Did you guys hear ?

Did you guys hear ?

conservatives are as oppressed as black people back in the days of jim crow

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lets hope their will be some conservative lynchings then

How come the guys in the comics have lines on their arms like they're wearing armbands, but they aren't actually wearing anything?

I wish the world wasn't like this

I would love to see what would happened if she tried to close every single public school in America.

This. Conservatives need to be terrorized by lynch mobs.

They need to feel like a hunted animal.

I guess he didn't just do saccharine nostalgic americana shit



80s kids in a nutshell

Terrible artist?

I hate gamer culture.
Gamer nationalism was the worst thing to happen to gaming.


I think it's because some protesters blocked her from entering a school.
Still retarded.

Gamer gate actually started with a half way decent cause and was unfortunately derailed by Nazis and other retards.

t. Former gamer gate supporter and refugee from 4chan

The cause was myopic from the beginning, though.
I wasn't surprised when it went to shit.

It's funny how it parallels stoner culture.

Yeah nah.
It was always a group of dumb nerds who were so naive that they were surprised that game reviews where biased.

Ironically, their takeaway should have been that capitalism corrupts absolutely everything.

But instead they went "muh SJEWS THOUGH"

why do tumblr ponces like you hate gaming so much

Who said I hate gaming?
I hate what they call "culture".

sooo…that means we can lynch them? i fucking hope so.

They weren't, though. That's what provoked them.

Fuck off your ridiculous circlejerk culture has bred nothing but casual scum.

Lol, hilarious. Republishits actually believe they're being oppressed even though they're the most muh privileged.
Then they'll whine "D-dems are the reaal racists"

Shut the fuck up, no it didn't. No one gives a fuck about "gamer journalism." No one gives a fuck about gaming.


I'm inclined not to believe this. I hopped on the bandwagon because I wanted chaos and then lost interest pretty quick.
Gaming journalism has been garbage since the 90s. The corruption gimmick was overwrought.

It's an interesting thing though, since a lot of Gamergate conflated artistic integrity with the desires of companies. i.e. the decision to bow to public pressure and censor was considered a legitimate business decision, instead of an act of cowardice considering the "true gamers" would still buy anyway.

Not even going after publishers or actually relevant crooked journalists either. Just a couple indie shitters who disagreed with them politically and happened to be crooked as well.

Gamers are the fucking worst. Just kill yourselves, tbh.

tfw idpol is so out of control fucking gamers are engaging in it

Can we pinpoint the exact moment in history where it all went wrong? My guess is with Reagan.

Most of the bad stuff Reagan did was already being carried out in the 70s, he just accelerated it.


Sometime in the late 70's, with the rise of post-Fordism.

Baudrillard was right. Fuck.

Conservatives and especially american christian have the biggest victim complex in the world

Holy shit he isn't even trying,is he.

1971, the year the Breton Woods system of capital controls collapsed, setting the stage for the death of postwar Keynesianism. 1973 is where it became apparent and a large part of the reason the decade was so hellish.

Though parts of the stage for this were laid earlier (for example, Vietnam almost certainly had an inflationary effect, and in 1968 the porkies doubtless realized they could exploit the gap between idpol and the general left.)

How the fuck did this political cartoonist even manage to fucking get paid to do shit like this?

I mean look at how they god damn draw necks.

That's not a woman that's apparently a werewolf

He didn't dare complete the drawing by adding the Swastikas.

Most of his output is, but he did produce a few more daring paintings later in his life.

Pictured: Southern Justice (Murder is Mississippi)

Man, redpilling sure sounded better in 1995…

It was always there. See: any reaction men with hobbies have when women like the same things they do.

We need the contradictions of capitalism to develop in order to have a socialist revolution. I'm talking about when did we start seeing the idea that poverty, wealth inequality and consumerism as positive traits along with all of Capitalism's other contradictions.


gamers get the gulag

Jim Crow was not oppressive at all and totally justified

There was no surprise, it was just round 15 of shitty jornous and went completely out of control cause 'muh harassment'.

Stoner culture is better because there's lots of sex and music making involved along with the possibility of making money and/or finding a vocation.

