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Why are there so many rightists on youtube? I realize a lot of those probably come from 4/tv/ but that along with the size of the fanbases for people like Sargon makes me think this ideology is on the rise with Generation Z.

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Why would you ever give a shit about someone who uses the word "pozzed"?

Yeah, I saw those comments too. RLM was big on 8/tv/ before.

But really, is it that surprising? It's not like they have important theory to read or subjects to study. It's just, like, common sense, man. Holla Forums gives them all the answers in bite sized little jaypehgs. No thinking required.

So they congregate in the fetid gutters of the internet like the youtube comments section in order to jerk each other off about how "woke" they are, because they have nothing better to do than watch their friend simulator.

it's an old conservative myth: society needs a fundamental lie to function

Reminder that it is completely permissible to punch a conservashit's head in

Youtube comments are fucking bad for your health.

only people with an Autism Level below 80 are legally allowed to post youtube comments, and some videos were inevitably going to be political

You kind of just helped me realize something that has been obvious all along. The way the alt-right and their ilk incorporate memes into their praxis is such a simple let clever way of influencing young people whose attention spans have been destroyed by the internet.Why read entire books on leftist theory when you could just read 5 lines of text and some context-less statistics that say the Jews are trying to destroy the white race.I know it's not taken too seriously here but I genuinely think memetic warfare is real. It's a war if influence and ideas. The right has been slowly working off of the contrarian edgy sensibilities of the internet and left has failed to capitalize on this imo.

Most post-monarchist right wing thought has been driven by staunch anti-intellectualism, something they take pride in.

We can do the same, how do you think the Russian revolution happened?

Why are there so many rightists everywhere?

What is it going to take for the left to actually compete in terms of memes?

Ma Stirner is a start, I think.

this made me sad, i'm gonna go lie in bed for a while

why was i made to exist in this world?

Alienated people spend a lot of time on the internet. Alienation turns people into reactionary beasts.

How is the comment wrong tho? Insults arent arguments, and I too have this feeling recently.

What's the point of all theoretical squabbling when it is not stable, self sustaining, unified, and everything else he said.
Honestly, I'd live in such a society. I'd rather have clean, neat, quiet, orderly, peaceful society where I have a small price of being fit enough to wear a uniform to pay.
So what? Who cares? Who gives a shit?
I'd rather be a [insert insult here] and not have to deal with race riots, violence, noisy faggots, women who are the biggest majority in a democracy AND STILL DEMAND EVEN MORE SPECIAL RIGHTS, faggots who cant just make love but have to be all political about how its morally good to promote promiscuity and aids, fat people who cant just be fat but must promote and politicize their fatness, all these mental gymnastics of people I dont give a shit about.

Really makes a normal people want to goose step to a Hitler speech because what else is there to life when you tell someone "fuck off" and they dont fuck off?

Hi Holla Forums, you're not welcome. But if you insist on an explanation the government is killing foreigners (aliens) to steal their resources and when they hit back they send their young people to die like animals (using 16th century battle tactics) to reduce the surplus population

It's so bad that some people are calling CNN communist…well, everything vaguely left Communism. Pretty sure that word will be completely without meaning like the word Fascist soon enough.

Booshwa ideology in a nutshell when you think about it.

And in turn most people didn't know what they wanted, save for getting rid of the Tzars. It's much easier to rally people against something, then to rally for something. Most people use directional thinking unfortunately. In turn we would have to put criticism of the system in it's simplest yet most effective of forms.

See above.

Don't feel sad, feel superior. It helps, as long as your not smug about it.

This isn't always the case, since I'm an exception to that rule. Getting people to think critically is important, which is what YT Atheism was for a few years until Gamer-gate happened, then it became who was or wasn't a 'sexist' based on tiny little subjectivities, granted that's where allot of people who never used critical thinking came pouring in.

Also, lolberts seem to be the only exception to the directional rule, as they seem to critique things a little more systemically, but it's still heavily ideological.

