they're registered in. Quotas are supposed to alleviate that, but the countries aren't following them. If every country took their share, there would hardly be a refugee problem.

i'm guessing Sweden is taking way way more than their quotas

larp more my anarchkid friend

There is no racial tensions to be stoked you idiot. The left has to make deporting illegal immigrants about race. Fuck off you retarded memespouting cunt.

who? spencer? nobody cares about that faggot. I'm just happy an anfaggot caught a bullet

Oh my, are you the classcuck that started getting triggered yesterday?

Please say yes

But this is bourgeois

nobody has an obligation to the quotas. the only obligations you have to refugees are if they land in your country as their first safe haven


No, bourgeois is exploiting illegal immigrants as slave labor.

Ayy lmao

shit I'm for the bourgeois then I guess

not an argument :D

They've taken in about 100k, which is a lot compared to the other countries. Not happily, mind you.

Yeah, that's the problem. Hence the protests

14 Pure Ideologies that will make you say Fuck Having Borders and Laws and shit

And theyndo it because migrants cant join union, strike and somon or risk getting deported

Ok then, ill make sure to get a special place in the gulag for you


Are you lost, bordercuck newfriend?

Yes, I'm the one flailing and crying. Truly histrionic

But user, forcing mexico to pay when they do not account for all illegal immigrants clearly shows an agenda

stop feeding the troll



Ok I'm gonna make it real simple for you since I know these things can be hard. It's possible to not think issues of immigration/deportation are inherently racist and still recognize that the person pushing for deportation is using racial arguments.

Now you're free to use your grown up words to refute that, but no one's going to change your diaper for you if you refuse to have an adult conversation.

But left communism is utopian user



ironically even zizek isn't a retarded anarchist and believes in borders

but anarchists were the ones sent to the gulag during the ussr

Don't you have a muh illegal rights march to attend?

But retard, mosy illegals are from latin america

This hasn't been the case except to leftist idiots who think federal agencies enforcing immigration laws is racist. You make it out to be about race

man that Holla Forums kid got you tards in pretty stupid slapfight


And the USSR failed because he sent anarchists and not nationalists to the gulag

I know your education is really bad, but mexico =/= latin america

No, we already told you this is bourgeois

Nice samefagging

you forgot to remove your leftcom flag

If you're a leftcom then pragmatism is at the bottom of your list anyway

He's deporting illegal immigrants of various latin American ethnicities you dumb anarchkiddie. you act like it has only been the mexicans who have gotten deported. consider suicide

I am not treading on LGBT.

answer me fags this is a news thread

Shit I guess the USSR was bourgeois too because they didn't have open borders as well.

Sadly you forgot about the fact that he wants only mexico to pay for it, there ismclearly an agenda here

I understand you are fucking stupid, but you just exceeded my expectations

Better get on all those strawberry picking and lawn mowing jobs they stole from you.

Yes tbh, the nomenklatura was the new ruling class

What? Are you a markov chain bot?


alternate source

Because they come through mexico you dumb cunt.

If Mexico cannot control illegal beans and stop them from border hopping, then Mexico should be held accountable because clearly they have failed to control their own borders.

Nobody takes anarchism seriously pham. You'd be gas chambered and gulag'd on the right and left.

my sides

Mexico has no responsability to stop people from entering the US, once they cross into the US its US's problem, besides, you are stupid and belive all migrants enter the us through mexico

Frankly you are really stupid, and should adress this before trying to discuss politics

Politics isnt a popularity contest despite what neolibs have made you belive

what's the purpose of a Private army exactly?.

now i would understand having to pay for a private army if you're country is low on men of fighting age but China doesn't fall in that category.
beside why would China get a private army from the US?
it makes no sens

They have an obligation to control their own borders, if they cannot do that, then there is a problem you idiot.

By your logic every country that had a socialist revolution was bourgeois because they didn't believe in the retardation of open borders. Anarchikiddies are mocked by all and the regimes that you dick suck and defend killed more anarchists than any right-winger has done lel



Yes, they care about who gets in, not who gets out, immigrants leaving mexico is none of mexico,'s concern

And this problem is responsability of the us, as immigrants are entering the us

I am mutualist user, of course every socialist country was pesudo-bourgeois with red aesthetics

I dont defend faioed socialist states? Lol

Nice to see the proles looking out for each other though

Then we'll send the National Guard to help them. :^)

ITT: Two retards from Holla Forums bait each other, retards from Holla Forums join in, mods are fags

I'm not defending it, hell I agree that illegal immigration is bad, but you and the piss retard have clearly not thought this through,

no need for ID to figure out the high amount of samfaging.
that being said IDs would be handy on this board

Actually, porky wants the cheap labor. Why do you think companies are bitching that Trump is going to mandate that h-1b workers be paid the same amount as American ones? They won't be able to bring over cheap poojeets to do the job and pay them less.

I think it has more to do with studying American combat techniques. Let's be honest. Americans have more combat experience than any other army in the world.

what about Israel?

Are they in the private merc business too? I don't know enough about Israel.

dunno, probably

ok, go for it champ

That #iamamuslimtoo protest is triggering the fuck out the alt-right. It's amazing.

This false solidarity with muslims is always hilarious.

>>>Holla Forums9296473

You should put this in your next post, OP. It probably deserves its own thread too. If Shinzo Abe goes down for corruption, it could tarnish his entire party and open the way for the JCP to get a lot more Diet seats.

Bumping to get this above all the other bullshit on the front page.

If even those porkies want a union, holy shit…

Mysterious dubs for such a blatantly bait/reddit tier post

Which is how you know its the only sincere ideology, it incites the ire of both wings of the political spectrum equally. And rightfully so, anarchy is the enemy of power and influence over others, a lot of people are uncomfortable or afraid of that.

Bank workers not porkies. Bank tellers have some really bad wages.