What would the revolution do about NEETs? srs

what would the revolution do about NEETs? srs

I don't think NEETs would exist in a socialist society tbh. Not because there would be forced labor or something like that, but rather because there would be no reason to retreat from the community.

We'd all become NEETs

You do realise the bourgie will do anything it cans do destroy the revolution,no?

Jocks and Chad's will die.

NEETs don't want to work and they don't give a shit about the community.



Obviously, but that's because their communities are shit. There's a reason they're so common in Japan, since the wagecuck pressure is the highest there.


Everyone becoming NEET's is the endgame of humanity.

NEETs would receive psychiatric rehabilitation and therapy so they can rejoin the community

Hmmm… Now if only there was some way we could resolve this phenomenon into its fundamental material components and comprehend its real nature.

This is insane. Eliminating economic competition does not eliminate social and sexual competition. High school drop outs on wizchan did not retreat from the community because of capitalism.

There are ways to organize society to minimize that

Please don't bring r9k bullshit into this

To some extent, but they aren't talked about because most people don't care that much. There will always be friendless nine year olds who grow up to be voiceless adults.

No they retreated because they didn't fit in and couldn't handle the pressure. But we are thinking dialectical here and understand that social and sexual competition is inherently tied to the material conditions of the people.

I don't know of many trust fund kids who spend their day raging on imageboards about how they don't have a girlfriend.

They are tied to it, but they will easily adapt and endure without it. There are people you like talking to and people you don't, and it generally has little to do with capitalism.

I don't mean to be a sadfag but don't let dialectics turn you into a retard.

I don't think this should be bumplocked.

I mean, I don't want to claim there's no solution, but it's definitely an "open problem" in social science.

depends, are we dealing with chauvinists or people who have been instrumental to the revolution?

not all NEETs are anti women. NEET just means unemployed and not in any for of education or training.I'm a NEET but I'm not anti woman and I'd gladly pick up a rifle when the time comes

Okay fine. I'm just saying there's legitimacy to the "racist/misogynist/bigot neckbeard pol neet" meme, and when the time comes they (bad neets) will be wall'd.

yeah, obviously those reactionary fucks will die