You seem to confuse us for liberals, ergo you must be new here. I'll bite. What you want is understandable: a quiet, peaceful, and comfortable society. Me too. Problem is, there are problems that are beginning to boil, and they have nothing with the identitarians you just described. Those people are both another symptom of the quite life, mixed with ideological brainwashing from Bacon and State, while legitimate ones continue to show their ugly heads in various ways, all thanks to letting one person own a factory/workplace, or multiple, while hundreds or thousands of people work for him/her just to buy food they can;t grow themselves. These are called contradictions, all because of people having an incredibly spooked perception of what really is theirs.

Cont. not saying the identitarians aren't a legitimate threat, since they are incredibly reactionary, in turn making their respondents moreso. Idpol beget idpol, after-all. Fuck racial and sexual pride anyway. Self pride is where it's at.

I still have to live under this shit system, how does it help? Everything is going to hell. Even if I was somehow immune it would still make me sad.

this should be underage b&

Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better.

wopps meant for

Hey it's the retard from the last thread about right wingers. How have you been.

are you this same poster?

Then it is your self interest to shitpost, agitate educate, organize, infodump. Hell, make a YT channel if you're able to. Every small bit helps, and it should make you feel better.

This is true, but only in so far as we are able and have a large enough base to pick up the broken pieces.

I don't see why anything would ever get better, worsening conditions are just giving more momentum to the fascists and liberals are in control of the left CV and making sure it's as pathetic and unworkable as possible

Wait, what?
I don't get this thread.
The overwhelmingly majority of people are conservative and rightist. So it's only obvious that they dominate youtube and stuff.
Maybe you guys live in some sort of bubble where most people are liberal or leftist but that's really just your bubble.

maybe when you start paying taxes or when you start a business on your own
where can I find right wing college crowd?? everywhere I go, i see pink and blue hair leftists, every riot I see on the news, its leftist kids complaining about something or demanding new things
all immigrants, women and minorities I have ever met are leftists, everyone on welfare is a leftist too

where the fuck can I find this conservative majority that isnt 30 years or older hard working business owner family man type?

It began with gamergate and anti-feminism. From there it went to anti-SJWism in general. From there to "hitler did nothing wrong".
Sargon's first videos are all about Anita Sarkeesian. That's how he and others could capitalize on gamergate.

Yes, it is.

Well, I mean Bill Gates is quite liberal. Generally the business class is split down the middle in terms of liberal/conservative. I don't see why we should care though, liberals aren't leftist.

That's just your mentally ill Holla Forums bias based on the effects of persecution complex.
You see some loud coloured hair crazies and your fear and cowardice triggers a reaction in which those cunts somehow become a majority despite being just a tiny group of cunts and far away from being a accurate representation of the majority of people.

Where CAN you find a right wing college crowd?

Here you go.

Top logic. Your sample group is skewered. Chans, stormfront, breitbart and other such few websites are literally 100% of whole Holla Forums population.

Meanwhile all other institutions for 20 year olds are leftist. You even have your special snowflakeism studies (gender studies, feminism studies, etc).
Where are fascism studies? Where are pro-white student groups? Where is the state funding for right wing youth? Where are our scholarships?????
Our parents are 99% of taxpayers net contributors anyway. We fund all of your shit. We proceed to land a private sector job to allow all of your worthless non-self sustainable crap to exist.

Comparing the errors of three false ideologies. Nice.

So………… this whole board is a Syrian village?
Because your imaginary leftists dont exist in real life. All the leftists one can detect with an eyeball, or a camera, or any other instrument, are exactly retard hair color starbucks drinking identity obsessed retards.
Give me an address, a footage, a gps coordinate, any physical sign of these 'real leftists' you speak off, other than some extremely obscure non-western, backwater Syrian village.

You sound pretty damn spooked. You want class leftism? Try Richard Wolff and Zizek. I mean shit, lefties have been critical of idpol for a ling time now when I think about it.

And pretty much everywhere else.
When was the last time you've read the comment section of anything?
Also if you are seriously considering the tiny group of college students in special the ones that do special snowflake courses as a valid representation of the majority of people then you are even more stupid than I've first thought.

