Did Ben Garrison legitimately have a stroke in the last two years

Did Ben Garrison legitimately have a stroke in the last two years

He couldn't be anymore of a fucking trumpcuck.

I sense… jealousy.

I'm jealous Trump dodged the draft and didn't step on one of our land mines like the rest of white america :)


Fuck me I'm agreeing with Hoochie!

If you hate them so much why even have sex with them? Unless you hate yourself for being attracted to them and project that outwards. Hmm…really makes you think.


Why do you purposefully not have sex

sucks for you i guess


Don't give him de credit

I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt he has vocel pride running through the veins of his cock

Doesn't Samson die in the bible?
Is Ben saying that the NWO/Clinton/Soros/Media are going to kill Trump?
Somehow i don't think that was the intended message.

Actually it's Vietnam fucking shits that are currently still stepping on American ordnance. Vietnam would have been worth it if only GIs burned your family with the rest of the village. Also:
Bitch, you didn't do shit. Stop LARPing.

Is that why his hairs like that?

Samson gets his power from his hair, and the comic is saying Trump in Samson

Glad to see I'm not the only weirdo around here.

Why does he draw him all jacked, he looks nothing like that

Shes not vietnamese, her family is. Shes from L.A.

Whats gentrification huh

Poor neighborhoods becoming too expensive for the existing residents to keep affording because of rich people moving in?

I mean fairs fair for the thousands of dead fathers

I know she's not. I'm saying we could have prevented her shit if only shit got taken care of back in the day. Honestly, I'm pretty sure the war was to prevent her shitposting. Truly America's greatest failure.


Why couldn't they just napalm that one straw hut with hoochie's family in it? Think of all the threads that could have been saved from her derailing

Nah, fair is letting Marky Mark do a number on the Vietnam fucking shits of the world. Truly the hero America needs.


the CIA undermined the vietnam war effort to ensure that she'd disrupt a communist forum all these years later. Its all part of the plan.

Having to do community service for the rest of his life so people can go to his burger chain?

japanese are the best asians. Frankly, the rest would be better off if they were still japanese colonies.

How did this thread go from "Fuck Ben Garrison" to "Let's shit on everyone's favorite tripfriend"?

Its all just bantz, lad, dont take it as more hostile than it is

You keep shitposting, Hoochie. I got myself an M16A1, OD greens, a wisecracking black guy, and I know how to drive an M113. We're going to burn down your village, even if that village is LA.



Say what you will about our tripfriend and her incessant shitposting, but at least she isn't howard scott

In all honesty, I really do know how to drive an M113. I just don't have one…yet.

That's not saying much, but credit where credit is due. She is not, in fact, Howard Scott.


She loves the big white cock

The best Asians aren't even Asian.


Actually she's a fat carpet-munching dyke. She ain't even one of dem kawaii lesbians like in my Japanese animes. Gonna have to commit some war crimes to get rid of her.

Well, to be completely honest, I'm not sure the specifics of it. Lolberts betray their 'core' beliefs all the time (LE HELICOPTER CHILE MAN RIDE xDDDDfags, for example), but Ben didn't start until he realized he could save his mediocre and failing career by selling shitty merchandise to 8pol.

/pol9k/ detected.

The building's collapsing on him, so in a sense yes. I think he's going for that.


Get over yourself, nigger faggot.



I'm labeling enough I might as well be Ben Garrison

but Ben Garrison is really pro Trump.Why would he draw what he sees as a good thing, the anti MSM thing Trump is doing, as his downfall? Just look at how buffed up he draws him in this and his other Trump comics. I think he's just overlooked the story of Samson and want's to use Samson as a powerful example to compare Trump to

First one to get dubs decides if I shoot her or not.

what's wrong with loving piss?


Pic related tbh

Nuuuu! :c



Force her to eat seal fat and whale instead of rice and fried cat.


she's alright man. I'd gladly take her over any Nazbols tbh

But I love pussy…….

