In Barcelona 160,000 protested today, because they want more refugees

In Barcelona 160,000 protested today, because they want more refugees.
How comes Spain is so refugee friendly, whereas everywhere else in Europe people hate them?

spain hasn't had an influx of refugees or mass immigration over the last few decades

Because Western Europe and the United States are historically easily fooled into what seems like sophisticated self defense, their defense of their own self interest. But in reality they are working against their self interest

How the state and capitalist apparatus treats the refugees of its wars is a great example of what they could do to any one group Other if they could get away with it

Neither did Poland or any of the other visegrad countries, yet the rejection of refugees is stronges there.

they have far right movements

Because Spain is poor. Also they have the lowest fertility rate on Europe, so their single women probably want some arab dick.

Tankies are so stupid that I can't tell if you're seeing this as a positive or negative.

because they want to help other human beings
the monsters

Spain most pro muslim immigration in Europe

so they want the moorish times back? sad!

helping people is for cucks, don't be a cuck, take the redpill like me.

Brilliant non argument when you're one of the Other the state is ready and willing to either aid or repress as immigrants are.

kek, being from eastern europe has never been so good
welfare is science fiction around here, but then again so are rapes and robberies and terrorism
i just realized i live in an ideal society:

no refugees, no problems
no different ethnicities, no racism
no diversity, no need for it either

never understood why do western kekolds even need their muslims and blacks, I fucking swear from this angle it all looks like a Russian conspiracy, Russians pulled this shit off to cripple the west so they can assrape the world later

You and every sucker born a second

I want to move over to spain, what's the internet access like?

tell me how is living in the post-commie eastern europe a bad thing
name one thing you people have and we dont (except debt, race riots, and terrorism ofcourse)

we are literally living in a peaceful society without homeless people or welfare, where everyone works, where public transport is 100% functional, and everyone has just enough luxuries to be content

you walk into a random street over here, you hear music and people laughing in bars
you walk into a random street not-here and you hear gun shots, junkies, rapes, trucks of peace, religions of tolerance, cartels, etc
it's a good problem to have, as far as problems go..

that was the brown pill you took, I suggest a green and purple one instead

My uncle works at Nintendo.
haha wow that's really original

Because when the world starts to fall apart in the West you're the first who's all going to die

Eastern Europe: More homogenous, yet more homicides

Imperialist Propaganda, We Slavs Are A Communist Utopia, You No Listen

mmmmmm yes



how the fuck are we all going to die?
we can grow our own food, and all our men receive basic military training, and we also have our own hardware for self defense
kek how the fuck are we the first to die after west goes to shit?

kek we were mostly enslaved and never did any empire stuff so no one feels any guilt
no minorities here
no muslims here either, and if israel can #btfo their local muslim horde, so can we, we also have airforce textbooks instead of just aloha snackbar edition
our criminals tend to organize and go to the west, minimize collateral damage, maximize profits
this is where we are weak, but we are not global oriented, our local economy is great for our local needs, we dont export much but we dont import much either, living standard is quite comfy
a huge plus in my book
another huge plus for me, I really love my walks in the nature
one of the best parts of it all, we dont have any polarization

holy fuck I love this place

kek, my country is literally

Quality education and governance. You either don't know post-soviet Eastern Europe or you don't know 'the west', otherwise you'd be lamenting the rampant corruption in the east. Not to say that corruption doesn't exist in the west, but the scale is completely different.
Where, exactly, were these random streets? Doesn't really match my experiences of Western Europe, nor does it match data, see for example. Where did you get your information from? American teenagers on the internet?


Do you honestly think the US or Eastern Europe think either is important?

What the fuck do you think this is, Communism?

The countries that have the power are going to be the ones that matter once the climate and the ocean starts turning to mush and resource wars occur.

Eastern Europe will be the first of Europe with a battlefield. I mean you'll probably not be alive to see it, but then again selfishness when you think of ethnic pride isn't much of a virtue now is it?

I just looked up mathematics olympics, physics olympics and chemistry olympics (for highschoolers), Asians and eastern Europeans ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE (along with Finns).
Sure thing, but [source needed], cant really go around implying implications can you now?
Cologne attacks, Trump riots, pool rapes in Germany, teenage girls rape in London cover ups, calls for sharia law in Britain, those four blacks torturing a white retard (clinical term) scandal, etc etc etc man I could find you a thousand of these incidents for each day.

Fucking hell Swedish police declared entire Malmo a police no-go zone, calls in military to barricade the fucking place, these stories are so huge that even all partisan news report on it.

Yeah well if Switzerland managed to not be part of any battlefields, we will manage too. We will defend our independence and freedom, even if we have to acquire nukes.

So what

So we will do the same, duh. You probably dont know this, but everyone in Switzerland received basic military training, and now that we are free, we do the same.
The Swiss have their own stockpiles of arms and munitions, and we are working on this as well.

While everyone around us slowly descents to shit, for the first time we are free from Austria, Russia, and whoever, to field our own armies, to act in our own interest, and to side against the aggressor just like the Swiss.

We will be left alone, one way or another. We wont look for excuses, as everyone around us does. We will look for a way.

And then they go on to study and do research at western universities.

Are you trying to argue that corruption isn't a prominent feature in eastern european governance?

Highly public, but ultimately irrelevant events. People such as yourself lap up the hysteria while in reality life goes on, more or less unchanged.