Fascism studies are part of sociology. In fact leftist sociologists know probably more about your movements than you do yourself. They have written extensive studies about all of right wing sects there are, available on many antifa sites ;)

user this is the norm. Those temporary periods of 1920-1927 and 1950s>>1392579
Literally anywhere in the US that isn't a coastal state or a major metropolitan area.

Fucked up that post.

To me, this left vs right thing become clear enough to satisfy my autism and close that chapter, I have found an answer good enough for me, and so now I pursue some other things.
From what I have seen, from the texts I read, and from talking to people that I know that teach these texts at universities for explanation because I didnt understood some of them instantly, this is what I got.
Fundamentally, at the most important, most basic, central, essential form left wing politics boil down to:
Meanwhile right wing politics can also be summed up as

This is why leftists generally just debate and debate and debate and talk and theorize and say different things: none of it ever matters. It's all irrelevant. None of it is really important.
And this is why step 1 of all leftist doctrine is: excuses. Just keep finding excuses. When ever something backfires, it's not your fault, it's not anyone's fault, fault doesnt exist, responsibility doesnt exist, nothing exists.
This is also why first step of all right wing doctrine is: acting. Doing things. Testing. Observing. Estimating. Measuring. Theory for the sake of theory is worthless and purposeless. Theory exists solely to reinforce action. If it does not have predictive capacity, and if it is not correct, it is worthless.
If you write a theory about making a ton of apples happen, but you dont back it up with exactly one ton of apples, your theory is not valid from the right wing perspective.
Now, some believe that these right values are spiritual (religious fundamentalists), some that they are biological (racists), but all believe that there is something fundamentally right about the hierarchy, and they always strive to the top.

Leftists always try to find excuses, right wingers always try to find a way. Leftists always try to destroy society even if they are trying to free someone, right wingers always try to build it even if they are enslaving someone. Leftists incentivise decadence, laziness, irresponsibility, feel-good mentality, instant gratification. Right wingers always strive towards some sets of ideals, values, postpone gratification, encourage self discipline, rule of law, order.
This is why all leftist politics are just "we are all equal, all equal, everything equal, diversity is a strength, classless society, all the same, no need to prove it, no need to test it, no need to calculate it, predict outcomes, no debate, censor everything, no debate that can be experimentally tested out".
This is why all right wing politics are "metrics, indexes, biological explanations, testable doctrines, tested and proven only, establish standards, all explanations must have analytical and predictive capacities".

If it was okay to attack people over opinions you don't like Jews would all be dead

Thanks for the cringe OC

Projection, the post.

Good god, I hope for your own sake you are trolling and not sincere.

Fixed that for ya, fam.

With one simple word you have admitted that your entire argument is framed in the rightcuck narrative of feels > reals, where culture is some magical element of magic.

Without leftists you would still be justifying the natural hierarchy of feudalism, being an illiterate little peasant who works the fields for your feudal lord and so will your children, grand-children and grand-grand-children for all eternitey, because that's what they are born for.

Capitalists dismantled feudalism. All real life leftists just pestered and destabilized their former empires so that foreign, more orderly and organized empires can walk straight into them.

Capitalists were the leftists during the feudal era.

The fundamental difference between leftists and rightists is that leftists challenge exploitative power hierarchies, rightists justify it by appeal to God and nature.
That which is now the liberal bourgeoisie were the leftists at the time of the french revolution, whereas the rightists were in favour of king and church upholding the natural order.

Capitalism was the progressive, revolutionary force back then. Socialism is to capitalism as capitalism was to feudalism

Somebody turn this into a webm similar to this

AKA the more centralized power is in the economy, the better.


No, they just believed in a different hierarchy. Instead of God given rights, they believed in market given rights.

What is next, appeal to reality?

I've read a self recognition study where you put an animal in front the mirror, to see if it recognized itself. Chimps can, dolphins too, elephants as well, 6 month white and asian babies could recognize themselves as well. African children couldnt no matter what. They put a bit of paint on their face, all of them wiped it off, African children were convinced its another creature and tried to fight it every time.
The first thing shitlibs went to do was

Do you see the problem yet?

Also, not all leadership is hierarchy.

When in history has a single appeal to nature argument to justify any social order ever been correct?