Wait Hoochie's a girl?
Pls I need proofs

No pussy for you. Come back next week.

claims to be a dyke, but she's so much a parody of a tumblr liberal that I don't even believe she is a she

Did you not get her name? Hoochie is like an old timey word for a woman and hoochie minh is a reference to ho chi minh, That and it's pretty obvious since everybody uses female pronouns with her

I love hoochies piss
pls piss in my mouth hoochie *opens wide*


I changed it from asian cunt trip to hoochie minh because somebody called me that and I thought fuck that's really good actually

Because that's actually the way it's going, and playing a "Samson" angle allows him to paint Trump as a hero even as he crumbles under his own incompetence in the face of scrutiny and a fiercely divided intervening deep state. He's suggesting that the heat Trump receives is the structure crumbling onto him, and that Trump will effectively destroy his political career in the process of dismantling the system.

And to some extent I agree - Trump is a buffoon, but he provides a good potential to subvert party/crony politics, the EC, etc.

Mate this is Ben 'everything needs a label' Garrison here. You're giving him too much credit

Ben Garrison is absolutely tard-tier, so if you think there's some deeper symbolism in what he does, you're probably wrong, as a general rule.

Think this thread is a good reason on why trips are awful

hoochie means pussy doesnt it

I don't think so. I mean, the metaphor here isn't subtle and I think both he and his audience know how the Samson story ends. It's personality cult shit.


I actually made this thread so technically I can say whether or not its on topic or not

That doesn't follow. The thread is definitely off topic, no matter what you say. Either way, fun thread. Lulz were had.

that's not how it works. You lay out a point in the OP and then we relay comments back and forth about said topic. I'm pretty sure you haven't even made a single comment about Ben Garrison ITT

So you're saying she improved the thread?

You're technically correct


The best kind of correct.

what is with these posts

some boys just need a little piss

wait you don't want to get pissed on by resident gook and notorious shitposter hoochie minh?

Trump discovered 8ch.

SatanNazi is the better choice until proven otherwise.

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why even live

Satannazi is verified for nicetiddies tho

Well, there go the labels…

Hoochie, how much would I have to pay you to get you to piss on my face?

I got banned for spam can you believe this


Jesus Christ. I can do like $150


Who the fuck do you think is pissing on you?




I'm just saying $3k is a lot. Premium as you are $3k is just gonna price people out

That is true.

But $3,000 is $3.000

There was an escort anfem from a while back who was hotter than stannazi. And she'd piss on you for like a tenth of the price hoochi minh would.

I remember her. She was cool, but tankies started sperging the fuck out in all of her threads, about "MUH BOURGEOIS fun!!!"

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Boy are lolberts mentally ill.

People really pay strangers to pee on them, and emasculate them?

Yeah, her being a market socialist drew in even more autism too.

No, but if you were to piss on prickly or n1x or milo I'd like to see video.


dude, like being fucked in the ass until you cum from prostate stimulation being pissed on is a thing you just have to try before you really get why people like it

Anyone else find it kind of creepy that Garrison gives Trump a six pack in all of his comics?

He draws him like someone from a Greek or Roman epic. You think he want's to fuck Trump?

ehehehehe hey there namefag :^)



SatanNazichan confirmed for better.

Body and fashion sense of a fucking 50 year old.

is that actually hoochie? She's not half bad tbh. Clothes,especially her shoes, seem a dated thoug

Gooks dress weird well into their 50s. It's a cultural thing.


Vietnamese casual clothing (specifically for adults older people) in general is pretty outdated.

adults & older people*

She isn't bad looking dude, she is pretty average like most people out there.loosing some weight wouldn't kill her sure,but it's not like she is 300lbs

reminder that if your next encounter with hoochie doesn't involve you demanding her to piss on camera, you have failed the left.


what is this liberal bullshit? and you call yourself a commie?