Is there any credibility to the 'George Soros' meme?

is there any credibility to the 'George Soros' meme?

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Yes: my fat check for the inauguration black bloc protest.


So what is this guy's end goal if he's not a leftist? Why is he spending his money this way?

He's just a liberal happy merchant who wants to extend his grip on power.


it's right though, he funded Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia

Is he, dare I say, our guy?

nah Holla Forums hyperboles his importance

no, he's an anticommunist turd

He's the universal scapegoat used by all dictators who want to discredit leftwing popular movements that challenge government.

Holla Forums are retarded so they created a omnipotent super villain in soros on a mission to destroy the white race

George Soros funds left-of-center movements to make himself the scapegoat of the right to discredit leftist action, preserving the capitalist apparatus that made him a billionaire.

here is proof of 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀((soros) paying the blac bloc


There are many billionaires who are much more dangerous, whom stay out of the limelight, too. So the Koch bros & Soros being media whores does seem deliberate.

:00 undeniable proof, that picture shared on a chan made me a nazi redpilled on the joos :)

Nothing but screeching from the right

There was an interesting article (I think anarchist-oriented) about how his funding co-opts autonomous movements and tries to bring them into "legitimate" liberal politics somewhere.

But taken at passive value that would mean the real problem is that he's stopping people being disruptive, instead of paying them to smash shit up.

some of those "billionaires" belong to jewish clans that literally have infinite money and some of trumps biggest pals and family memebers seem very close to them

Hes a cappie cuck nothing more

completely irrelevant. Holla Forums is just unbelievably retarded.


No one said he wasn't bad, you imbecile. It's like you didn't even read the thread. Rest assured anyone with that amount of capital has fucked a lot of people. We're saying there's many out there; that's he's not solely responsible for all of the world's ills. These people work together.

Did you even read the thread? I already know someone is bellow average Autism Level once I see the fucking tank.

It's not about him being good or evil - those are totally irrelevant moral arbitrary descriptions anyway. It's about him being "unimportant" or "irrelevant" because he's clearly not and one of the important pillars of the neoliberal mainstream and just because your Big Other Holla Forums is onto him doesn't mean we can't talk about him as a problem - and unlike the Rothschilds and the Koch Bros he uses explicit leftist rethoric which makes his NGOs subversive for the left and we are already have to fight off the hundreds of strawmen liberals and right-wingers throw at us.

Face it: People don't make threads and comments about Soros or the Rothschilds because they are shit afraid to be told to "go back to Holla Forums" or "lel spooks" by some Anarcho-Nihilist fag. That's toxic for the debate on this board and hurts our credibility as well.

No shit - you know what I meant.
You know, you could've just said this instead of calling less interested people COINTELPRO. Funny you speak of people being silenced when they talk about something & you're attempting to do the same here by labeling them cointelpro.

Did in fact address it.

Like I said here anytime he's brought up it should be mentioned that this type of fuckery is common among billionaires & should all be fought. Focus should be on the system that allows them to operate in this manner, as well.

That's not the case, if they make a decent thread. I've seen plenty of threads about Soros at least & actual discussion going on about it. By all means - carry on.


Yes, Mr. Soros pays for me $50 for every 100 posts I make here, and he pays me around $200 for every black bloc I attend.

Some here unironically said he's irrelevant or he's just a Holla Forums boogeyman. He's clearly not and I'm just tired of the discourse being dictated through what Holla Forums likes or dislikes - if we allow this to happen, we indirectly grant Holla Forums the monopoly on controversial topics which solidifies their grip on the alternative Internet culture we see currently.

There are others just like him that don't make that much exposure on media or in the internet. He's just a stock manipulator whose opinions are respected and he uses it at his advantage.

First he says some stock is bad, then he waits for the bandwagon effect to take place, resulting a stock being ultimatly trash, then he either owns,beforehand, a large stock of that stock competitors and sell to the dumb investors, or he buys that shitty stock and sell that company's assets, or even both. In the end he gets some profits, make his patreons happy, and make the whole economy a little more cancerous.

I agree with the tankie here for once.

Good posts, Soros is much more damaging to the left and his funding of trot groups and IDpol organizations are done out of nothing but malicious intent towards the left.

Yes, he's just not actually in charge of the entire Liberal/Progressive movements and agenda. He is however a massive globalist non-state actor type catalyst for regime change and trade liberalization. Guy also helped the Nazis in Hungary despite being a Jew himself, a common phenomena among rich European Jews at that time. Lastly he gave money to Obama, Hillary and Bernie so he's hardly a committed leftist. He seems to be a Progressive Welfare Capitalist a la Bill Gates and Zuckerfuck. They want the UN/NATO to rule the world with 4 different major trade zones and all the workers being shipped to and fro as multi-nationals demand them. Everyone drinks soylent and lives in 500 sq ft pods like they already do in Seoul and Tokyo.

TLDR: Yeah, he's just not as powerful as they allege because they're autists and can't help but exaggerate everything

Fuck off.

If the vanguard supposedly composed of the brightest individuals ends up with shit like this I would, in his place, fund Charter 77 too.

Soros is 1000% /ourguy/

besides the checks we get, he brought down the eastern bloc because they were revisionist anyway and he understood the necessity of global revolution, he's also accelerating shit up


Yes there is truth to it. He has had a hand in destabilization of contries. He has also bet on the collapse of contries, but I think the two are seperate. He is very good at predicting market trends, which is how he has amassed his fortune and sometimes those trends include market collapses. He does not however generally target fagile economies for his political messages, but rather loses money on buying shills. So yes he is trying to force his Ideology down everyones throats, but I don't think its part of a greater agenda. He just a self righteous capatalist with a warped moral compass (probably because of his messed up childhood).