Well if we are going to have any meaningful discussions, we must start from some sort of a beginning, some sort of a common, mutually agreed upon thing. We call these axioms in math and chemistry and physics and so on. Anyway. If we can agree that survival is important, or somehow valuable, or something desirable, we can discuss further.

Most of us 'fascists' do not want to live under strict rules and matching uniforms out of a hobby. Most people who want these regimes, do so because it is believed by us that they provide the most survival for us, for our loved ones, our family, colleagues, etc. We believe that if Sparta didnt throw their defunct children, and if they didnt train for most of their lives for a fight, they would not exist for 3000 years.
Same with all such regimes.
No one desires this rigorous, tiresome, hurtful social order out of boredom, but because it is seen as an existential and therefore highest need.
Of course, just like all other collapsed regimes. This is just a part of the equation, just one variable, there are also other things to consider. Most of us are really into all those ethnic and religious festivals and most of us even travel for such occasions, no one is saying that peacetime and wartime society and economy should be identical, we just think that we should analytically examine and calculate what should be done, and most of us think most of the time, nature teaches us extremely important lessons.

In 2006, YouTube was a fun site for content creation, and whatever little stopmotion thing you made would get hundreds of views and nice or critical comments just from being there.

The problem is Google deliberately destroyed the community and marketed it to idiots.

Nazis lasted shorter than the Jews and the Communists.

Wonder what that says about the Nazis. I thought they thrived and worshiped competition.

Nowhere. And get used to it to, or just accept that perhaps people in college are smarter in their strategic thinking than you are. And that you aren't very bright, there's a reason many people complain about how the world works. Your lack of understanding of it is not a strength.

Survival of what?

So what do you mean by "Sparta", whose survival you value? A certain social order, i.e. the "spartan" way to organize a society?
But then "Sparta" is nothing more than an abstraction and nothing "natural".. So the spartan way of life is to be preferred because people managed to live according to the spartan way of life for 3000 years?


Most people ARE liberal, even Milo is a liberal despite what retarded liberals say.

Cringe as all hell

Tbh I just keep replying to him because he keeps making these long winded like this that are amusing. All of these could end up being copypastas.

no u / 10

It is just a typical example, could have put Prussia or Roman empire (not republic) or Alexander or Third Reich, doesnt matter. What matters is what they all have in common. These things that we call "natural order" or natural values.
We call them natural, because they work best in nature, by nature we really more mean the universe than flowers.

Say a tribe has 10 males and 10 females. Tribe that sends females to war, and loses 8/10 females is fucked, only 2 females return, next generation can have only 2 children. Tribe that loses 8/10 males still has 10 children in the next generation. Muscle mass, bone density, lung capacity, sexual dimorphism also play a part in decision for gender roles. Animals do this shit too (except spiders and insects, where females are larger), therefore we call it "natural".
Again, social mammal behavior. Toward insiders, group members, mock fighting that isnt fatal occurs til someone gives up. Top dog is now a pack leader, leads the hunt, gets a first bite, etc. Toward outsider packs there is no competition but fights are to the death. Etc. Strength is a value, every system or order that results in survival is a value.

Farmer, that doesnt give a shit about politics, slits the throat of a wounded animal and utilizes its skin and meat instead of feeding a wounded animal.
Businesses that can not compete, and individuals who can not work, instead of getting tax grants for no purpose at all, should also be taken over by more functional businesses and workers (who in this context therefore have a higher survival value).

Examples really go on and on.

Cringe as all hell

Fascists are an example of human being that is weaker than all they accuse.

If trace back our ancestral lines through history they reach through different ages, different cultures and different social orders. None of these social orders survived for as long as our ancestral lines themselves..
Why would you want to construct a social order with the aim in mind of perpetuating that social order itself for as long as possible, i.e. perpetuating a certain way of life? If your grand-grand-grand-children happen to live in a completely different culture and have different way of life than you do now, what's so bad about that? Traditionalism seeks to perpetuate only their traditions, with no regard for the human beings themselves. It is a spook, because traditions themselves are just habits that have no inherent value.

