Are bubble baths counter revolutionary?

Are bubble baths counter revolutionary?

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Degenerates. You'll turn into monkeys.



I myself bath for an hour every day.

monkeys confirmed




I get most of my reading done in the bath or in hot tubs surrounded by babes.

Jesus wept.

3 baby seals died for OP's sins

remember when last decade newfags on Holla Forums didn't yet know about their proprietary stasi botnet tracking devices aka iPhones?
(video unrelated:

so anyway, OP is at
GPS Latitude Reference = north latitude (N)
GPS Latitude = 29/1,43/1,4112/100 [degrees, minutes, seconds] ===> 29° 43′ 41.12″ == 29.728089°
GPS Longitude Reference = west longitude (W)
GPS Longitude = 95/1,44/1,922/100 [degrees, minutes, seconds] ===> 95° 44′ 9.22″ == 95.735894°
in case you wanna steal his iphone7.

wait, isn't 90°W somewhere in china?

nvm, confused east and west. so is 30°N americunt or canuck? can't be arsed to start my flight simulator or enable javascript.

On the bathroom floor, too. Which is covered in bacteria unless you close the lid every time you flush.

bubble baathism is the correct way to resist imperialism tbqh

thanks, bathroom floor

houston tx

This is true

How do you do this?

each time a book is placed on the floor its inbuilt GPS starts sending signals to the local library


Is it to do with the file name? Do iPhones put GPS information into the file of the picture or something?

Huh, I thought Holla Forums cleared exif data. Must just have been the guy I was trying to track knowing I'd do that.

Apparently, I can't seem to find it easily tho.

and you shouldn't give your EXIF to Holla Forums in any case because companies can do a lot more damage with that information than anyone here. excluding the NSA ofc.

"Don't worry, it's just Metadata" :^)

No. Denying people such simple luxuries like bubble baths is only going to increase resentment for your movements. Bubble baths will be collectivized and offered to all workers.

They can luxuriate in the fine public hot spring baths then. It's healthy to see what average (not peak) performance looks like, however unpleasant to the eye.