Creator driven comics and socialism

So recently I released this and I feel is very relevant to answer how would art and entertaiment be made under socialism

The weebs here may not know but western comics are generally made by a team of 5 or 6 artists. In editorial driven comics The editor says "These plots, charaters, genres are popular, I will hire a creative team to make a profitable comic" and so they assamble a team but mantain strict creative control specially when the creative team is working with a character/property they don't own. I released that this is an example of alienation.
On the other end creator driven comics let the creators write a book they came up with and so aren't alinated from their labor and others creators join because they like the project and because they want to work on their trade.
Many creator driven series were conceived by the writer and the artist coming together with a project and the other people joining later, and that is how movies or videogames will be made in socialism, people will just work on it because that is their trade and they like the project.
The problem is that those comics are still made for profit on a market economy so creator driven comics still run the risk of getting canceled because they're not profitable.

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see the japanese doujin scene, for comics at least.

How are japanese zines made?

well serialized manga are frequently written according to the demands of a magazine editor. also, big manga artists tend to have a small team of assistants. so the problem that OP mentioned still exists.

however, manga definitely has more artistic freedom overall, and a lot more manga artists are independent.

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in lieu of OP, I'll ask: please don't derail the thread, this is about the creative process, not body image in popular culture

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Of course. Capitalism hates the arts.

As far as doujins go they tend to be amateurs but sometimes they're already established authors working under a pen name. Sometimes you have groups that go "semi pro" and publish their doujins at the various conventions or scenes like Comiket.

God, yes, fucking thank you. Finally someone that understands instead of making a thread crying about "wuh well how will muh vidja gaems be made under sozhulism???" You can tell these fucks are consumerfags and youngkin because they have no concept either of the contemporary mod scene or of the early history of video games which were made by exactly those sorts of people–hobbyists and nerds playing around on computers sharing shit for free.


We would have way less comics under capital, but much better comics too. Comics, designed by people whose life as comic artist is fulfilling and their works created to share with as many as possible and to really communicate their ideas. Such things would only be facilitated by capital, and terrible, market-demanded bullshit made to be mass-produced on treads would disappear.

End intellectual property rights, problem solved.

While mostly a huge anarkiddie utopian, Moore shows that comic book writers, as with all creative fields, have a large tendency to be very critical about the world and thus will always have a better understanding of existential conditions than most other laborers:

Are there enough artists on Holla Forums to form some sort of organization for the production of revolutionary comics/manga/vidya/whatever?

I am here but not in the mood to cooperate