The best part of this is that Nazi Germany is literally a perfect example of the delusional groupthink society he rambles about.

wow, really convinced me to change my worldview with these hot new never seen before opinions
under fascism, they would be exterminated, socialists/communists are anti-class, anti-standards, all welcome philosophy
we simply believe that when a society that maintains some sort of a standard clashes with a all-welcome society, society with standards is going to win

discrimination is good
we discriminate when we put things in our mouth, we discriminate between poison and medicine, fresh and rotting food, we discriminate who can be our surgeon for a heart surgery, who can be our political leader, who can and who can not

How am I supposed to believe you when you aren't even in college and believe unscientific non-peer reviewed shit? In the face of the evidence?

I won't believe a thing you fucking say. Nobody educated will.

What in the actual fuck are you talking about?

You aren't even making any sort of coherent political statement here, you are just ascribing terms to some vague gut feelings you get when you hear certain words.

Well, as circumstances evolve, so should societies. Traditionalism isnt what anti-traditionalists portray it, otherwise those evil nazis wouldnt use machine guns and tanks and invent missiles and go on to found NASA, would they?
What you said about grand grand children existing in a different culture, that is what traditionalism is all about. Existing. Existence is the number one thing. It's all about survival, and changing society is perfectly fine if its going to help us survive.
You really must have a caricature in mind if you think traditionalists do not want to survive and thrive.

It's just that huge part of this survival are traditions. If 1000 years ago our ancestors figured out these mushrooms are poisonous, and established a tradition of not eating them, we also go along. If all the cultures out there figured out incest is horrible and made traditions to make it taboo, well there might be something to it. And so on.

So what if the "natural order" isn't a fixed static social order, but rather an evolving order that continously adapts to changed circumstances? Human societies aren't static, they continously change due to all kinds of influences, be that technological innovations or internal power struggles, where the under-privileged classes revolt against the upper classes. So the whole idea of wanting to construct a fixed static social order that lasts forever is flawed to begin with.

it's even fucking shallower

social bots and retards, why?

So what is the aim of traditionalism if you acknowledge that your grand-grand-grand-children could very well live in a completely different culture with a different way of life, not following your traditions anymore?

check , fascist societies never had problems being ahead of technology anyway

Discrimination is not always bad. That is my point. Discriminating who can and can not be a citizen is not always a bad thing, how can you not understand that? English is my 3rd language but still, hot damn.

Discrimination against your political opinions, is also, in fact, not bad. It's perfectly reasonable to hate you more than an innocent person.

But WHAT exactly is it that you want to "survive" then, if it isn't your culture and traditions? Your descendants? Well, your descendants will exist if you have children. It doesn't require traditionalism for them to exist. It only requires you to make a woman pregnant.

Survival. For the last time hopefully. Survival.

Yes, these ancestors marched in bright colors and musical bands, because muskets were used for surviving and danger of friendly fire was more dangerous than enemy fire.
Yes, these ancestors abandoned tradition of musical bands and bright uniforms for woodland camo, because automatic weapons are used for surviving.
Yes, future generations will abandon tanks and uniforms, because ??? will be used for surviving.

Doesnt fucking matter. "Fat is beautiful" does not help our collective survival, laziness and fatness do not help our survival, and therefore no traditionalist or right winger or white ethno state or whatever adopts these.
"Recreational drugs are perfectly fine" is also rejected, even tho traditionalists fully embrace modern medicine, getting addicted on heroin is against collective survival.
"Muh infinite rights and zero responsibilities" crowd is also rejected by traditionalists because […].
"Muh infinite genders"/feminism/etc etc also rejected […]…

Come on, this is common sense, how are you struggling with this. Call it survivalism if the name is giving you so much trouble.

You're full of shit

Oh, this is a huge difference of opinion that traditionalists have.

If you would indulge me, let's invent this term I will use a lot in the future, but dont know the word in English for, called "survival potential".
You see, just creating kids of course would be one of the basic things to do, but not even remotely all of it.
There are so many more things that traditionalists MUST do or feel very strongly about.
Separation of the church and state, rule of common law based on Roman law, rene-science teachings, etc. This whole western civilization pushing is huge among right wingers / white nationalists.

