Are young people really becoming more right wing? I'm not convinced everyone under 20 is a fascist...

Are young people really becoming more right wing? I'm not convinced everyone under 20 is a fascist, but it seems like any kid outside of a big city or university town is pretty conservative.

Yep just look at any political comments section like youtube, etc. It's all rightists.

The amount of right-wing youth is higher than socialists would like, but vastly overstated by right-wingers trying to make themselves look more numerous than they are.

This meme began with a study done in one unnamed English school as interpreted by the Daily Mail. Why would you doubt the conclusion of such a well respected UK national treasure?

Only retards comment on youtube videos for debate.

I've mostly seen it on the internet. not sure how many there are irl

young people are too retarded to have political opinions yet

it's a conspiracy!

Yes, but remember that this is a false conflict; one that is simply about altering which way capitalism goes to. Within 10 years, after left-liberalism finds a new way to capitalize on the inevitable failure of right populist protectionism, we will get another return to left-liberalism and a path away from right populism again.

This is why all I can do is laugh when reactionaries cry about the liberal media or Cultural Marxism or some new movie with a female cast in "traditionally male" roles. Young people these days primarily consume culture through the internet (namely YouTube, Reddit and Facebook) and most of their favorite performers within those venues are reactionary as fuck white males. Obviously turds like PewDiePie and Ethan Klein aren't "Nazis" or even fascists but they do flirt with reaction by shitting on "SJW culture" in a purely undialectical manner that is not at all class conscious.

Someone should replace O'Reilly with Milo. It'd be more relevant, especially since Bill Maher basically sucked Milo's cock on live television.

Just a few hours ago I watched that scene from LotR where Gandalf encounters a crossroads in Moria he did not recall, prompting him to state: "I have no memory of this place." And lo and behold, there's the rightist circlejerk in the comments, with crappy comments like:
Same with virtually every other video involving history or Fantasy. I doubt it's Trump shills making comments like that on 4 year old videos.

Protip: Trump actually has the money to pay for shills. Socialists don't.

If you honestly think George Soros is a socialist you're too stupid to live.

the generation is polarising into SJW turds and alt rightists

Most young people are growing up in an environment devoid of intellectually challenging educational material or coherent leftist theory/messages. Their only contact with counterculture is through identity politics, either from "le cultural marxist SJWs" who criticize mainstream culture, or the right-wing "anti-SJWs" who criticize them back.

Whether they are becoming more right wing is irrelevant. They still need to be educated.

is it so hard to understand? young people see their nations being degraded along with their chances for success in life, and want a situation more similar to that enjoyed by their parents generation, where those in power were far more right leaning.

i'm not even a "rightist" and i can see this, the current system is failing the majority of natural born western youth.

In Europe at least, the Left used to be far less right wing than it is now. Yet the response is to go even further right when the liberals start dismantling your security.


perhaps in some areas… but they are far more left leaning in others.
look at the differences between society then and now, and you'll find the causes for the effects of today.

at least that's a simplistic (and mostly true) way of looking at it, and one easily perceived by the youth.

They are like Theresa May conservatives. They don't hate gays or blacks buy by golly will the do anything to protect middle england

Do you have anything beyond anecdotal evidence to support the notion that youth are becoming more right wing?

Excellent, user. Thanks.

Personally, I have experienced quite the opposite.
I'm 18 in a very conservative section of the US, and most of my friends are either Berniecrats, or left leaning. I met them in a rather conservative religious school too, but we aren't special or outliers, most of our peers at least lean left.

Research data disagrees with you OP.

It is the generation below millennials that you need to worry about lad, say hello to generation zyklon

Sounds OK to me, I hate drugs and tattoos and consider myself a socialist

Generation Z is too young to have formed politics yet IMO. My politics did a complete 180 from ages twelve to nineteen.

Please no.

Good news is that you're one of the good ones. Bad news is you're the minority, not the majority.
I would recommend redpilling the everliving fuck out of your SocDem friends.

Well fuck if you have a screenshot of a random headline then I guess it's irrefutable.


When I was thirteen I thought drugs were bad, black people needed to work harder, and George Bush was a good president.

Then I grew up, got a job, grew a brain, a dick, and a heart, and everything changed.

This is literally fake news and you people are fucking retarded defeatists for pandering to it. If the mods weren't massive faggots they'd bumplock this thread for being unverified boomer propaganda, the 100th thread on it, and probably something like the third in the catalog on it.

What does this even mean?

Jesus. Women are gonna lose suffrage soon.

Yes. The threat of mass immigration combined with the insane push from the SJW-left has made lots of interested in supporting right wing views.

Please peacefully genocide yourself.

mass immigration should also be filtered to "microaggression"

Kids get bombarded with daily doses of SJW insanity on their social media and think the cure to this ill is to become a reactionary.


Honestly, the 'anuddah shoah' meme is ridicules when you realize it's all about jealous LARPers whining about women liking BBC. They don't often complain about the white bois liking the BBA I've noticed. It's some spooky shit.

Interesting word filter there.

Young people aren't becoming more right wing. They overwhelming voted against Trump in the election.

I'm under 20 and I can confirm I'm a fascist.


this truly is the worst timeline

I thought i had escaped.


Of the kids I've spoken to (who I suppose are closer to adults now, but are still gen z I believe), there seems to be a fair contingent of both alt-right supporters and social-democrats. A lot of young people struggle with an intense apathy and a general feeling of being lost, and live in a world where political involvement seems pointless and impossible. Tbey also live in aworld where they've seen the constant failure of capitalism, but also look towards the historic left as an example of the failure of revolutionary movements. Many of these people are earnestly searching for meaning and truth, in a world seemingly devoid of both. Our attention should go towards these people more than anyone else.

Agreed, it's spooky as hell.
I'm fine with you being against immigration for the right reasons, but being afraid that you will be 'outbred' or never get laid is truly pathetic.

Are you illiterate?

1) when has there ever been any dialectical entertainment in the capitalist west?
2) why does everything have to be political?

They don't. Don't believe the media.

Pick only one, no one gives a shit what teens think, and most of them don't even get a vote.
Teens think all kinds of retarded bullshit.

It's almost like the left is just a bunch of old white men. Like diversify your politicians, comedians, and shit. Like you are the reason we are having anuddah shoah - get on board and diversify yourselves more. Not cool to be that white.

It's a sad world when youth thinks that defending the status quo and living a life devoid of meaning are brave acts of rebellion.

The youth wants to defend their culture, their people, their world. If you want to live under Sharia, move. Those fuckers have more than overstayed their welcome (which they absolutely did not deserve in the first place).

Also I've noticed the left is more open to "racism" and other isms lately.

That's good that it's reverting the damage liberalism did to it. People can give shit to each other again!


No almost half the students in the rural midwest highschool i go to supported Bernie, and the other half probably didnt care. If you get off the internet and talk to real people you'll find the large majority of young people are getting radicalized

The problem really isn't as bad as you're imagining.

Cool ghost story, but this isn't /x/

young people of left-leaning countries are more right wing
young people of right-leaning countries are more left wing

that's normal

Women like what they are told to like.
If the media push the BBC then women will like the BBC.

only on Holla Forums

Bear in mind, that comes from The Daily Mail which is a right-wing UK rag. Take everything they report on with a MASSIVE grain of salt.

Yes, they are becoming more right-wing.

Yeah except to these people "if you do happen to like the BBC that's okay, I guess" counts as 'pushing.'