Gamer culture is a black hole

No, it's not.

Where are these groups of indistinguishable dogmatists coming from, who is issuing their party line, and most importantly, how can we be rid of them?

Reddit. Reddit, and send them back to Reddit.

Please, let this be true.

lmao at you user

holy shit I thought us former-gamergaters had all died out or something. The fall of gamergate from something decent to fucking nonsense was a goddamn trainwreck.

Some people did, they were in the minority tho

You're literally just giving extremely wishful sketches of hypothetical individuals who behave exactly how you've constructed them to behave.

How the fuck do you think this is an argument

projection: the post

Right wing victim complex

Nothing new here

Bigots denied it back then too you know. Everyone always denies that the truly marginalized are marginalized.

Source por favor

Some film about the Soviet sniper lyudmila pavlichenko, don't know the name of the film sorry…

everyone wants to be a miserable victim these days for w/e reason


That's kind of how I see it. You have many people that are doing very poorly for a number of reasons, but the predominant ideology refuses to acknowledge it. Like just recently when Obama said things 'have never been better.' People are desperate to have their problems acknowledged or validated and this is portrayed as 'playing the victim.' If you are doing badly you're lazy, not working hard enough, etc. That isn't to say that all complaints are valid, but I do think that many people are suffering and being blamed for wanting help that they aren't getting.

You know, I think you're onto something here.
An interesting thing I have at the back of my head, although I can rarely give practical examples, is essentially a thought like this:
If I ask for help or raise a difficulty while looking externally healthy and vaguely socially normal, I'll look like an attention whore, therefore I have to engineer a situation where I look like a victim (or otherwise, it's simply apparent) so that someone else raises it, and I pretend to have been oblivious.

Actually engineering such situations isn't trivial, and in any case would probably be much more obvious to others than it seems in theory (Although really you only need plausible deniability.) and the general idea only really applies to mild aspergers or such, but it's the thin end of a rather unhinged wedge. At one point, it's occurred to me that if you really wanted attention or sympathy in a Tumblr-y fashion, mental health wouldn't cut it (even if your problems are real) - you've got to break your own legs so it's immediately obvious and not plausibly deniable that you've got a serious problem.

In any case it's something of a self-defeating strategy since giving yourself unambiguous problems won't save you from the attention whores (genuine or perceived), who'll still argue that their problems outvalue yours (and assuming you passed a cost/benefit check on smashing your own legs with hammers and didn't immediately regret it, that's possibly true.) with undesirable results. (If you argue forcefully, you might lose sympathy, if you fold, you might lose sympathy!)

Not to say I've actually considered doing such things myself (I don't need the attention or sympathy, and I don't own a hammer.), but it's a disturbing extrapolation of the general idea that the smart gambler doesn't just predict what others will do, but predict what others predict others will do, or onwards and upwards. (It's also a weird way of lying: Make the lie reality while hiding the circumstances.)

I'm sure a Public Choice theorist has beaten me to the idea in a rush to argue against public healthcare.

Jesus. Fucking underage

Gamer hate started with the DARVOing of an abuse victim.

No it began with the gamers are dead articles. You are talking about the five guys scandal that preceded it.

That's an interesting idea. In modern society the definitely seems to be a cult of victimhood, or a kind of mystique around it. Some people definitely try to cash in on it, unscrupulous types, and that sort of person is a constant cultural bogeyman (the welfare queen for example).

You take something like Flint though, where you have a group of people clearly wronged, and view the media reaction to it. Somehow it has become like you're saying, where you can't call attention to your own misfortune or hardship. Victimhood has to be bestowed or else you're viewed as a shyster trying to cash in. Everything you could have done is brought up, every misstep or poor decision that becomes obvious only in hindsight is magnified. Everything is done to place your situation entirely onto your shoulders. IMO it's to guard the system from scrutiny. If you let people decide that anyone can be a victim and the media loses its special power to manipulate public sympathy. I'm sure there's more to it than that but that's how it appears at least superficially.

The "scandal" was just some guy butthurt that he dated an obvious skank