You see, just creating children, without also leaving them some useful traditions would be like dumping them in a forest without any tools. Black plague could wipe them out. Meteors could too. We are no flea bitten muslims. We have traditions that keep us from degenerating into them.
We also believe that our children need to be racially conscious, that their ancestors survived ice age glaciations where they developed higher intellect, because they had to develop better tools, better shelters, better clothing, snares……
Basically they inherited all this shit, all these traditions, neanderthal genes, language, culture, stuff, and they need to preserve it.

Of course, this is inevitable, the old and the new are going to clash, so which one will we accept? Which one is going to be a tradition?
The one that shows itself to survive better.

Fucking hell this is simple stuff, why am I writting blocks of text??

Yes, but that's not traditionalism. Traditionalism isn't the accumulation of more and more knowledge , but rather the refusal to incorporate any new knowledge into one's way of life and instead keep practicing the traditions of the ancestors for their own sake.

Survival OF WHAT?
You will be dead in 100 years.
Your descendants?
They will exist, if you make a woman pregnant. It doesn't require a fascist state for them to exist.

What if it isn't conducive to their survival to preserve outdated traditions?

Lel, according to who? Ever notice how these fascist/traditional values societies tend to dominate technology? Ever noticed how high tech Japan, Israel, Germany, and all other anti-libshit societies tend to be?

There is absolutely no reason to believe this. Fascist state is required for survival in case of things ever going bad, like a meteor or a volcano or a war or another ice age or I dont know, where survival depends on strict management, short deadlines, etc.

Did you know that 99.99% of all life that ever lived on Earth, got wiped out?
Our pretty blue planet seems like a light hearted family comedy movie, if it would be a movie genre, right?
Well according to people who maintain fascist beliefs, our planet is more of a…. Lovecraftian horror genre, and we need to do all that is in our power to stay alive.

Well I already answered this, in case of a conflict of interest, in case of one tradition clashing with a newer one, the one that survives takes charge.
First world war. French army generals using Napoleonic tactics versus German generals trying to make sense of operational and strategic uses of machine guns.
Conclusion: small unit tactics, woodland camo, gas masks and trenches are new army traditions because they allow survival so much better.

It is really sad no European power payed any attention to American civil war, they could have learned so much and save so many people from musket and bayonet tactics…..

You're a fucking idiot

The Amish are an example for a traditionalist society, because they refuse to change their way of life and thus they also refuse to incorporate any new technology into their way of life.
They could survive just fine for generations to come. In fact if all of humanity would become luddites and abandon modern technology, the probability of humanity to survive will be higher than if we keep inventing ever more powerful and destructive technology, which could very well lead to nuclear self.destruction.
You aren't really a traditionalist, if you want society to change. You are actually a progressive.

And about
argument, or thinking that newer tradition must always be better than the old one, no matter what, that this is some sort of a natural constant always true for everything, that is simply not the case.
People who study economy can tell you, 80% of all new businesses tend to fail, and business models that dominate certain sectors tend not to deviate from certain traditions.
Of course some business models got completely replaced too.

Figuring out what works and what doesnt is the most difficult thing to figure out, especially since no resource is infinite, which is why we should innovate as well as take lessons from history. Not blindly and radically trying new things just because they are new (multiculturalism, sure as fuck worked out in Yugoslavia, eh), or blindly hold to old traditions (flea bitten muslims still dying to curable disease because you cant trust heretical demonic white man's medicine).

Because Right Wing thinking is often irrational, symbolic, highly ethereal knowledge that's best communicated through sound bites and infographics, symbolic totem worship and burning human effigies. Youtube is the perfect platform for pseuds, it faces none of the scrutiny that a book does (a book can't appeal to time constraints)

Not if I maintain certain values. Like survival. I really thought that people who read theories would have more understanding for abstract things. Like fundamental values.

What if there is nothing progressive about today's progressives? Have you seen modern art? Have you seen "fat is beautiful, women who cant carry 20kg machine guns should soldier, identity politics, im oppressed" progressives??
Literally nothing progressive about people calling themselves progressives.

Maintaining certain fundamental abstract principles and values, and adopting and developing new technologies that compliment them further, can be considered traditionalism.

