The smarter I get, the more difficult it becomes to distinguish one normie from another...

The smarter I get, the more difficult it becomes to distinguish one normie from another, they all start to look the same, similar to how we see animals…

High school does that.

I'm in college.

ok Elliot

Try to break out of that, it's irrational. You can't judge people that quickly/with that little information.

great, just great
left totally in need of another special snowflake elitist

>the smarter I become the more I develop this fantasy about my superiority and the dumb masses causing my problems

Good commie

individuality is a spook.

I'm already part of the 5% of people in my country who can speak english fluently, so it's true :^)

idpol confirmed for retards.

i wouldn't say that too loud

Yes, humans are animals

you're not smart. that's a ghost story, kiddo

Alright, what's your deal Mr. Nonjudgemental Nazi?

are you a grill, mr Nazi?

I'm angry at Holla Forums for unfairly banning me so I thought I'd come here and post my views and see if you lot are alright.

They all look the same, dress the same, act the same and listen to the same ooga booga music.


tits of gtfo

exactly fucker. you're spooked bitch

There's your problem kiddo.

Don't forget to take your meds
However, tbh I kinda agree with your sentiment (regardless of how retarded you sound). Not with the "see them as animals" shit, but there is not much diversity (not talking about race) from one person to another here on campus. Most people are just consumed by Spectacular crap

I consider myself a green centrist.

What is good for profits and what is good for the environment are opposed.

We'll hang you with a hemp rope then. :-)

Even if OP is a shitposter, high Autism Levels do seriously have problems thinking about "normies," as individuals and not just case-studies of academic interest, which leads to a high rate of alienation and depression among smarties. After all, the magnitude of the difference between a person of avg Autism Level and a "genius" is greater than the difference between an avg person and someone considered mentally retarded.

i don't consider myself a genius or anything but it is frustrating how ignorant average people are

Holla Forums 2017

I need to vouch for this. I was the leader of a Scout hiking expedition in New Mexico around the age 16 or so. One of the kids, right from the start, I could tell had some kind of mental deficiency. This only became more apparent as time went on and he continued to act as you'd expect of a retard, at one point trying to slide down the face of a mountain we just climbed (risking his life, I should add) because he was scared of the thunder.
The adult staff leader or whatever he was called didn't notice anything off about him, I don't know why I didn't but I should've have told him that we had a retard in our ranks.

Is that Rockford Highschool?
I went there.
Everyone's parent's are middleclass and all the students dress like that.
It's awful.
Bunch of dude bros everywhere.


Your brain is dealing with your undiagnosed autism by creating a fantasy of people not liking you because you are smarter.

Those are your fellow workers, everyone thinking they are different and better than everyone else is part of the spectacle keeping you from uniting with them.

If you aren't independently wealthy or at least own a business you are a normie.

Being a normie doesn't have anything to do with class, fam.

Prole and normie aren't synonymous terms
Normie, in part, defines a sort of ideology that won't seriously contest the status quo, unlike proletarian ideology

They must have found out leftypol is populated exclusively by Aryan-Kurd Supermen. Whereas pol is filled with mullatos.

Bullshit, proles are the normies, the bourgeoisie is a very small portion of the population.


same fucking feels here

OP have you been vaccinated recently? I'm afraid you're developing autism

join your local leftist political groups, visit places promoting counterculture, go to the university library or places affiliated with reading and intellectual thought. soon you will meet people who share your distrust of normies and you can make fun of them together

t. Normie

I literally don't even see roaches anymore. They are just pawns in my game. 3 weeks ago I killed "my" "girlfriend"s cat and blamed it on her. She was a dumb art student and I got her hooked on pills and made her cut contact with her family. Women are the easiest to manipulate. She cried during sex and I blocked her number. Honestly it's not even worth the time anymore. I don't care if you don't believe me. Revolution is coming, comrades, the roaches are getting on board.