Is Bernies personality one of the most unlikable in US politics? So negative and depressing

Is Bernies personality one of the most unlikable in US politics? So negative and depressing

Is his personality a separate entity from him?

Bernard is the most likeable politician I've ever witnessed


He's pretty fucking miserable tbh. A crap speaker and has constantly negative body language.

Elizabeth Warren? Cory Booker?


He's rather morose and doesn't appear quick-witted, but he's humble and cooperative enough with a dry sense of humor that he doesn't end up that unlikable. He can even be sometimes charming.

HRC comes off as bland and hollow.

I think Ted Cruz has the least likable personality in US politics. He's hated by his peers for being slimy, conceited, and untrustworthy. His cowardly support of Trump during the primary, believing Trump would inevitably lose and that he, Cruz, would sweep up his voters was nauseating. His daughters don't seem to like him either.

Trump might edge him out, but he also has entertainment value and a sense of humor on his side.

That said, I'd rather be stuck next to Cruz on an airplane than Trump.

What this guy said, too.


Lol what. Bernie sucks on a number of issues not the least of which is anti-imperialism, but his charisma is not a problem. People love him dude.

I never thought of Bernie as curmudgeonly, and during the primary I only heard of left-liberals praising his honesty and respect from conservatives.

As far as personality goes, people want someone who talks tough. They don't have to be honest, they never are, but as long as you can project your own frustrations onto them when they rip into the politicians, elites, immigrants, people will find a way to love them.

guy is a bleedin disney princess, i don't know what you fuckers are on about. all those years of cheap motivational quotes really go to your head i guess.

Which Bernie are you talking about, OP?

Warren is a cunt.

1. She endorsed clinton on maddow's neoliberal show before the primaries ended.
2. She's the McCain of the democrats. She gets on TV and bangs on a podium shouting about ethics and the american people and it makes a nice photo for /r/politics thumbnails, but she doesn't actually do anything. She confirmed carson ffs.

B-b-b-but if she doesn't confirm Carson, then Trump might try and get someone even worse! She has a moral duty from Jesus Christ himself to confirm Ben Carson.

Exact same thing happened with Occupy Wall Street. Scared the shit out of porky so they trotted out the racial bogeyman and cranked tensions up to 11.

I distinctly remember "white muh privilege" coming out of nowhere and becoming a thing on SNL after Occupy.

Less than six months ago he was the most popular politician in America. When Congress as a whole has approval ratings in the single digits, his was something like 60%

Fuck Warren, that worthless turncoat


it rhymes?


Fuck CB. He might've put on a good show back then, but nowadays Big Pharma has him firmly in their back pocket.