I am wrapping up my masters degree in chemistry, and if I can study from sound bites, infographs and symbolic language, I sure as fuck am going to over a textbook.
Nothing pseudo about chemistry, and all of the professors for obvious reasons are recommending this new literature first, and falling back on the textbooks second if no one bothered to make these new materials.


Umm, no.
Did fascist Italy dominate technology?
There isn't any causal relationship between fascism and technological innovation.
How are those countries anti-libshit (post WW2)?
Technological progress is enabled by having a network of research institutions that engage in fundamental scientific research (figuring out the laws of physics, chemistry begin with) ,which is operatng largely international btw. and freely exchanging discoveries between the nations, hardly operating according to any fascist principle like the nationalistic egoism, but rather the opposite of them.

It's not like fascists would be the only ones who value survival. Pretty much everyone does, except for anti-natalists.
So what distinguishes fascism from any other political ideologyy isn't that fascists would value survival whereas the others don't.

Only shit tier or too theoretical science gets published, better tier science becomes an industrial secret, and best tier science that has high strategic value and military applications NEVER gets published.
I am wrapping up loose courses for my masters degree in chemistry.

Technological progress is established by private sector industries and military funding. All other scientists go to teach or serve fast food.

Well, take anti-fascists for an easy example I guess, since they are opposites.
While Spartans/Imperial Brits/Whole Europe, Even Sweden before 60's maintained eugenics programHitler/etc maintained eugenics program as I said, and also imperialistic policies that profited their survival by taking from not-them;
Soviets were trying to uplift peasants who could not compete with industrialization, they were trying to help African nations who could not maintain democracy or any bearable living standard no matter what.

Fascist society simply feeds the faster racing horses and makes way for their offspring, non-fascist society spends its resources trying to uplift these shittier ones too.
No matter the training, no nation can beat west African spring runners. No matter the training, no nation can produce lifters that can lift more than Scandinavians and Slavs. And so on.

Today's Olympic competitions are pretty fascist in nature in the sense it is elitist. So is our scientific funding. not everyone gets the same grants.

Security dilemma, especially in the nuclear age, favours cooperation as an existential survival strategy for the whole of humanity.
Then again you being a parochial little wanker probably don't even mind a nuclear war, as long as your little tribe survives in some cave somewhere. Then they can be really strong and spartan and really practice their survivalism outside of any fun in the nuclear wasteland. What an utopia.

To add to this, Germans were good at science despite nazism, not because of it. Losing Jewish intellectuals and the outright rejection of science (see "Judenphysik") done by Jewish scientists hampered the nazi scientific community. Rejection of Einstein's theories has been cited as a reason for the failure of German nuclear weapons programme.


True that.
And furthermore if one nation decides to become fascist, then the other nations will have an incentive to cooperate with each other to get rid of the fascist nation, since fascist nations are always a threat to all other nations due to their irrational , jingoistic national egoisms. Thus becoming fascist is actually sucididal. Even if the USA, being the most militarily powerful nation, would become fascist, it would lead to China, Europe and Russia banding together against it.

Lol I only made that image because of the billion Holla Forums 'hue this is what leftists look like' ones

US would be most likely to be the 'bad guy' in WWlll. Then again, it's also heavily repressive of worker's rights and general has backing of porky in some form.

I don't see any possibility of a good guy if there is a WWIII, except for maybe a succdem European Bloc

My girlfriend is a physicist, with a diploma and all. Einstein didnt work on ANYTHING nuclear, I dont know how many physics textbooks have you read, you would have to go trough a lot of them before you get to Einstein, but I know for a fact that you never opened the works of that man.

This is funny to me because I have one of the Einsteins books right here on my desk, I study chemistry but I really need to understand Planck and Einstein for some other things. Anyway, explain how did the works of Einstein influence nuclear weapons program. I'll wait. It's ok. I can check the thread later.

You gotta do a bit more than that I'm afraid. That kind of shit might work in social sciences, but when you talk weapons or physics, you also gotta talk proofs that can be tested.

Peace trough strength works.