If you had ever visited Malmö you'd know how ridiculous that statement is.
You shoudn't believe everything you read on the internet.

yeah sure, enjoy your music festivals and cultural holidays, ayyy
fact of the matter is that combined multiculturalism of america and w.europe produces daily victims, and police has to walk on eggshells which turns out drastically reduces their operational capacity to enforce law

call me names, but to me it looks like the more jungle people you import, the more your country starts to look like a jungle

Yeah well, whatever. And we are experiencing a lot of people coming back, or working and sending all the money back, and virtually all of them retiring back at home.
Maybe in the future your qualified people will start moving here.

Those tales about the west being overrun by raping and looting migrant hordes are just what your nationalist populist leaders tell you in order to prevent you from emigrating to the west to get work.
In truth it's all just media sensationalism coupled with racism. If a migrant grabs pussy it makes the news for 1 months, if a native does it, no one gives a shit.

This tbh

its not just the immigrants that's disgusting, but the whole western vibe

everyone is atomized, everything polarized, people hate each others guts, everyone is uncomfortable in his own skin, racists everywhere, violent minorities everywhere, its not a country but a collection of people who do not want to be there
when you see someone, you dont honestly smile and wave, say hi, you call your fucking lawyer and make a lawsuit
people dont have fun, wear national costume and go to a national festival, people dont have that day, or such a costume, or such a festival

there is just alienating consumerism and 'fuck this shit' mindset, everyone just wants to grab from the society and no one wants to be a part of it

this is the feeling non-eastern europeans can not comprehend, there is something magical in the ethnic and cultural homogeniety and oh man I am riding that high
I actually want to work hard and tiresome thing such as.. curing the cancer, out of love for community, not for fame or money

Personal tragedies, but societally not very relevant. I find that the biggest outrage in these cases of sexual assault etc. isn't the fact that sexual assault or rape happened, but the fact that the perpetrator was "an outsider". I've heard people talk of "normal rape" as opposed to "immigrant rape". Somehow "immigrant rape" is thought to be a much bigger problem, with far more radical solutions.

I'll call you simplistic and intellectually poor.

Is that a problem? I have no illusions of static societies or communities. You'll find that rather than islamising the societes they move into, muslim immigrants westernise, especially after the difficult 2nd generation. For all their pomp about the superiority of western civilisation, nativists have very little faith in its strength and perseverance.

I can't see how you can make this claim in good faith if you are from eastern europe.

Immigrants returning to their home countries, bringing wealth and expertise back? Seems to go against the prevailing anti-immigration narrative. Then again I presume you are from one of the Visegrad countries, where immigration is good when Jan the plumber goes to Britain to work, but bad when Zahir the salesman flees war, repression, or poverty. In the UK they'd be both enemies of the anti-immigration crowd.

You've never been to Albania or anywhere outside your country have you?

just went online to check out news today
found out that swedish court just approved a 14 year old child marriage to marry her cousin
riots in france reaching central paris
america trump 'not my president' riots all over the place
germany merkel ratings dropping, people want a stop to immigration

i rest my case here, smashing the berlin wall was a mistake, iron courtain 2020

that shit's middle east as far as im concerned, literally nobody deals with those people nor do we let those animals in
hell we'd enter a open support for macedonia and serbia in case of war, that much is for sure

albanians are visibly different from eastern europe, especially visegrad
I mean our languages are 90% the same, our culture, traditions, food, etc etc are all very similar, but fucking albanians, oh man, might as well compare an african tribe or afghan heroin-for-currency states that end up in -stan

and just like all such muslims, they wield their 70 years old wooden ak leftovers russia gave them, quran restricts them to stone age so they are more of an animal infestation problem than an existential threat

What country are you talking about?
The mentality in Spain is different than say in Norway. That has nothing to do with being "western".
Also i doubt you've ever been to any western european country for a long time, so you are just talking out of your ass, repeating stereotypes that easter europeans tell themselves about western europeans.


But those countries aren't really part of eastern Europe™

albania is culturally african/middle eastern, and russia is simply russia
not a rocket science, try to follow
belarus and ukraine are also russia zone
bosnia is middle eastern larper, bulgaria is too raped by turks to be considered slav
also slavs dont have fucking green in the tricolor

romania and hungry are eternal mysteries, they are absolutely not slavs, they could be from space for all we know, their languages are not understood by us, but at the same time, they are neighborly enough for comfy peaceful coexistence so its all good

Most people would want to cure cancer for humanity, but you want to cure it only for Hungarians, poles or whatever your dumb nationality is. The irony is that you think your primitive nationalism would somehow be a virtue instead of the result of parochial ignorance that it actually is.


hey, at least its self sustainable unlike the self destructive, suicidal multiculturalism thateven merkel had to admit has failed
no internet people may ruin my happiness for my nationality anyway, it's not like you mystery meat mutts know anything about the feeling of solidarity, common love for common language, common ethnic traits, common culture, common values, just overall common community
you dont need me to explain social cohesion to you when you can google all sociology reports on how multiculturalism lowers trust in society

to each his own anyway, enjoy trying not to offend anyone in your mutliculti utopia


It's fine that you are so happy in your country.
I just wonder why it is that you feel the need to compare yourself to western europe and emphasize how superior you are, just because your country doesn't help refugees? Who would do that if they are so happy?