Cuba becoming capitalist - Private bussiness already exists

You can't make this shit up. Capitalism wins again. When do you guys think McDonalds will open a branch in Havana? Going to say in around 15 years.

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Does the left have any country they can worship where the economy isn't capitalist or becoming capitalist? Venezuela and North Korea are all that's left.

then will you shut up about opposing anything at all

We never talk about Venezuela or North Korea. Emerging movements are what we are interested in. Particularly the ones in the Philippines, India, and syria

NPA is getting crushed by Duterte.


Rojava will turn to capitalism just like Iraqi Kurdistan did.

Why the fuck can't they just transition to co-op market socialism?

every official is going to get a fat check for opening up public land to big capital investment

Cause capitalism is better. While education, healthcare and infastructure should be run by the state, alongside decent wealth redistribution. Private companies are essentialy to sustained growth and a prosperous economy.

Why haven't you swallowed the mixed-market pill yet?

I'm a fucking rebel I hate these god damn marxists why can't they support everything the world stands for me like me, that's how you change everything.

That's not why btw. Capitalism ends in a genocide that's going to make the Soviets pale in comparison.

Almost all mass murdering and genocides have been by totalitarian regimes on both the left and right. Are you going to dump that shitty "capitalism death toll" pictute where it attributes a lot of the deaths (such as the vast majority of indians being wiped out by disease from coming into conflict with settlers) to capitalism?

No. I'm going to tell you that it cannot sustain the environment, as it profits off what kills the planet.

You cannot sustain this even in the century. This ends in a die off in your life time. When you are elderly, remember your naive youth.

This can exist alongside capitalism you idiot. Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand and Australia all manage to do capitalism fine in a mixed-market scenario.

Nobody is arguing for unfettered capitalism here. I am not a free-market fag, but neither do I think abolition of private business and property is the solution either.

Eschew your ideology, stop treating people like Marx as the bible and everything he said to be the truth.

Doesn't matter.

Doesn't matter.

Doesn't matter

Stop getting offended at people simply stating capitalism will result in starvation in due time. Neoliberalism cannot stop the future.

Kill yourself.

welfare isn't "mixed-market", stop acting like it is.
Mixed market is state-owned industry alongside private industry.

Hahahaha leftypol look capitalism is winning at everything, we're winning the culture war

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State provided healthcare, education, infrastructure, social security, and wealth redistribution to ensure that the poorest are not left in the dirt is a mixed-market as it occurs in the framework of a capitalist economy. The truth isn't 100% socialism or capitalism. It has been a mixture of both.

I'm not a leftist, I'm saying that that private business and property is necessary to have a prosperous economy. China, Vietnam and now Cuba all did this.


Good, tankies deserve to be ridiculized for being such weak creatures

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Not an argument.

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Capitalism expanding into a new market isn't "winning." It's still as vulnerable to its internal contradictions as anywhere else, and so always carries with it the seeds of its own destruction. Keep in mind also that we're about to see the interaction between modern finance capitalism and a proletariat inculcated in revolutionary socialist ideology for the past half-century and that we have no idea how the Cubans or their government are going to react when the full exploitative powers of capital are finally brought to bear.

In the mean time, go read a book and try to unfuck yourself.

China and Vietnam adopted capitalism after decades of failed socialist rule. They are unironically some of the most pro capitalist people in the world now. Socialism is really that terrible.

woah didn't know Japanese were this woke

So we're even closer to total destruction? Good, let it all fucking burn.

Their economy has been in constant stagnation since the 80s. They government has tried Keynesian methods to get them out since then but it hasn't been working.

leftypol BTFO

Vietnam had to endure nearly a century of constant emancipatory warfare first against the french, then against the Americans, who in a single day of bombing dropped more explosives on Vietnam than the entirety of what was dropped during WW2, not to mention the environmental destruction wrought by the chemicals dropped on them by the US, and then subsequently being locked out of the global economy, and having to clean up the mess the US made in Cambodia and Laos and then fight a border war with China.

China also went through a century of economic, social, and political upheaval culminating in the Sino-Japanese war/WW2 and had numerous other internal challenges after the civil war between them and the nationalists. Due to the Sino-Russian split they were also severely hobbled in terms of economic recovery until they made rapprochement with the US and were allowed to integrate themselves with global capital. Despite their rapid industrialization, very little new wealth has reached the working people, instead we've just seen the transfer of wealth from the Western proletariat to the Chinese as evidenced by the emiseration of working people in the US and elsewhere. This integration with global capital might have allowed them to reindustrialize and modernize their country, but it hasn't done anything to ameliorate the inherent tensions between regional bourgeoisie which we can see in the rising tensions and provocations surrounding the South China Sea.

tl;dr the move to "capitalism" from "socialism" in China and Vietnam were due to complex historical, political, and material realities, not because it was "better."

When you have a specific word for "dying at work from exhaustion" you know shit is fucked.

And to compensate for the declining profitability Japanese companies have resorted to pressuring employees to work 50, 60, 70, sometimes even 90 hour weeks. Japan is also wracked with numerous other social and economic problems, and despite stimulus after stimulus and every neoliberal play in the book, continues to stagnate and decline. Gosh, what could account for this failure of capitalism?

You only wish.

Complete bullshit.

Average wages rose, per capita income rose, absolute poverty rates plummeted from a whopping 41% from failed socialist policies under Mao to 5%.

Capitalism saved China through and through. It's populace is way better off under capitalism now.

So in Vietnam, you had an annual drop of 2% in poverty since capitalist reforms were adopted.

It's an objective fact that capitalism made both of these countries less poorer as a result. Socialism is shit and multiple decades of it just resulted in a stagnant economy for both of these countries. Neither can you blame neoliberalism for the stagnant Japanese economy. It's because of the Keynesian stimulus packages that keep failing there.

Makes me wonder wherr the capitalist reforms started. Oh right.

Since when has China ever been Socialist ?
They never handed the means of productions back into the hands of the Workers
And Vietnam too