Porky Just Outporked Himself

How many layers of late capitalism do you think they are on?

hahahahahahahaha kill me

I have secondhand embarrassment.

Is this real? or is this some advanced satire



February 14, 2017 will forever be remembered as the day we entered the post-modern age of scabbing with a bang.

Hahaha perfect.


Doesnt the falling rate of profit kinda proves this image right???

I think it is possible to make them add "Your comrades" and "With Communist greetings".

It is not caused by increased regulation though.
It is caused by economic accumulation IIRC.

It might seem weird to you, but unsuccessful businesses do exist. Poor guy fell for the startup meme.

oh my.

Has a point tbh, even though it is pretty pathetic. The strike isn't the one to end capitalism, it's just to bitch at people who aren't going to listen. It's not like Trump actually wants to remove all immigrants, legal or not, he just wants people to think he will.

He's not wrong. Petty bourgeoisie don't usually do very well and have to get into large amounts of debt and even then most of them fail. Socialism would actually be in their self-interest.

retarded anarchism strikes again

even your special snowflake coop "socialism" will destroy them
they live off labour employment
take that away and they're fucked

I know a lot's of petty bourgeois who would like to change the regime back to socialism. Startups and small businesses are allowed to exist only because they do not threaten the corporations, these people usually work much more than regular employees and can't be sure how much they will make. Being petty bourg is often much worse than being employed.


illegal immigration sure does hurt porky with all those massive profits that cheap labor

oh wait actually you support open borders because you're an empty cat-man for who life ends and begins at letting people know he gets weird twitter and has the Correct Opinions on immigration, curated by jewish supremacists, to show that he gets weird twitter and is better than people who listen to kid rock who are racist

They are not even really petty bourgeois if you think about it. All of their capital is had on credit which they personally have to work miserable hours to repay. They may hold the deeds, but the banks own their "small businesses." As soon as they miss a payment (which the overwhelming majority do) the bank takes everything. Ultimately, they are just workers who are duped into believing that they are bosses.

Then your firm should go bankrupt. No sympathy for small businesses.




No. Petit-Bourgeoisie does not have it as their main source of income - otherwise it would've been Bourgeoisie.

It is true that Socialism would help - some - Petit-Bourgeois, but that doesn't make the class truly "revolutionary" in the context of Socialist revolution: while Petit-Bourgeoisie might support early Revolution, establishment of Dictatorship of the Proletariat will limit their freedom. I.e. against their interests. Which is why so many Petit-Bourgeois go counter-revolutionary.