Obesity epidemics and starvation epidemics exist simultaneously

Wow capitalism truly is the best system for reproducing and distributing the material requirements of life.

It's called freedom of choice you damn commies


We call it "irrational management of resources"

There should be strict rationing of food tbh. Never understood why people see rationing as a bad thing.


That's the reward of freedom

Since when was it rational to give people resources? They're ours, I don't give a fuck if it comes from under the feet of a starving African.

Go to some third world fucking shithole because guess what? Communism died with the collapse of the soviet union, Americas reign over the globe is eternal.

you understand nothing


Doesn't fucking matter, their job is to consume.

porkyposters are some of the best on here

Distribute poisoned food to the Africans and starve the obese.

Flip as necessary until optimum results are attained.

Source for pic?

Farmer user can back me up on this.

the revolution cant come soon enough

sugars and fats are energy. They feed people too. Too much, actually, thats the problem.

Pretty much, unless you're lucky and live in a town/city with a decent farm-to-table culture with local restaurants and farms (Spoiler, you probably don't)

Ya know a lot of obese people could be considered malnourished. Part of why they got fat is because they have access to high-calorie food with almost no nutritional value.

Since it's a short list, which cities would that be?

What is it about Walmarts and how they look like garbage even when they are brand new?

I'd imagine most are in the pacific northwest, like rural parts of western Oregon and Washington.

Still not dumb enough to be anarchkids.

yeah, they're not polar opposites; but it illustrates the gap in wealth.

This. The majority of obese people in countries tend to be poor because healthy food is expensive in America, because it costs more to produce than cheaper food, which is bad for you.