You're right, you would have died under the Soviets and I see no reason not to kill you now. You annoy me.

Nice to hear about your girlfriend anyway. Tell her that I said hi and that she should pick less retarded partners.

You do realise that I used Einstein as an example, it was not the thrust of my argument. But keep strawmanning, I'm sure it lets you emerge from this discussion with your perverse worldview unscathed.

That would be a lot more convincing if all the fascist states in the world had not been violently removed from existence. If fascism is the superior survival strategy, why were fascisms so terrible at surviving? Not to mention the millions of the fascist countries' own citizens that died due to their wars.
(I'm counting the axis states and their allies as fascist here, though only Italy and maybe Romania really qualify as politically fascist)


Fascists are retarded tho

nice shitpost


At least Commies change their methods and goals at the very least.

4 years ago youtube was heavily liberal and filled with nu-atheist youtuber. Once Trump screws the pooch the pendulum could swing in our favor if we play our cards right

while values do not objectively exist, they do subjectively exist, and these subjective values are the basis of action, as in, what is subjectively valuable to my ego. arguing in subjective favor ends when multiple egos meet a common ground.

and measuring things is how theory is created. it is a tactic to, again, act in favor of the subjective ego.


in fact this entire fucking post is full of spooks holy shit.

I'd say years of censorious SJWs had some influence in pushing people to the other extreme.


Muke, if you're in here, remember your training. Attack capitalism on all its fronts and point out that Pewds got dropped from his network because big corporations thought they'd make more money without him. Capitalism is against free speech. If you can get people to see this, even if you screw something else up, you will win.


I doubt you'll find many fans of PewDiePie here, but Sargon and his ilk want to project the image that it's the left that attacked him, when that couldn't be further from the truth. It's the job of Muke, BadMouse or anyone else who goes after Sargon to prove otherwise.

Communism didn't survive tho

Communism wasn't dead, it was never alive.

This is a false narrative though. Felix isn't covertly anti-semetic. The WSJ ran a hack job on him and the alt-right is trying to meme his support into reality.

The most fundamental part of this whole issue is this: Pewdiepie is not actually a nazi.

If after a century of massive investment of lives and resources you couldn't even get one breathing sample of communism, may be it's time to move on.

I mean look at this shit. He's pointing at something and the WSJ takes a cap of it, pretends like he's saluting Hitler, and now these rags are running it, and then rebutting it with "pewdiepie defends his antisemitism, says it's taken out of context"


There were multiple examples of different kinds of socialism, and many were crushed or subverted, plus there are arguably example right next door. You also can't wish away the contradictions of capitalism.

fascism had the support of the major capitalist powers at the time
until they started expanding their empires into the territory of the existing empires (japan and the US both wanted to control the pacific, The US didn't give a fuck about their ideology)

it's for clickbait purposes. Still pretty bad though.

I mean I get that I'm supposed to be outraged but trying to give a shit enough about PDP to actually defend him or even feel bad for him just feels gay as shit

Wait I thought Communism was never tried :^) Does this mean Stalinist Russia was true Communism?

Imo this is enabled by the long slow burn of media people treating him like he's a personal affront to them and by extension to you, the reader, for years. Its not like this event is particularly different from the way pewdiepie is usually treated, is it? It's an example of something like propaganda. Here is somebody who people think doesn't deserve defense for no particular reason other than everyone knows he doesn't deserve defense, despite not actually knowing much about him at all.

>But really, is it that surprising? It's not like they have important theory to read or subjects to study. It's just, like, common sense, man. Holla Forums gives them all the answers in bite sized little jaypehgs. No thinking required.

pottery levels which can't even be measured

Wow, it's like, you don't understand the proles you claim to fight for, or something. Typical out-of-touch leftists.

That's not the point. The argument little fascist makes here for instance is that fascism is good because its the best survival strategy. Real life however contradicts this, as fascist states do not exist, ruled for 20 years at best and caused massive death and destruction in their own societies. 's very motivation for fascism and traditionalism is its power and preparedness to survive. From a historical perspective fascism has neither, thus making the argument quite absurd. No amount of >but USSR collapsed too!! has any bearing on the argument.